• Baron23
    Plastic is evil its made out of toxins.Bruce

    That's crazy talk. :grin:
  • howie105
    I have found that the adjustable screen in the E-Nano only moves if you want it push it around to make adjustments. Vapor quality is similar to the7th Floor vapes if you allow for the differences like load size, possible rigging differences, temp selections, I use them both and I have no complaints about vapor quality from either.
  • ssvsteve
    I agree its a great vape for the price.

    Hey there, so any accounts I have set up are me, its only one per forum. Just thought I would come out and talk some. Thanks a ton for all your support. I am not trying to stop your wife's business, we just were enforcing the rules we already had about selling on eBay.
    I do have near one of each vape and have tried most of them all. I am biased for my products yes:)
    Only thing I mentioned about Vape Critic is that the wand in the SSV does point up, not horizontal.
    The features that we have on our vape are that it does have more than most all desktops. It can vape dry herbs, vape concentrates, dab, diffuse oils and the art is endless.

    And thank you so much for all your support in all we do. It really means a lot. And that call, I was waiting on an email reply for a time, so my bad on that.

    You are right, I should not have said anything about what material another vape is made from, its a good vape that many people love. I guess I was just pointing out our material and could have done it differently.


    We will get you taken care of on that elev8R heater, you were an early adopter.

    I recommend about 1/2 gram to 1/3 gram of herb. It takes about 15-40 seconds to heat up, depending on your torch, just do not overheat, you could burn you herbs, less is more.

    Thanks! We now also have the Super that fills a bag if you did not know.

    In my opinion the SSV is better than the DBV for the main reason being the angle of the dangle. The wand points up allow you to work with gravity.

    Thank you sir. Yes I know bud knows our vapes very well. I think I said it wrong and did not mean he did not try our vapes, I had to ask because of the SSV wand does point up and not down.

    Thanks I am new to this, and I think they got one up for me now:)
  • BudsofWar
    i'd really appreciate that, fantastic...… would you like anything towards shipping?
  • Other Side
    just now today seeing that email you sent. Anyway glad we are on the same page now. Thanks for the phone call as well. Back to supporting 7th Floor 100% but I'll still keep it real with ya!
  • Alexis
    @ssvsteve hey man, and a delayed welcome here from myself. Just one other thing, my firsr Elev8r heater screen died recently, it had a tear and that was it.

    Luckily I had a spare from a heater I got which didn't have a hole and was unusable. But if I hadnt had a spare, I dont know where I would get a replacement?
    I havent seen them for sale anywhere? Certainly not in Europe. Im sure you guys could ship them out, but would it be at your standard int'l shipping rate?

    Or possible to send in a cheap envelope? Maybe one of the Elev8r stockists over here could offer the heater screens?
    Just throwing this up in the air anyway. I have a quartz and glass heater, both with screens, but I realised I would be gutted if I lost one now. As you know, the screens are a different size for glass and quartz heaters.

    Good point actually Steve- Please keep this in mind if you discontinue the glass heaters, it would be a pity if owners ended up needing replacement glass heater screens, and they are no longer available.

    Thanks for everything you do Steve. Your SSV and SEV do look and sound great by all accounts. I would love to try them. Good luck spreading awareness and not getting hit by too many tomatoes in the process, lol! :lol:
  • Aj85
    if you own a Mighty the fine screens for the cooling unit work very well for the glass heater. See picture below.


    @ssvsteve @Bruce the Cloud Evo body is actually made from glass fibre not plastic. Also the only material in the air path is glass.

    All the best,

  • Baron23
    Is that a chunk of hash I spy in that herb? Hmmmm? LOL

    Yep, in a legal state in USA we get a lot of choices....but not really traditional hashish. Certainly not the soft Pakistan/India/Afghan style hashish that I loved so dearly in my misspent youth.
  • Aj85
    yes mate! Still quite a lot of black market hashes available here but certainly not as much as there used to be....

    In my area there’s a lot of European hash and flower and it’s pretty damn cheap, but very little in the way of concentrates unless it’s home made and costing around £60 ( £10-15 more than 7g of flower) for 1g! lmao

    I like to use hash as a kind of topper for my flower later on in the evenings.

    All the very best, mate!

  • Baron23
    I like to use hash as a kind of topper for my flower later on in the evenings.Aj85

    YES...kind of do the same with lose kief I collect (incidentally) in my drying box, etc.

    LOVED the hash we used to get in the late 60's/early 70's.....and I'm sure beyond that time also.

    It always seemed to me that the Russians really fucked up the hash trade when they invaded Afghanistan.....of course then we had religious radicals and war fucking things up since. haha
  • Aj85
    this is more like what I have at the moment we call it “Squidgy (afghani style) Black”.


    I’m assured by my friend most of what I get is from the Netherlands.

    Hash is pretty cheap here around £35 a quarter ounce.

    Bubble hash is also very nice and very clean, but it has to be home made here so it all depends on who makes it and the quality of the material used.

    Ahh, now I remember communism! Lol

    All the very best, my friend!

  • ssvsteve
    The heater screen is our 14.8mm screen in the green package and can be found here. I am not sure how it got a rip in it, but my sincere apologies, I know we will be sending Buds of was a new heater, maybe you can get him and we can send a pack or screens out with him and he can get you some? Maybe not the best, but maybe a chance? And on a big THANKS for seeing I am just spreading some awareness of our amazing vapes. The good thing is tomatoes wash off in the shower, and if people do not know they do not know. I will be doing more of this in the future as there is no doubt in my mind we make the best vapes on earth when you talk about function, quality, and value. Thanks for your support! I would love to find a rep over there that wants to stock some of our vapes:)

    If you want to take care of shipping, I will get you two heaters and some screens that maybe Alexis can get?
  • BudsofWar
    yeah that sounds good to me Steve, i'll forward some screens onto Alexis no problem. Fantastic :)

    having a UK distributer would be great, vapefiend and others have very limited stock if any at all.
  • Alexis
    @ssvsteve hey man thanks so much for your reply and those considerate and really generous suggestions. And sure thing, I can see you are simply taking the bit between the teeth to try and raise awareness of your vapes, where there is currently little or none.

    It can seem like we are biased, with ulterior motives. I have been trying to help Sebastien of French Herborizer to spread awareness of his fantastic models. They are very undermarketed and for one of the very best and most powerful desktops in the world, it didnt seem right to me that far too many people all over the world, who I know would really love it, still don't even onow it exists.

    And the only way to change that can be to just get stuck into the forums, spreading word, tputong the benefits, generating (hopefully healthy) discussion etc. How else can you do it, without openly and publically extolling the virutes of the device as you see it?

    I don't work for Herborizer, but my integrity has still been questioned, which I had to defend.
    I also had the same experience shilling for 7th Floor and the Elev8r, which has been my daily driver since beginning of 2017. :grin:

    @BudsofWar thanks mate for being willing to send on the screens. Just to be clear, my comments on this to @ssvsteve was not so much about me really needing to get some heater screens asap, (a spare or two would be great). It was more because I realised that at some point, other Elev8r owners may lose their screen (damned easy to misplace when cleaning), and not have an obvious, fast or cheap way to replace them.

    So I was trying to draw attention to this in case any forethought could prevent this in advance.
    Nemaste vapes UK, Everyonedoesit, and Jahvaporizer- all European Elev8r stockists- I just wondered if they could possibly offer the replacement heater screens at some point? And ideally for both glass and quartz.

    Just an idea anyway. I expect I have personally used the Elev8r as much as anybody. Usually 2 to 4 full loads a day, for a year plus.

    So my screen just had a bit of wear in the end, but I was also surprised it got damaged.

    Okay thanks so much Steve. Good luck keeping the eggs off and wishing you the best at spreading the word and reaching as many people as you can and making them happy.
  • BudsofWar
    I wanted to talk to Jahvaporizers about what size the lsv heater cover is that they stock and the flavour discs but everytime I enquired my email bounced back, so they may as well not be there, which is a shame cos they have alot of 7th floor stock.....
  • LabPong
    My Elev8R = :love: :starstruck: :pray:
  • standingsideways
    I am a very happy DBV owner, its been going for 7 years now and still one of my favorite vapes. I agree with the above it is super hard to get the 14.8mm screens here in the UK and I imagine in Europe to. It would be awesome to have a better distributor over here as the current ones don't really seem to restock much. I do think your vapes are underrated and don't get as much exposure as they should. Cool to see you having a new push to get the 7th floor word out there.
  • ssvsteve
    Thanks man, ya over there they cry about the duties and we need to lower our prices. Unfortunately, I can not lower the prices, nor am I responsible for the duty taxes. The reason I feel free to trade should be allowed across the world. If you know anyone that wants to help carry our goods, please send them our way. I can tell you my thoughts is that many people are paid to give good reviews and point people to the different vape. Thanks for seeing that we are trying our best and make our goods with love and quality. Thanks for the support!!!!!! I do think that if we put some screens in an envelope we might be able to get them to you for pretty cheap, we just got a great deal to send stickers out there for $4.

    ya, finding a distributor that wants to not cry about the taxes would be great. They all say to lower the price our taxes are high, well sorry I have to pay my taxes here, and I do not get the social programs your taxes pay for so I have to earn the money and pay that myself. The high taxes is how yall get the social benefits we do not have here. (nor do I want) Its been this battle for so so long. I had another person say they need screens, ahh, I can not keep saying he take care of this person or that. Any ideas? Maybe Ill throw in a few packs of screens, shit man you sell them for you time and shipping? Just throwing it out there:)

  • BudsofWar
    without a doubt some reviewers are paid...….I bought a cfx on the back of a review by some tinpot reviewer on the US West Coast.....it's plainly obv that he's getting too much of the cut!

    I use the elev8r and lsv after seeing VC reviews on them and they blow my mind.

    We're British, all we cry about is the taxes.....and the weather. Seriously tho distributors have to make a living too, if something's not selling cos its too expensive then something has to give. Vaping dryherb is still new over here and most people are not willing to pay premium prices for a relatively unknown company in the UK.....people who are new to vaping are not always going to know the benefits and purity of vaping thro glass, most will go for a cheap option 1st and maybe that's were the lsv and dbv can fit in. The cheapest LSV in the UK is £95, the cheapest DBV is £109. Surely that is something you can exploit and get more people into using 7th Floor products I dunno Ive just waked n vaped and im babbling....have a great day
  • UbarDog
    The cheapest LSV in the UK is £95BudsofWar

    ooo what store ?
  • UbarDog

    Ty BoW
    Somethings there seem to cheap LSV being one of them.
    Have you ever ordered off upinsmoke.org ? I see they have a storefront up in london. When i try to access them via web browser, My kaspersky flags it !
  • BudsofWar
    that's we're I bought my lsv from, maybe give them a call
  • juxt

    Kaspersky is a spy for the russians, IMHO... it's tough to know which to use, I've struggled with it personally.

    I like my Elev8r BTW, with some of the same reservations as @Alexis, in that when using a coil you can't easily swap loads, but it's got one of the cleanest tastes out there for a vape, and it can hit like a freight train. Quartz FTW of course.

    I've heard of the SSV and DBV, and while I haven't used them, I won't argue their value. I own many vapes, why should I buy one of these?

    And follow up question, was the sidekick a 7thFloor thing? I heard that was not good...thoughts? And maybe I'm crazy, but I've been wondering about the long term health of the company overall ... it seemed to be going through some weirdness. Maybe new management? Maybe this is an offshoot of that or something.
  • Cl4ud3
    And follow up question, was the sidekick a 7thFloor thing? I heard that was not good...thoughtsjuxt

    Yes that's 7th floors try at a portable and you heard correct.
  • Aj85
    My favourite 7th floor vape is the LSV (or maybe the Elev8r unfortunately though my Elev8r heater cracked and split in half and I haven’t been able to replace it yet as I’m unable to find the quartz glass version for sale in the U.K.) I also really like the Silver Surfer it’s just not one I use much anymore, especially since I brought the VXL Cloud Evo.

    This picture is pretty old now.

    @BudsofWar @UbarDog just so you know guys,.....a very simple and cheap to make WPA for the LSV is an 18mm Male to Male adapter ( around £7) and a stainless steel screen. ra50hpcn90sszmbh.jpeg
    The 14.8mm screens that come in the green packet for the LSVs transfer wand work great. The Crafty mighty cooling unit screens also work great.

    If you want to microdose through a water pipe you can also use a rimmed basket screen for very small loads!


    That’s how I use mine 95% of the time and it works great!

    All the best, guys!

  • howie105
    My favorite 7th Floor stem, a ddave stem, moveable screen and some padding because I am a serial glass killer. Sorry about the crappy picture.
  • BudsofWar
    I always forget about that mod, I must've been reminded about it 10 times :lol:
    Cheers mate
  • Aj85
    Lol, well in that case......I’m happy to have jogged your memory, again. Lol.

    It’s a great little mod, I actually prefer it to the manufacturers WPA. Not only is it much, much cheaper, if you have big enough bong you can use the LSV one handed and leave it in the rig between hits.......unlike when using the manufacturers WPA.

    Another great mod for the LSV is a mini bubbler or a Vapefiend Milaana/Splinter cooling mouthpiece.

    This is my old LSV setup from yrs ago, sorry about the pic quality, it was taken around 5 yrs ago.

    Lately, I’ve been enjoying using the LSV with a VF Milaana/Splinter cooling mouthpiece.

    I have always loved how adaptable the LSV is and how easy it is to mod the LSV.

    Any time a friend wants to buy a high quality, full convection, glass, home unit that works awesome through water pipes,....but they are on a budget and can’t afford the likes of the VXL Cloud Evo,..... I always recommend the LSV without a seconds hesitation.

    I also always recommend it over the more expensive Dabuddha and Silver Surfer, as well as other vapes like the Arizer Extreme Q. The vapor quality, potency and taste are so much better than the Extreme Q and the heat up time so much faster.

    If you want a bag style experience with the LSV you can easily make a lungo/dry bucket/vapor lung.


    Here’s a guide https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/107/how-to-make-a-great-tasting-and-inexpensive-vapor-lung I made on making one yrs ago if anyone is interested, it actually works great with loads of different vapes and especially well with the Crafty/Mighty.

    All the best,

  • BudsofWar
    fantastic... the last pic reminds me about making bag bongs, buckets, bubblers etc in my college days.... and older :rofl: felt like a right lil inventor back then

    I agree with everything you said about the lsv, I can't recommend highly enough, even at vape fiend it's around 145 which I think is a good price
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