• Erick557
    Hello all, I recently decided to start trying out the oils/cartridges at my dispensaries. I’m wondering what is the best vape pen or battery and cartridge duo that work the best right now. I bought a cartridge and some gdp oil yesterday and I filled the cartridge about 3/4 of the way (all dispensaries near me were out of prefilled carts) and started trying it out it worked fine with my mod. I only took a couple hits and turned it off and left it in my cabinet before bed. I woke up and the oil had dissipated. There was no signs of major leakage, the only thing is the cartridge felt a bit oily but no where the amount it had in it. The cartridges that they had feel cheap, maybe that’s why but all this is new to me. If y’all would be kind enough to recommend me to the best setup to avoid this issue would be kindly appreciated. I’ve read into the CCell palms and silo and that’s what I’m leaning towards but if there’s a better option I’m all for it and money is not an issue in the price range. Thank you in advance.
  • Dr green thumb
    the ccell carts either prefilled or filled at home are excellent. Popular batteries are the ccell palm, ccellsilo, and the pkt one which should be available soon with an enlarged opening. Vapepartsmart ha a great selection and a discount that bud has a link for.

  • Erick557
    Thank you @Dr green thumb I’ll probably be picking up the CCell silo then. Thanks for the reference to @VapePartsMart
  • Rudis21
    I have a palm and love it. I was iffy on the inhale activation but it has worked really well for me since I got it. Really happy with it.

    What is the difference with the silo? I do see battery is slightly different 500 instead of 550. Is it just that and which one you like the look of more? Or are advantages to owning both?
  • Dr green thumb
    it's more what form do you like more. I have the silo and its tiny. I dont know if I'd notice a 50mah difference between it and the palm.
  • Rudis21

    So mostly aesthetics. Good to know, the silo is a nice looking little device though.
  • Erick557
    Yeah I’m having a tough choice between both, the palm still looks small I can only imagine the silo.
  • John Cocktostone
    I like the exus snap vv15xqzsctatfnrg8j.jpg
  • Dr green thumb


    Hope this shows the size
  • Erick557
    Yeah that’s a good size comparison, thank you @Dr green thumb
  • Westkvw
    check out vesselbrand.com . I have one and its great
  • Bruce

    The Vape Critic had good things to say about Kandy's Pens, www.vapecritic.com

    Peace, Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    Just be aware that Palm, Silo, PCKT and many others are draw activated and do NOT have a fire button.

    So what? When, if the air intake of your cart gets plugged, you can't pre-heat it to open it back up.

    I like the draw activated ones and have a couple because of their small size....but I think my fav is Eleaf Nano (or the Pico) which has a fire button and is still pretty petite.

    Its all about how stealthy you need to be, I suppose.
  • Erick557
    I’ll look into that one as well thank you @Baron23
  • ChrisVapes
    Have you tried checking out the Yocan UNI? It's one of the newest models from Yocan. What's pretty good about this vape device is that it can accommodate and be compatible with a wide array of cartridges that are 6mm to 12mm wide. This underdog comes with an adjustable height and width settings and is backed by a 650mAh battery. Even has windows so you'd be able to see how much material you have left. Here are some of its other features:
    • 510-Threaded Magnetic Links
    • USB Charging
    • 3 Voltage Levels
    • Looks and feels tough
    It's worth checking out for.
  • Erick557
    Thanks @ChrisVapes I’ll be sure to give it a try. I just received the silo I’m about to give it a run and hopefully my experience is better, so I can dive in more into these vapes.
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