• Danny Murphy
    So I'm in the UK and usually use Namaste, Vapefiend or even Vaposhop to order my vapes or anything else I use, however I have never been able to get my hands on an E- nano or Newvape Cannagar mold yet :groan:

    I am just putting this out there to see if any1 else has bought these items in the UK and if they had to pay a lot for customs or whatever. I am suspicious as even just ordering a dynavap which only comes in a plastic tube in an envelope had a decent cost I had to pay at the post office for how small and light it was....

    Any info or advice would be great TIA :grin:
  • UbarDog
    Customs is hit or miss. Complete lottory somtimes. If you are looking for a Log style vape WS/UD
    Woodscents and Underdog Both only require 12v so its easier to get a power supply for them. E-nano we would have to get a step-down transformer.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    heya man I hear you :meh:
    I'm sure I'd own an Enano if it wasn't for the terror of the import fees, can't be many owners here in the UK surely, maybe @Cl4ud3?

    Edit: didn't realise it needed a transformer, cheers @UbarDog.
    I bought a transformer like that for a USA imported vape years ago, found it really cumbersome. Was for the Inavap vapouriser, which was awful btw :lol:
  • Cl4ud3
    Not an Enano no sorry, I didn't want the extra transformer so looked elsewhere.
    The only UK option was HomeGrownLogs but the guy making them was very ill and I think he's finished doing them even though he said he was going to continue.

    I've not seen any Newvape ones here but there are other cana moulds available, I've seen wooden ones somewhere but I can't remember who was making them.
    I have had a lot of stuff from America and as said it's a lottery on if you get stopped but I would bank on it happening, only order at the sales to combat this 20% extra and remember if it was UK stock it would be more expensive anyway.
  • Danny Murphy
    Ah all good points and some things I never even thought about....:groan:
    feels like you miss out on a lot being from over this way unfortunately.
    I have come across wood and plastic cannagar things from a few different places but I love anything from Newvape because of the sheer quality of the materials. (Always had expensive taste).
    I think I may need to just plan my next holiday over in America and do some serious shopping while I'm there if even that would be possible :lol:
  • Cl4ud3
    Contact Vapefiend and see if they will get them in, they do order from Newvape so it shouldn't be a problem for them.
  • Danny Murphy
    definitely worth a try I guess or they may even know of how to go about getting one if they can't help me :up:
  • Alexis
    I wouldn't say it is a lottery whether your parcel gets picked up and you pay Customs or not. In my consistent experience over recent years if the value is over £15 there's a 99% likelihood I will be paying extra, unless it's coming from China in which case I think I have had them slip through when marked over this value but never from the US in recent years.
    Still if you really want something and you have your heart set on it and there's no other place to get it from you just have to bite the bullet and accept this as part of the included price.

    Just figure out the costs and count that as the total value of the item and then decide if you are happy to pay that much for it.
    Look at all of the options and decide which is best. I think @Cl4ud3 is right to say not much chance of a Homegrownlog, the inventor is a very sick man who doesn't appear to have great prospect of improvements at present I don't believe and I will be very surprised if he gets anywhere near completing the waiting list of orders he already has going back quite some time already.

    So the Nano IS an option. There are happy UK Nano owners. With luck, the Woodscents may be avaikable over here sometime this year. One FC UK member has recently been very open about receiving a WS from Ed. No hush hush from Ed on it, which puzzled me because tge CE certification is not there still, and I know other UK owners have sworn to secrecy until then.

    @Danny Murphy if you really want to buy a log vape without needing a step down converter, you could always private message Ed'sTnt. Just don't say I sent you :wink:
  • Danny Murphy
    hey man good points, thanks for taking the time to write all that :ok:
    I definitely will end up biting the bullet mate just thought I would pinch a bit knowledge from you good folk first :smile:
  • kebcatmorgan
    hey man, I bought E-Nano directly from their website to CZE and it was no problem.

    Yep, I had to go to customs and I had to explain what it is (btw I said "aromatherapy oil difuser", the customs lady seemed confused) and I had to pay ~1/4 of the price as a fee, but the vape is worth it.
  • Danny Murphy
    thanks for the info. I can't believe any1 would ask what it is lol. Don't think that would ever happen here, it's more just how much it would cost extra to get it through customs. It's none of their business what it is, they only care how much they can make from it :down:
  • Danny Murphy
    pleased you are enjoying one though :up:
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