• kebcatmorgan
    Hey guys, I recently bought E-Nano and want to ask if anybody knows how to use the e-pick guidelines? I'm eyeballing for now and I have two results.

    If I'm loading .05-.08g I got a dark brown spots after one draw, then I stir and have another 1 or 2 draws, super hard hits (all on dial 7), I like it.

    If I load .025-.05g I do not have dark brown spots, but I need to temp step (from 7 to 8 usually) coz the bud is too far away from the heater and I get up to 6 hits from it, whispery ones though.

    So what is the ideal bowl placement and what are these "guidelines"?
  • Papic914
    I believe it’s to also to hold the glass stem while it’s hot
  • Baron23
    long side is from end of stem to the top of the basket screen.

    Short side is end of stem to top of the load.
  • kebcatmorgan
    that's what I thought in the beginning. Hmm, but that seems a reaaaally small load. On the other hand, it's working, it really does vape that small amount.

    Overall I'm super impressed by E-Nano.
  • UbarDog

    Are you not Czech Republic ?

    Did they deliver to you or you had a piggy in the middle?

    Are you using a Step down transformer ?

    I would love to know what V and A their VVSP gives to there log
  • Baron23
    it is really small. You can set your screen a bit deeper but keeping the load a little distant from the heater pervthe tool will help prevent any charting on the top.
  • kebcatmorgan
    yes, I live in Czech Republic. It was normal international shipping and I described it as "aromatherapy oil diffusor" to the customs lady. She seemed a bit confused, but said fine, I paid the fee and went home.

    Yep I did have to buy step down transformer, but it was in a store on my metro station so it was barely an inconvenience, but it's super heavy and my complete setup it kinda ridiculous.

    This is it:
  • BestBuds
    The only thing that isn't great with the eNano is the small load size. But if you don't let spent avb sit in the screen/glass it's super easy to clean and reload. This month it's been my "at home go to vape" with a JHook. I love it. I have noticed that if I drop the heat to 5 ¾ or 6 and bump up the load size, if I stir after every 2 to 3 hits it doesn't get hot spots. And I can vape the entire bowl quite evenly.
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