• Xsuperlunchbox
    Finally got paid and now I need to buy one of these vapes or Im gunna lose it. Ive already gone through the pros and cons and the differences of each and Im honestly fine with either one, I just cant make the decision soo please make the decision for me!! Which one should I get!!?!?
    1. mv1 or Mighty (45 votes)
  • 415vapor
    if you did your research here then you'll be getting a lot of "both" responses :lol:
    if you can still change the title of your thread (doubt it) you should add "decide for me" or "the poll decides" because you'll be getting a ton of eye rolls with that Q!!!!
  • 415vapor
    Thx!! and let us all know what you decide on when you do!!
  • kebcatmorgan
    if you did your research here then you'll be getting a lot of "both" responses415vapor

    Exactly :D.

    these vapes are complementary, they do not compete with each other, they are from different sides of the usability, potency, efficiency and the actual result you get from them. They are way too different to decide in between these two.

    It's if like you asked what is better, horse or a camel? Both equestrian, both will get you where you want, but utilization of them is so different.

    Do you want to turn your vape on and have a nice session where you occasionally puff or do you want to puff only when you want to (hold the button), do you want precision temp control or do you want just levels and find the one you like, do you want an app for it, etc etc?

    There are so many different aspects of both that I can't believe people are still trying to decide between these two vapes. Happy deciding and yep, let us know if you like the "winner".
  • ssaucyc515
    the horse and the camel comparison is very very good. Nice analogy ! For a average Joe response from me, the MV1 will get you to where you want fast. I literally feel the effects after one draw from my mv1 with the bud I have now. It's amazing and efficient. I saved so much money since buying the MV1. I haven't combusted in a month and half. The mighty is for some one who likes to take their time and really enjoy the TIME of relaxing and vaping. The quality is amazing and is sure to statisfy your needs. I've tried one twice and loved it.
  • 415vapor
    it's pretty amazing how neck and neck the two are! hope you hit 50+ votes!!
  • G-Code
    Do you own a dry herb vape already? Just curious before I vote :smile:
  • 415vapor
    the results are hilarious! it really does mean BOTH!!
    @Xsuperlunchbox did you pull the trigger yet?
  • game 7
    Yes they are 2 different animals, the Mighty if you want to go at it solo or with friends for 10-15 min. or the beauty of on demand convection of the MV1. You may invest in 2 or 3 hits then pick it up 2hrs later with no cooking of your herb and with the caps u still may go for 15 min with friends. Yes I have both but if I had to pick one it would be the Ghost.
  • Tdog420
    Mighty.....easier to get good clouds w glood flavor.....mv1 has bettter flavor but interface and cleaning are much worse.
  • Xsuperlunchbox
    Thanks for all the help and insight guys! I pulled the trigger and got a ghost mv1! Should be here Tuesday and I cant wait!!
  • EconMan

    I was wondering what you would choose. Happy for you :)
  • 415vapor
    congrats!! i'm sure you'll love it!
  • Papic914
    Awesome b sure to post up first impressions let us know how u like it. Enjoy!!!
  • McNuggetsTrip
    If you ever get the bong attachment let me know how it works out for you :sweat:
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