• peteathome
    Surprisingly, the short ice stem works just fine as is. I really like the shape and the mouthpiece-like end of it
  • okla68m
    Kewl, thx. When payday comes around will be ordering one !
  • Pud
    I have a new one I'll ship to you for $20... pm me if interested
  • okla68m
    Thx for the offer. Thru Epic, will only be $19.88 including shipping. My card info is already on file with them.
  • BestBuds
    I just wanted to share something. I noticed this past weekend my nano was in need of some wood love. I couldn't find my bomb ass butter and I didn't know what else to use. I had a little Nivea Milk and Honey lip care left over from my typical winter chapped lips. I decided that would work so I rubbed it on liberally and then unplugged the enano and went to bed. Monday morning I rubbed it in a little more with a paper towel and then fired it back up around 2pm. It seemed to soak in really good this time. Today my nano looks amazing! The conditioning that the wood has taken on feels great, it smells like sweet honey comb and the cherry wood looks stunning!
    So if anyone wants a good wood conditioner and wants it cheap (I found a 2 pack for 99¢) try Nivea Milk and Honey lip conditioner. :nerd:
  • Hapo
    ...mine cracked...at first it wasn't too bad but it got worse...
  • okla68m
    Warranty it ! Worth a shot anyway !
  • Baron23
    No, I don't believe that they warrant wood cracks.

    @Hapo what kind of wood is it?

    As I have mentioned before, shotgunners probably spend more for a small piece of outstanding exhibition grade wood than just about anybody. BUT, the knowledgeable buyer knows that such wood needs to dry to no more than 10% moisture or it will be in danger of cracking (and seeing a $4K piece of wood with another $3K of stockmaker work crack is indeed disheartening.

    Cecil Fredi is located in Las Vegas....very dry place. He has wood from 1961 that still registers 9% moisture.

    And ain't nothing like that happening on wood for vaporizers.

    For the curious, here are a few pics of Cecil's digs.




    This is Cecil's wood on a custom gun of mine:


    Hapo, I suggest super glue and a strap wrench. if you are at all good with tools, a small hole and pin it with a small wood dowel across the crack. This the very best but this is stockmaker skills and I don't have them.
  • okla68m
    Seems as tho I remember reading that somewhere about cracking now that you mention it.
    Appropriate Sawdust mixed with a good Wood Glue and the Strap Wrench sounds like a possible fix to me.
    Been watching the crack in my Burl Maple E-Nano for the past year +, worrying about the same.
  • Hapo


    ...I had read they did cover cracks...

    ...I have not paid much attention to it of late...
  • Baron23
    they might.

    You should ask them to know for sure.
  • Hapo
    ...as soon as I send it away I will break the Elev8r and need to rely upon the horrible DaynVaps... :grimace:
  • BestBuds
    It will force you to get used to them! Hahahaha
    that's sucks, I know what's it's like to be worried about sending a vape out. Not fun times.
  • kebcatmorgan
    My E-Nano is usually never on for more than an evening, but now because of the quarantine, it's on for 4 days now and I really need to figure out what to do with that cable, need to clip it to the table somehow. I saw some DIYs in this thread, might try that.

    Otherwise I just wanted to say hi and vape on.
  • WOLF444

    Regarding your post 3 months back... Of the currently offered wood type options (excluding the Burled Maple) - which do you feel is least likely to experience cracking down the road?

    *Premium Maple
    *Premium Walnut
    *Exotic Walnut

  • WOLF444

    Which finish E-Nano is that?
  • Baron23
    the wood least likely to crack is also the least attractive. Figuring in the Wood is highly valued but also invites cracks if the wood was not properly dried which can take years.

    Plain Maple is my bet for being the least problematic.

    Mine is plain Walnut and it’s been great for maybe four years. I’m a shotgunner and hardly anybody spends more on highly figured wood than this community.

    But for a vape, I go function over appearance and plain wood is usually the least likely to crack.

    Again, and we don’t get to know this, mostly it depends on how well that particular piece of was slow dried.

    Best I can offer. In the end, you’se gots to pays yo money and takes yo chances.
  • WOLF444

    Thanks... Been less than excited about the current options in the portable vape marketplace - this vape just came on my radar within the past week after learning about the gong attachments... Do you know what makes the 'Premium Maple' model different from the regular Maple option? Different quality wood (maple) or do they treat the wood with something? (Wasn't clear to me from viewing the website).

    And was that you in another thread discussion who said you preferred the fixed screen glass gongs? How much material can be loaded into those without negatively affecting performance? 0.10g maybe? Do you have any issues with pulling plant material into your water piece?
  • Hapo
    ...does anyone have an E Nano that has been in continuous use for an extended period that has not cracked...???...

    ...mine was good for about 10 weeks and then it developed a slight crack...

    ...it slowly grew but seemed to arrest...

    ...I put it aside for a (long) while but within a week of being fired up again the crack quickly grew until it split the case above where the plug is all the way to the top...it had started at the bottom...

    ...I see this is not always the case...I see one that started at the top...

    ...the plug is fine and the unit works as always...I suspect the wood was not fully cured...

    ...I guess I am wondering if it is worth sending it back...

    ...it might have been me on the all glass gong comment...

    ...some people don't like them because more stuff gets through...I do not find it to be an issue at all...

    ...I clean my glass fairly often anyway...I have a bigger issue with resin build up...

    ...I hated the screens...they quickly clog and correctly positioning them was a constant chore...

    ...the glass screen I just stir and poke...a tiny amount works fine...

    ...I can't imagine using a much smaller dose...

    ...the lack of an "adjustable" aspect of the screen is another non issue for me...

    ...getting the glass gong was a game changer for me...
  • Hapo

    ...I see where I got confused aboot what you were asking...

    ...the glass gong has a larger "bowl" than the recommended screen depth @ the E Nano tool, although you can put it where ever you want...

    ...I did not measure it you can surly fit 0.10g in there...I would put a full NV scoop full in a "smaller" screen bowl...

    ...I pretty much always fill it a few times for a session...

    ...I like this because it means lots of fresh tokes with just a little more fussing...

    ...much less fussing w/o the fussy screens..
  • kebcatmorgan
    Which finish E-Nano is that?WOLF444

    It's walnut. Same as the Sticky Brick Jr. and NonaVong :grin:
  • okla68m
    Burl Maple, 2 years old(approx)...it came with a cpl Holes/Flaws in the body where the plug fits...its been left on up to a month at a time, put back for a month or so and brought back out to be plugged in for another month...all to NO CHANGE in these Character Marks(Individuality). Was Worried at 1st, but, apparently No Need.
    I Agree about the metal screens being Trash...Clog easy, get bentup easy, PIA to remove, then clean, then reinstall. After using the Glass screen stem, Ive Never gone back to the metal screen stem. Also ordered one of the Glass Screen "Ice Stems"...that being a Game Changer for me due to its Cooling/Smoothing effects(I also use the "Ice Stem" with Apollos WPA on the AirVape X, Excellent Hack IMO) !
    The Nano is a Simple, yet, Top Shelf, Pure Convection apparatus. From Micro dosing to Explode your head Mega Rips. And the Taste/Flavor it delivers is matched Only by the MV1, IMO..."TERPENE GUN" some may refer to it as. SIMPLE to use, yet, Versatile in its many uses.
    As far as Value vs. $ spent, its AT THE TOP, IMO !!
  • Baron23
    Do you know what makes the 'Premium Maple' model different from the regular Maple option? Different quality wood (maple) or do they treat the wood with something? (Wasn't clear to me from viewing the website).WOLF444

    One is more figured (that is, have more visible grain) than the other....no, not treated differently.

    And was that you in another thread discussion who said you preferred the fixed screen glass gongs?WOLF444

    No, I prefer the basket screen stems over the glass gauze ones. As for load size, I stick with putting my screens just about where the tool they give you says to and the load size ends up being right about .8 g. You can easily drop the basket screen down just a bit more and get .1 g in there.
  • WOLF444
    Thanks everyone for the replies and feedback... I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with this vape and can see myself ordering one in the near future... I'll likely wait for the next available sale (not the current one) as I have to get some financials in order first...
  • chaos191
    @Baron23 Thanks probably my favourite purchase of the year.
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