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    Hey all...Learned a lot from the critic and other forum members here and wanted to pass on what I think is some useful info.

    For the Extreme Q I came up with this idea for huge draws...However for other balloon vaporizers it's a conversion to whip. So easy really it might be posted on here somewhere.

    1. Make a balloon exactly however your vaporizer recommends but instead of tying off the top...put a piece of vinyl tubing whatever length you want with a glass mouthpiece...That's it! For other balloon vaporizers this is a whip conversion but for the Extreme Q it's a combo. Use it just like a balloon but you'll need to use your thumb to block the mouthpieces airhole. Let the balloon fill up a bit and then take a draw using it like a whip...You're now drawing like a whip and you're getting what you let build up in the balloon...This is really all it has going for it as if you now have to cover two different holes from vapor escaping if you want to move around with it. However you could share a balloon with someone and both have your own mouthpiece.

    Oils/Concentrates/Powders/Gooey shit...This is not an original idea but spliced together from different threads and tactics. It also goes hand in hand with tip 3.

    2. The concern here is obviously that something will drip through to the heating element which would be seriously frownable. I haven't tested all of these but they're really just variatons on the same theme...I think elbow-packing makes any of these methods WAY more effective as well for obvious reasons.

    Stack them! Use 2-3 and it won't make it through...You can get 100 screeens for $6 bucks that fit without modification http://www.ebay.com/itm/180715543224?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

    Volcano makes a finer mesh than normal and a liquid pad set for their vapes. The liquid pads would obviously need to be cut to size but they're seriously thick...The liquid pad is an UNTESTED GUESS...It looks superior though. The finer mesh is just a more expensive improved version of stacking.

    Instead of stacking directly...Give them a bit of space...From this you'll be able to see how much concentrate/oil gets through a single mesh screen to get a good idea of how many you need...Basically instead of stacking it drips through and gets caught by another one.

    Elbow-packing...Patience and a watchful eye and you're protected on multiple levels...No reason to rush either...Go slow and it will never make it to the heating element.

    Tip 2 is worthless if you're constantly changing/cleaning screens...Those little shits don't want to go where they're supposed to. So...

    3. Get the cyclone bowl hot and then put in the screen...Hot but where you can still comfortably handle it and they seem to go right in. That's it! It seems like over time the cyclone bowl gravitiates to be far easier to use without needing this. Until then..There's this and anything is better than fucking with those screens for 10-15 minutes.

    Above methods were conducted with modified cyclone bowls...Taking a file/screwdriver and breaking out that shitty middle rim. As well as the 10 ft. volcano solid valve balloon rolls.

    This will be my only post...I hope these are useful as it sure as shit took some time to write. Massive props to the Critic for excellent videos/High knowledge level and a very impressive business model based on HONEST AFFILIATE MARKETING. DON'T EVER CHANGE!
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