• Chandler
    Lol. Wow. Got some great reading in here. Then the ideas started getting crazy lol.... *takes a break* might come back later
  • 01867
    I agree with many of the comments here. I expect the distinct markets for inhalable cannabis to be (in order of popularity):

    1) Good quality distillate carts, which will be very popular with youths, people new to cannabis, and people looking for discretion. Flavors will probably be added to some brands, others will try to mimic the taste of cannabis more.

    2) Good quality BHO at a very cheap price. This would be popular with stoners and people who like to take big dabs. I see LAYG pens being less popular as carts become better, but dab rigs may become more portable/safer.

    3) High quality, small batch cannabis flowers. Perfectly cured for months, 20-30% THC for most strains. Grown locally by people who really know what they're doing. I'm being super optimistic here, but I hope this is the eventual outcome.

    4) Connoisseur hash: full melt dry sift, full melt bubble hash, and rosin made from dry sift or bubble.

    With more high quality flower and hashish around, I could see many vaporizers using smaller ovens (anywhere from a vapman or Dynavap size to an Arizer solo). I can also imagine many of these vaporizers coming with different screens to use for bud, or hashish.

    I think we as vaporizer enthusiasts are often seeking the "perfect hit" while most users are looking for the easiest hit/consistent hits. We enthusiasts are willing to put in more effort in out vaporizing because of this. This is exemplified by the preference for convection, which often has a greater risk of combustion/fiddleyness.

    I think this explains why something like the PAX is so popular among regular users, but often unpopular among enthusiasts.

    What I'd love to see is a conduction session vaporizer like the pax, but with a removable airpath and oven so it can be 99.9% cleaned. As of now the Arizer series always seemed the best in this regard with the removable stem design, but I'd love a less breakable, more pocketable, sleeker alternative. Something like a pax, but with a Dynavap style build quality and ease of disassembly.

    I've always attributed the "bad flavor" associated with conduction vapes to mostly come from an unclean oven, and not conduction itself. I noticed when my Dynavap is fully cleaned, the flavor is great, but I can never fully get rid of the "residual vape" flavor from my mflb or a used pax, as they cannot be fully cleaned. Interestingly I tried an unused pax at a friend's, and the flavor was as good as a clean Dynavap or clean Solo. I have a feeling this phenomena is also why some people assume the Arizer products are convection dominant, while many insist they are conduction dominant. The flavor is so good from a clean stem, and people assume great flavor must equal convection.

    All that said, a good convection hit definitely has a certain flavor that can be hard to replicate in a conduction vaporozer. I just think it is often overblown, and only nuts like us are going to be interested in chasing after it.

    That was way longer than I expected, sorry if I was rambling.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Constant medication eh :wink: I can't wait to get my hands on one. I just have to wait for stores to open up in Canada this upcoming year :cheer: so hyped
  • Baron23
    Very nice post....thank you.
  • 01867
    Thanks Baron. I just did a project on this subject for my heat transfer course, hence the rambling. Half the project was explaining the heat transfer of vaporization itself, the other was about innovations in the industry.

    I think we, as enthusiasts, must understand that when vaporizers become popular among the masses, they will probably not be marketed towards us. Every manufacturer wants to make their product the next "juul" of the herb vaporizer industry. What made the juul popular was that it mimicked the satisfaction of a cigarette better than anything else. If you read E-Cig forums, the user base there is far less infatuated by the juul than the masses, who see juuling as distinct from vaping (one is seen as hip and new, the other is seen as lame).

    I think Dynavap did a really great job in mimicking a one hitter but as a vaporizer. It's my favorite vaporizer because I always loved smoking 1 hitters, even after owning several vapes.

    I'd love to see other products that are equally as close to their smoking alternative, but in pipe or hookah form. The G43 looks like it does a great job recreating the bong smoking experience.
  • Baron23
    If you read E-Cig forums, the user base there is far less infatuated by the juul than the masses, who see juuling as distinct from vaping (one is seen as hip and new, the other is seen as lame).01867

    hahaha...yeah, but they are 15 y.o. LOL
  • 01867
    I think kids certainly contributed to the acceptance of that particular product (and the scrutiny that followed), but I think we should also give juul credit for their novel use of nicotine salt, which is what allowed them to make their devices so much smaller. Before the juul most cigarette sized e cigs were considered low quality, and people I known had better luck quitting using mods. Now every ex smoker I know uses a juul (or a similar nic salt setup that is less expensive), it's just closer to what they knew.

    If herb vapes ever get a product as popular, I hope the company who makes it is more responsible with the position they occupy.
  • EconMan

    There is a great business book, "Barbarians at the Gate" (and HBO movie), that chronicles the disaster that was RJR nabisco's demise via their smokeless cigarette of the 70's.
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