• Magicman
    El Jefe was 2x winner. He gave one M to DERRICK MCMILLON. He gave the other M to
  • JimK1967
    To quote the ex-heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield - "there ain't no bout adout it"'

    The Ghost MV1
  • bum karacho
    1st hydro brick maxx
    2nd vapexhale
    3rd M 2018

    milaana 2 and this vape for me is amazingDr green thumb
    tell me more pls?
    how big is the chamber?
    how fast is the extraction?
    is the vape more harsh than from the brick?
    how long last the battery?
    do you use watertool?
    stealth enough?
    top tier or not?
    beautiful vape!
  • evolve
    1. NewVape FlowerPot Showerhead
    2. RBT Milaana
    3. Arizer Air 2
  • Heroin Batman
    This year I got the crafty and the plenty. I'd definitely say crafty. When it's freshly cleaned it's just amazing.
  • Dr green thumb
    With my milaana2 I use it native for the most part. I do have the 19/19 male adapter to use with my glass and it has very great effects that way both with water and without. But most of the time I use it with the long green stem with the end being 19/22. The vape comes with rimmed basket screens and I just use those. I am using less than a .1 load and getting about 5-6 twelve second draws getting tons of vapor. With that small of a load I do not stir I just rotate the stem to keep an even usage without burning. As for battery life I charge after 5 sessions. As for being stealth it fits in your hand but when you exhale that much vapor its hard not to notice . Another thing that helps is that it does not have any flashing lights or app connection. This vape is less harsh than the sb jr. I'm not sure what the difference in this vape is but it gets me medicated with less material than my other vapes. I have pushed the screens in and used approx just less than a .2 and it was amazing but I do not need that all the time.
  • Amy Larkin
    Greenline Omni
  • Mangu
    Best pickups for me this year: WoodScent, Milaana 2, VapCap M

    I put away the Volcano for now and my “vape corner” looks a lot cleaner with the tiny WoodScent in its place. I was tired of seeing half of the vapor seeping out through the solid valve assembly anyway. I’m still considering getting an easy valve setup and trying that out in the future, but would even entertain selling it off because I just don’t see it getting much use now.

    My Crafty crapped out again in 2018 and I went on the hunt for something that could fill the gap during lunch breaks at work (while the whole RMA thing went down). The VapCap ‘M’ is a contender but walking around with a torch isn’t too sexy. I’m hoping that this year brings tiny induction heaters that will fit in my pocket. The eO from RBT can be strapped onto a mod and is a step in the righ direction, but I feel it looks like an incomplete product and can’t get over the completely exposed heating surface. Milaana 2 or Splinter are amazing vapes in their own right with the tasty HSA convection heaters; but the detachable glass parts and, in the case of Splinter Z, the inconvenient form factor don’t really make them contenders as very portable vaporizers. I’m always afraid I’ll drop my cooling stem on the sidewalk and have to wait 4 months just for them to be available again.

    This year I’d like to see something with the portability of the Crafty but improved execution like wood/glass/titanium construction and convection heating. Also, as mentioned earlier, tinier solutions for heating any VapCap would be a breakthrough product since DynaVap now has about 2000 pages on FC forum. Also I’d like to see Bud doing more reviews and being excited about what’s out there on the market! Cheer up Bud @VapeCritic ! I think that once this money starts raining in on the legal side of things we’re gonna be wishing things could slow down again.
  • Copper00
    Hands down my mighty, it’s dummy proof and nothing can compare to it of what I tried including the ghost all though I hated it to point I returned it. Half the time I just smoke anymore unless I don’t need people smelling it then I’ll use my mighty. Smoking is simpler easier more cost effective and less of a hassle and stress. Plus even health wise smoking beats vaping most of the time for me. Cancer or other illnesses are not a worry when there’s no vaporizer that can beat smokings pain killing effects. My vape highs last a solid 20-30 minutes smoking the relief is much stronger and gets me by I can push towards 45 minutes - an hour. Plus I’m pretty sure I technically get carinogens vaping anyways since I’m over 390 and I think benezene and 2 others are released between 390-410 where I vape I could be wrong. Even another comparison the stone is totally different.

    Vaping I just get really stoned but can still function and if I’m up and moving even if I’m blazed I won’t remenber I’m high until I sit down but there’s literally no buzz. Smoking is a heavy buzz and heavy body feeling and I can actually fall asleep if I wanted too. No strain I tried so far vaping will knock me out like a drug can for surgeries.
  • Celticdavie1888
    I only purchases two vapes in 2018; Dynavap Omni XL Ti & Sticky Brick Jr.

    While I can get better hits with the SBJ the Dynavap is my favourite. It’s actually my most used vape I own and I think everyone should own a Dynavap.

    I also technically bought a Crafty in 2018. My mate’s packed in and he was skint so I got him one. That one lasted 6 months before it happened again.

    I was one hour in to 2019 before purchasing a new vape. Got a Splinter Z and it will arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait.
  • BudsofWar
    lsv, elev8r, mighty
  • THeJokEr
    Shadow M
    Pax 3 with upgrades- Vented oven ect.

    Sticky OG should be arriving soon!
    Loving the butane vapes
  • Bruce
    #1 Pax 3. Close is the hydrology9
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