• Gill Rack
    I'm looking for the most efficient dry herb vaporizer. By that I mean the fastest to fully vaporize a gram or half gram of dry herb. I like how quickly you can get a dose from a vape cartridge & pen. However, I would like a dry herb vape that can come close to that efficiency. Do yallz know of one that can do that? I haven't had much luck with my Herbalizer; it takes forever and I don't feel like it gets all the medicine out of the herb.
  • iamcanadian

    Do you vape solo at home at the desk, or do you group sessions? Are you on the go and seeking a portable that is suitable for the ski hill or walking the dog?

    (I ask because your use case will help narrow down the suggestions)
  • Ctipp22
    You would do great with a powerful desktop vape. As for portable ... probably the splinter with custom screens that fit deeper in the stem so you can load a lot and fire that fucker up
  • Gill Rack

    Im mostly a solo desktop guy.
  • iamcanadian
    , if you are a solo desktop guy, then some things factor in:

    1. Home use means that a corded 110 volt device is an option. A butane-heated device is probably another option for you, as you probably don't worry about prying eyes at home.
    2. Solo means that you don't want herb cooking between your own tokes. So, you will either want a balloon-filling device or a fast-hitter with repetitive cooldowns between hits.
    3. You describe that your convection Herbalizer 'takes forever', and that you like the speed of a cartridge vape pen.

    ^Does this sound about right?

    If so, I recommend that you stay away from a pure convection vape (slower to heat up than conduction or butane devices). I'm leaning towards the following for you:

    -the Dynavap (butane),
    -the Sticky Brick (butane),
    -the Pax 3 (conduction),
    -the Mighty, (convection/conduction),
    -the Arizer Solo II (conduction heat),
    -the Healthy Rips Fury 2 (conduction/convection)
    -the Magic Flight Launch Box (conduction)
    -or, using balloons with your Herbalizer, and experimenting with different temps and different grind coarseness
  • 415vapor
    sticky brick is fast! desktops like the evo or enano variety are fast if you leave them on.
  • Dr green thumb
    Milaana 2 has under 5 second heat up. Dynavap is under 8 seconds. Mv1 is 15 seconds pax 3 is 15 seconds
  • Ctipp22
    Milaana 2 is a good choice. Splinter can run custom mod settings tho
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Sticky brick :love:
  • evolve
    If you don't mind a desktop and having to wait for the initial warm up than something like a FlowerPot Showerhead, Herborizer Ti or Glass Symphony would easily accomplish what you are after. As you can load a nice amount into these vapes and they are powerful enough to vape it all in one hit if you want that.

    There is nothing faster to get from 0-10 on the market than a heavy hitting desktop vape in my experience.
  • Cl4ud3
    Fastest complete extraction has to be the Glass Symphony for me, it's the quickest complete extraction vape I own or have used. It needs 5 minutes or so to heat up but can be left on all the time if needed, much like a log vape.
  • EconMan
    Come to think of it, all my favorite vapes I still own are fast convection pieces.

    Plenty/Volcano ==> ready by the time I load the bowl.
    StickyBrickJr ==> real on-demand heat. Essentially, no wait.
    Firefly 2 ==> Once the bowl is loaded, vaping in 3 seconds.
    My next purchase is an Omni TI XL, and then a Mighty or a close competitor.

    Yeah, I think the GS is just beautiful. Never used one though.
  • bum karacho

    i´m able to vape 0,3g in under 60 secounds with the stickybrick hydro brick maxxxxxxx.
    but just with waterfilter its a little bit harsh if you vape this fast!
  • UbarDog
    G43 goes about 885 km/hr in a Boeing 747 on its way across the Atlantic :D

    Glass Symphony Maybe but not a whole G in one shot.
  • BestBuds
    I'll join with this crew and recommend RBT.
  • Noodles
    once the Glass Symphony reached it's high temps and had few more minutes for heat soak... it's the ultimate device for extractions! I can vape around 0.2grams with a single powerful draw.

    over than 0.2g would be an overkill imo..
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