• Cl4ud3
    Moved some posts to this new more relevant topic, discussions for 7th floor products.
  • TheZman
    I have No experience with desktops. One that I have my eye on is Da Buddha. Its basically a different version of the Silver Surfer that you have on the list. It has good reviews. But honestly the way I micro dose it might be a little much.
  • Baron23
    how the evo can be at the top made of plastic?ssvsteve

    Because I don't see plastic as an evil in the world. In fact, I would expect a very good quality plastic to outlast crap pot metal...not good metal, but not all metal is of good quality.

    Plastic casing of the EVO doesn't bother me a lick. All glass air path and great function makes it a winner in my book.

    I have never used nor seen a SSV....but I'm sure its a good quality vape.
  • UbarDog
    The only Desktop I own'ed I took apart. (Cheap tat)
    So-I'm interested in
    1 G43 Ofc
    2 E-nano / Woodscents / UnderDog
    3 Glass symphony
    (4-Elev8 need explantion)
    -Herborizer/Flowerpot/Evo I really like to but I think are out of my price range (ATM).

    Elev8(REALLY LIKE) because of Glass Glass Glass but the whole heating is a Negative for me.
    I know some people use E-nail I don't own one so more expense.
    Torch seems like alot of fuss with no heat control-I think lack of heat control bothers me the most
    When it come's to builds - I would pick Inert over durable when it comes to airpath material . Saying that i don't mind the vessel being plastic like Evo
    100% inert heat source and airpath is the ONLY way vapes should be made now. Like The El3vator which Brings me on to

    Yea you mention'ed 3? different addtions to the SSV- The EOK being the last, is it just a Glass attachment allowing Trate's? I was compeletly unaware that the SSV budda lsv had any changes since release. Plus i would like to learn more about the LSV It might make it to my shortlist. Maybe you can make a Tread about them or Add the bullet points to an old tread. Thus enlighterning the commity a little more :D
  • ssvsteve

    Hi Man, anything I can do to help show you my products just let me know! We have so many attachments for our vapes that I also feel that is what makes them overall some of the best vapes on earth. All our desktops can be hooked up to any water pipe.
    Maybe I was saying the Super has 3 more additions over the SSV. The SUP has lights, fan, but that is only 2, so maybe I was wrong.:)

    I feel that 100%. Its why when they did a review on the evo with Doug Benson they had a guy on there from kids in the hall and he said, man I like the evo, but I think its complicated compared to my SSV.
  • Dr green thumb

    I have watched your vape in use on instagram but I have never had the opportunity to try it out. I also do not know anyone near me who owns it. For most of my vapes I have either tried one out or gone off of a trusted source for recommendations
  • ssvsteve
    Oh no man, I too believe the microdose is the best. Just take small hits. This idea of big dragon hits is for the birds. Its a waste, but I guess when you earn you money and own your temple you get to do what you want :)
    The SSV does have the angle of the dangle and the hands-free attachment really locks it up. The SSV is also produced more in the USA than the DBV. Both super great just the SSV is made of better materials and the design is better.
  • VapeCritic

    What about the whips you use though, isn't that introducing a plastic-like material into the vapor path?

    I never had a problem with the SSV or Da Buddha and always thought they were pretty cool vapes.

    If there was anything about them I don't consider great it would be the silicone/plastic whip and the horizontal herb chamber.
  • TheZman
    But is it easy to load small hits at a time without using and wasting too much herb?
  • McNuggetsTrip
    All I hear is a sales pitch with every comment :chin:
  • Papic914
    Yea he Ben all over trying to defend/push his vape lol
  • UbarDog
    Yea hes made an account just to critic the list coz he didn't see his baby on it.

    I ask'ed you more prompting you to explain/start a tread
    Maybe I was saying the Super has 3 more additions over the SSV. The SUP has lights, fan, but that is only 2, so maybe I was wrong.:)ssvsteve
    I dont know what a SUP or super is I thought there was just a SSV budda lsv.
    DBV = Budda ? I know nothing of your vapes sorry .

    The SSV does have the angle of the dangle and the hands-free attachment really locks it up.ssvsteve
    What ?
    I'm Confused n Lost interest in looking up ya vapes now shame
  • ssvsteve
    Nice, know that we sold 36 Surfers to Willie Nelson and he tossed his volcano. I even have a picture of Wille and Snoop Dogg with a surfer:)

    Ok, the SSV is a whip desktop, while the Super Surfer also fills a bag and has some really dope lights. Check out our site we have been working on www.elev8glassgallery.com . Yes I did make an account to talk. I have wonders about not seeing one of the best vapes on a list so I asked. Just here to talk about our products as we have obviously failed at getting out the info on our vapes as many did not even know we had the Super.

    If you ever make it to Colorado Springs, let me know, we will have a sesh.

    Got ya, so we also make an all-glass pathway for the vapes. When you mention the horizontal wand, that is only the DBV. The SSV and SUP both have the wands face up just a little so the herbs stay better. This is what I talk about meaning the angle of the dangle. Both the SSV and SUP have the hands free attachment that locks them in place and when not vaping one can use the aromatop all day making their home smell great like a Scentsy wax melter. So we got you covered. If you ever needed we can also make you nearly anything to work with our vapes as we are glass blowers. I mean I can make an attachment that is a wand that plugs into your favorite water pipe or rig and hooks up directly to the SSV.

    Oh ya, just make the herb about 1/8" deep or less. We also have smaller wands we can make for small hits, but I find small amounts in the wand actually work out very well.
    just been here, and yep I do make the best value vape on earth and many people do not know about us, but been here 14 years. So yep talking about what we do. Thought that was a good thing. This is a vape place and thought it was the right place to talk. Even seen people did not know we make the Super Surfer. And also, if there are any questions I am here to help out with that. I did this about 12 years ago, time moved on, times change so I am here spreading our word. I do believe if you are vaping and love your vape stick to it. When its time to get a new one or upgrade, just remember us:) Our glass crew loves glass and will make a custom part for any vape, we love all vapes, just have a relationship with 7th Floor and Elev8.

    we all have opinions for sure. Info is part of a sales pitch, but also its info that people do need to know, and if one does not know, they just do not know. Hope you have one killer great new year! If I am going to see an evo that costs as much as a Super, but is not as value-packed even as a DBV, yep I should say something as maybe cats just don't know.:)

    Oh, I do not think I answered your question on if the tubing and the vapor path. Well, yes it is food grade vinyl and the tubing never get very hot as it is on the back end of the wand. I also have been using it for 14 years and the flavor is great.
    Have you ever tried a DBV or SIlver Surfer or any of our vapes? Just asking this as you said you always thought they were cool machines, leads me to believe maybe you have not tried one?
  • BestBuds
    I don't want to speak for Bud so he can speak for himself.

    I have really been falling back in love with the Arizer EQ after buying it during that last sale PuffItUp had. I have seen the super surfer before and I have taken note along with the ditanium. I'll be honest, when I thought about which one I wanted more yours fell behind, because I saw a lot of custom looking glass. It looked like I might get stoned and break parts. It looks like the -parts- cost a lot. :grimace:
    The ditanium, on the other hand, looks like you just plug a whip onto the vape and go. It looked like there was less to break. That's attractive. :up:
    The EQ won though because it can whip, it can bag, it can get me so damn medicated and yes I know the build quality or materials whatever is not as good but it's damn good. And had for, what, $150ish?!? Sold!
    :ok: :cool:

    If I ever get a chance to try one of your vapes I might have my mind changed! :pray:
  • MothChewMoth
    have you created a thread for your vapes? This particular thread is just a general user poll, so IMO it would be much more helpful to put all your vape information in its own separate dedicated thread. You can post photos, videos, and more in depth information there. I personally would love to hear more about them, but this thread isn't really the place for it.
  • Mangu
    Steve I think Bud has given your vape some shining reviews. If you take a moment to look at his videos you’ll see that he’s been almost a proponent for you guys...I almost purchased a SSV 5 years ago on Bud’s recommendation....in the end I went with a volcano as it was more along the lines of what I was looking for. Great looking vape though!
  • Other Side
    I have to be honest here. I feel you are doing your company more harm than good. I keep seeing you opening up accounts all over the place and getting into pissing matches with people regarding the merits of your products.
    What's worse is the defending of the spamming programs that you have set up.

    So first some background and then some questions. I have been a long term supporter of 7th floor. I own every vaporizer made by 7th floor (except the DBV but I owned two surfers and a super too) a whole lotta glass too (some made by you personally). I even own a ton of your less known products (wax maxer, tamers, other glass accessories) so I'm well versed in what you sell and how it compares to the market. I have also been a big supporter to your brand. I have sold tons of equipment for you guys. Both through my personal interactions with members on different forums and in a professional capacity (past life and now through my wife's business). At this point I have decided to stop selling your products based on you not recognizing this loyalty and you treating my wife's company like we were stealing from you. I spoke with Sam on this and had hoped we could get past this but I never got the call from you.

    Now to the questions.... What is your basis for your claims? What competitive vaporizers have you tried? You act like your products are so superior to everyone else. I have seen you claim that your products offer more "features" than others. Other comments have been on materials used but I feel you are not recognizing where your products fall short. You are not recognizing the merits the competition brings.

    In the end I agree you make some nice stuff and most people who have used them would agree. With that said I feel you are trying to hard now. Good products sell themselves. You don't need the used car salesman approach to sell good products. Promotion is of course always a good thing but not when it comes off as spamming or arguing with unbiased and knowledgeable industry experts.

    I kind of feel like you are detached in many ways. I mean Vapecritic is just about as old in the industry as you are. He has reviewed your stuff and in many cases given these products some of the highest marks. And it's clear from your comments that you were not even aware.

    So please think about these things. I still love and use your products. I still think they are excellent and worthy of recommendation. I would still have my wife selling them if it weren't for recent events. I would like for you to remain in business and innovate with new products (consider the portable LSV next, people have been clamoring for years about it and you need a portable convection vape that doesn't require a torch). I just think you need to slow your roll on where you fit in with the rest. I have spoken about this subject with a number of people in the industry and we all agree it's not a good look for 7th floor.
  • Baron23
    On this board, we generally warmly welcome manf here to discuss their products and have no problem...again, in general....with manf touting the features and advantages of their vape. Its always nice to hear stuff from the horse's mouth so to speak and be able to ask questions directly to the vendor.

    But also, we hopefully like to see this happen without a negative comparisons to competitive vapes. That's both not necessary, in our opinion, and often will lead to dissension and arguments on the board which is something we try very hard to avoid.

    I think as long as we stick to these guidelines, all will be well.

    @Cl4ud3 - Thanks for setting up this 7th Floor vape thread. I agree that this is best for discussion of 7th Floor products.

  • TheZman
    I've been wanting a Silver surfer for awhile now. I really like the Sparkle green.I Just never have that much money. The reason why I thought about the Buddha. Figured it was the next best thing. And why I just use a small portable.
  • Lucic and Chong
    My 1st ever vape was the Da Buddha, and I loved it. It was a great, entry level vape for a beginner. I have since given it away because as my collection grew, I found myself not using it anymore. Unlike my Volcano which seems timeless, my Da Buddha feels dated.

    It's still going strong, 8 years later, which is a testament to build quality. But it was doing nothing but collecting dust for me, so I gifted to a friend. And as his only vape, he really likes it.

    Now the Elev8r on the other hand, I can't get enough of that one.
  • bum karacho
    i have a big need for a Elev8r it would fit perfect in my collection. :starstruck:
    how much herb can i load?
    how long to heat it up?
  • ChlorophyllMan
    heya, up to .25 in the stock bowl with ~25 sec initial torching with a Big buddy on low flame setting. Subsequent heats of ~15 sec for additional hits. Extremely delicious vapour in huge quantities bro :smile: :up:
  • howie105
    Actually the Da Buddha can be rigged to function as a very good small dose vape, Loads down in the .04g range can be done with no problem but it requires a LSV heater cover, a ddave wand and one of his screens. If you don't want to mess with all that get a E-Nano I can run similar small sized small loads out of it with the stock glass.
  • BudsofWar
    A year ago I knew of 7th floor but had little interest and I certainly had no interest in the elev8r until I saw VC use it with a coil.
    Elev8r blew my mind and then I discovered the LSV.....that's also a great vape you know, glass vapor path, with great taste and vapour, got rid of hoses, less clutter.
    Downside to 7th floor products is the fragility of glass, availability in the UK and replacement cost. I've gone thro 3 LSV water adapters at £20 a pop, an LSV heater cover which 7th Floor kindly replaced as a one off.
    I'm talking to their CS team about a Quartz elev8r but my boro 1 has just snapped in half so I'm not so sure now.
    Overall 7th floor make great quality products that produce premium vapor but be prepared to replace yr glass parts every now n then.
  • Bruce
    Amenti that. Plastic is evil its made out of toxins.
  • TheZman
    Good to know. I dont know about the E Nano. It looks like a good vap but just to many steps for me to get it going. I like fast and simple. I could be wrong though.
  • Alexis
    @bum karacho hey man, Im glad to hear you are pleased with the Evo so far. Just to add to @ChlorophyllMan 's comments on the Elev8r. You can definitely load more if you like. I often load up to 0.4 grams. You will just need to stir a bit sooner, and a shake can be a bit less effective with a fuller load, closer to the heater at the top.

    I am a lazy macrodoser though. I like to fill the tank with petrol, enough to get there and back. Less refilling for mileage. I try to keep maintenance during the session/load to a minium.

    The Elev8r can be quite a high maintenance vape. My biggest gripe with using it with the coil, is how it is a right pain (silicone finger guards, tongs etc if you are impatient like me) or a wait (for sick clip to first cool enough to touch) to get into the bowl to stir, examine, refill etc.

    I just hate having to wait to get access and visual to my load. I like to be able to just lift the heater off have a look give it a stir, place it back and carry on hitting, without also then having to wait for the coil and heater to reach set temperature again, after already having had to wait for it to cool down or fiddle like heck with tools.

    So that part of it frustrates me and this is the biggest reason why I can't wait to get my Herborizer back running again. There hasn't been a hurry for this until my infections are stabilized at a lower level which will enable me to enjoy the herbo far more easily. But I love that's ease of use aspect about it, as you also experience with many other top desktops like the Flowerpot.

    When I am touching my Elev8r loads which I do also, using the Blazer Big Shot, I start with 20 secs lowest flame (is way bigger than Big Buddy on low).

    I find 25 secs to be too much with the Big Shot, can be harsh and skip that gorgeous intial pure taste hits.
    If you load right and don't overtorch, you can take monster and very long draws and keep the load green for a surprising while.

    So to me, getting the most out of the Elev8r requires riding just below that wave. It spoils it to heat and milk and extract TOO fast. If you get full milk instantly, you have overheated.
    It should take a few seconds. And when you have it flowing, it moves so quick, it looks like the vapor is thin at times.
    I have trouble NOT inhaling for too long every time, thinking I need to keep going to get a proper hit.
    Just a few seconds can be a lungfull, but it's so easy to keep going and really stock up on gasoline!

    Okay just those thoughts. Have super cool evenings all around folks. :up:
  • beezee420
    there are no steps involved besides turn it on and load it... its a log vape
  • TheZman
    Dont you have to stuff a screen down the glass pipe and make sure it's in the right spot? Maybe I'm just spoiled buy using a portable that you just have to load and turn on.
  • beezee420
    if you get the adjustable screen you do have to put it into position, or get the stem with the glass screen which can't move. This is easier than your portable because you only have to clean a glass stem, not all the little parts and rubber and plastic I'm sure your portable has.

    Check out VapeCritic's videos on youtube, it shows you how easy it is
  • TheZman
    Maybe your right. I was just going by some review videos I watched about it on YouTube. All good reviews. It just looked like a few more steps then I would like to take before vaping. Maybe it just seemed that way because of them talking about details at the same time.

    How is the vapor quality? What would make it better then a vaporizer like Da Buddha or SSV?
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