• Bruce
    I can't believe a Solo 1 Was $ 144 USD->Now 92$USD(A legend of awesomeness!)

    Argo - was $269 USD--> $ --> Now $175 USD(Awesome, but I am not into the Argo)

    Solo - Northern Lights Edition was $169 USD Now ---> $110 USD (Any Solo is a good Solo!)

    Solo 2 - Was $249 USD ----> Now $169 USD (The latest Solo)

    Air - Was $174 (USD)---> Now $112 (Solid vape with replaceable battery)

    Air 2 - Was $239 (USD) ---> Now $155 ( USD) (Latest Air)

    Extreme Q Desktop - ---> was $179 (USD) ---> Now $129 (USD)
    (I like it more than the Volcano)


    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Thank you! Might be picking up a desktop vape from them... Just have to juggle between a couple of vapes :sweat: :cheer:
  • juxt
    Argo is the one with the popup ... I din't like that one but the solo 2 is good IMO
  • Trix
    Great post
    Solo 2 looking good here also I agree EXtreme Q is a beast and at this price what a steal
  • LabPong
    I took advantage after getting the email.......scored a few extra wpa's and one of their small stash jars with sealed lid..funny both large and small are same price....

    My new Air1.5 and Air2 combo rig is a total Mighty Killer!
    (my new toy is actually the cool Y dropdown)

  • juxt

    Dude you have some of the coolest glass and setups I've seen around! You rock.
  • ssaucyc515
    jesus f'n christ lab pong LOL that looks super intimadating LOL
  • juxt

    Mine's bigger :scream:
  • ssaucyc515
    show me :wink:
  • juxt

    WOW, you are scary! GOOD SCARY MIND YOU

    I'l show you something that will blow your mind one day. Did you see what I told DGT? I was joking, but you're special.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    holy cow that's a crazy setup! The milking must be crazy!
  • iamcanadian
    I have an Arizer Extreme Q desktop vape. I recommend this device to any veteran or beginner herbalist. If you are looking to do personal balloons or group sessions, you will not find a better vape for $129.

    p.s. you also get a truckload of kit with the Extreme Q! Once you start hosting friends with this, you are especially going to love that remote control and the variable convection blower speeds.

    p.p.s. the one downside of the Extreme Q is that the two enclosed balloons do not have quick-close caps. You have to use screw-on caps to reseal the balloons. A small gripe, considering that this full package is only 129 bucks.

  • Bruce
    The valve system on the Volcano can't be topped. I am not in love with the Volcano heat times, 3 minutes. I would be on my 5th draw the Arizer. Taste is subjective IMO, by far Arizer Tastes greatest of them all. Save space( No water tools needs, lots of money and want to have an easy and not a major part of your life. If you can get your hands on the "Bent Glass Stems"

    Best way to explain my experience with Arizer Vape, heats up in 30 seconds, cool potent vapor. Its so efficient and potent I forget that I am vaping. a few minutes post session is pretty regular.... and a few moments it hits like a hammer, incredible experience.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    I know man it's fucking awesome! I love every bit of my Air 2. Just have to watch out when I'm carrying it places since it looks like a weird smoke grenade :lol:
  • Bruce
    I use the Pouch that comes with it. It comes with glass proof storage container. I pack 2 full bowls and put in the container on my pouch.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    watch out the pouch doesn't fall off your pants. I cracked my screen 2 days ago from a 2 foot drop :grimace: Arizer is pushing through a claim to help me out and fixing it :cheer: good thing I live 2 city's over
  • Bruce
    I appreciate the high level of engineering and styling like all Arizer Vapes. The Argo is good, For lack of a better category, it's a mini vape. If turned up high its 3 hitter. I don't like it as a session vape, because to get high usually takes 2 bowls (glass stems). The Argo is the only Arizer Vape that is not for me.

    Glass has its benefits and disadvantages. For me, Its worth it. Arizer sends 2 stems with new units. As soon as 1 break's I buy another. 2 (for $ 7.50) ts 100% worth it. The greatest thing about Arizers is the glass. I like my work around. In my experience no need for a water tool. For me, The Glass Arizer Vapes that's a lot less expensive and simplicity is where it's at. I have the Hydrology the first thing I did was buy replacement glass. Doing it that way is a win-win in my opinion.

    Arizer has been fair with me, and other than getting extra stems I haven't needed service. That as far as compliments go is as good as it gets, My Solo is 5 years old and I wipe it and its brand new.

    When traveling I prefer the Pax 3. Portability, Efficiency, and potency. I had my Pax in my front pocket today and hardly noticed it.

    I agree When I opened the box for the Extreme Q, took one accessory out at a time and was very pleasantly surprised.

    That is gorgeous. I may make that my desktop background.
  • danielblakes
    Not to advertise the competition or anything but I emailed Sneaky Pete the other day and he said they would match Arizers sale prices on the store in case youre also looking to grab some water pipe adapters and such.
  • To the Cloud
    Wonder if this sale is going to stay permanent as well. If so the Arizer did a damn good job of figuring out how to make a quality vapor and not spend too much on producing it. Feel like these prices can compete direct with all the really bad DH gate vapes.
  • 420edc
    We're running 30% off Arizer 2nd Gen portables right now. Also includes the 420EDC Bonus Box. Sale ends 2/21.
  • Brian420PM
    The Arizer prices keep dropping... the Extreme Q now $109 with prime shipping on Amazon. I found that right after I bought the baby sister version V-Tower from the Arizer website for $119 UGH. I'm still happy though, now I got me my first dry herb vape just sitting here on my desk, longing for me to touch the power button and sling the whip over here for a quick toke woo!
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