• VapeCritic
    Sup Lifers! :lol:

    Here are the top 10 best vaporizers for dry herb right now, desktop and portable, based on your feedback.These were picked based on what you guys told me were the best vapes of 2018.

    Dynavap M 00:57
    OmniVap Ti 03:55
    Mighty & Crafty 08:15
    Ghost MV1 13:32
    PAX 3 18:05
    Plenty 29:48
    Volcano 33:45
    E-nano 37:10
    VapeXhale EVO 40:00
    NewVape FlowerPot 45:33

    My personal favorites list also happens to contain 8 of the 10 vapes shown, so these are all very solid choices.

    Dynavap - use code STAYUP for 10% OFF the Dynavap VapCap
    NewVape - use code VAPECRITIC for 10% OFF the FlowerPot VROD
    VapeWorld - use code VAPENOW15 for 15% OFF all Storz & Bickel vapes
    EpicVape - Use code VAPECRITIC10 to get 10% OFF the E-nano
    VapeXhale - use code STAYUP10 for 10% OFF the EVO
    Ghost MV1 - trade-in promo


    Stay up!

    P.S. To see more poll results check out the attached image :up:
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  • Dr green thumb
    I think the higher quality lower cost vapes are necessary in order to get more people to start vaping. Dynavap definitely Is a player in that market. Sticky brick has some vapes that are in that category. The g43 will be in that category as well.

    Dynavap and the g43 may force other vape makers to step up the quality of their entry level vapes.
  • UbarDog
    So glad you left it at 1hr. Just sorted wifes breakfast out. Gonna sit down with a coffee and Cap n watch.

    Bud Less of the lifers please. It what we call murdurs, rapiest and peodo's over here
    "People being sent down for life".
  • Danny Murphy
    Looking forward to watching this tonight :up:
  • BudsofWar
    "oh my goodness call the fire department" :lol:
  • ejackyou
    Very, Very good Picks!
    Love My Plenty Best, too bad the Solo II didn't make it?
  • shani
    Nice to see that the Pax3 is in the top 10.
    Still thinking about getting a MV1 some day when it gets cheaper (or a davinci IQ...).
  • 22spider
    Good job on the review Bud, im glad to see the plenty getting that love, i would really like to see some more on the e-nano, got some questions on that one for you next time you stream,✌
  • twhc291
    Sick video Bud!

    The flower pot rips

    Dynavap and the g43 may force other vape makers to step up the quality of their entry level vapes.Dr green thumb

    Wouldn't that be nice :cool: :ok:
  • vapesourcing
    cool, good video
  • Vapster707
    Tha Dynavap & omnivap should have counted as one like tha crafty & mighty did ...Also no luv for anything Arizer :groan: :roll:
  • Alexis
    I think its a shame the Herbo Ti is still so under-owned and experienced. I feel it would earn a place on this list if it had the same number of owners as some of the others. Maybe next year. It is always gping to depend on the subject pool of course. I dont take this aa a definitive top 10 list. Im sure it is mostly pretty solid and would be backed up by a much wider crowd too.

    I just feel the Herbo would deserve a spot.

    And you will have to shoot me guys because I didn't vote! I can't use any of my favorite vapes so it isn't a fair vote.
  • Cl4ud3
    I guess a lot of people would feel the same about many different vapes, personally I would have liked to see the Glass Symphony there but I know it's limitations and it isn't a mass market product.

    User generated poll so even though a lot go on about the products they didn't vote for them.
  • UbarDog

    Did you get custom tax ? What was the Total price of the GS+p&p+tax ?
  • Cl4ud3
    I can't honestly remember what I paid in fees but they did sting me I know that much. This was well over a year ago though so I would need to check

    Edit: I found a mail I sent to Jojo when he asked what import costs were and it was $70
  • UbarDog

    and total please

    355ish + 70 = 425ish ?
  • Cl4ud3
    It was $318 at the time for the China PID, a stadium and funnel bowl and screens, and the GS itself (inc shipping) so $388 all in.
  • Noodles

    The Glass Symphony is by far the ultimate vape IMO.
    a beautiful beast, very powerful fast extraction, pure flavour - all glass!
  • LabPong
    Tha Dynavap & omnivap should have counted as one like tha crafty & mighty did ...Also no luv for anything Arizer :groan: :roll:Vapster707

    No doubt....on the Arizer.....or the Elev8r......blasphemy I say!

    I guess those involved have diminishing tastes and sensory glands? :yum:
  • ssaucyc515
    Wait lol I thought dynavap didn't have coupon codes... I'm sorry bud.. :lol:

    my eq was the best bang for my buck I ever got.
  • Baron23
    @VapeCritic - very nice vid, Bud. Kept it to the right length for the quantity of vapes over-viewed. All in all, a very nice review that I think will be helpful for many.

    But (hehehe...always a "but" with me...the born critic! haha):

    1. If you ran the MV1 at level 5, then I should think that the Mighty should maybe be run at 410 F for equivalency? No?

    2. I kind of agree that Mighty/Crafty should be combined...same vape really....and VC's of all manner should be combined. Not really an issue as you tallied for us the votes for all so we can see how that laid out. All good.

    3. I get bigger clouds on my EVO than it appeared in the vid. EVO likes a nice warm up then it goes to town. A note, I believe VXH advises that if you invert it you only do so for a short limited amount of time to keep the heat from rising to the electronics in the bottom of the vape. Hydratubes, J-hooks, and straight VXH MP work very well. Also, they make a whip kit (not a whip guy myself) to connect it to a glass rig without having to invert.

    4. Enano - I find Enano needs a stir after a couple of draws also...or at least its helpful. Also, IMO the Enano really shines through a water piece....Epic Vape GonG, carbed adapter, and glass piece and the Enano becomes absolutely fierce! haha

    5. Volcano - I have a digit...what temp do you think you might have set there in the vid on the Classic??? I now run my Volcano at 446 F. For the group....please understand that that these measurements are of the big aluminum heat sink in the vape....NOT the temp of the air as it passes over the load....that's a bit cooler, yeah? While the Volcano is wonderful for those who also like lighter vapor...set for lower temp and pull more diluted bags from it....I like to milk the bags, get about 10 draws that are as thick as anything, and the tame Volcano also becomes fierce.

    Anyway...yeah, I always have a comment (its why I'm such a popular guy....NOT! haha) but I did really enjoy the vid.

  • McNuggetsTrip
    Im Canadian and I love my Air 2. Its like our maple syrup its so good when you try it :cheer:
  • Ctipp22
    Couldnt agree more with this list. Awesome way to start the new year!
  • Bruce

    Hey Bud, What are you vaped? (stupid question) Not one Arizer on the list? Solo 2, Air 2....
  • ssaucyc515
    I'd say put the dynavaps together and put the solo2 in there at least. I got to use my friends solo recently and it was quite nice. Is it a heavy hitter like an mv1? No but it's such a good and smooth convection portable. It works and works well.

    Again I love my eq but I don't think it belongs there

    Just my 2 cents

    Argo seems like a HUGE hit or a miss.
  • Tdog420
    Solo 2 is great flavor
  • welshman
    I have an air 2 and while I think it’s a really good vape I don’t think imo it quite makes the top ten against the others in the list I’ve tried. Definitely top 20 though
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I love both my OG Solo and my EQ.... But at the end of the day we all made this list, bud just compiled the info. So I guess the real question is... Are we all vaped? And for my own part, the answer is yes.... This MV1 crucibal I just enjoyed for breakfast kinda kicked my ass. That being said, i do love me some Arizer products.
  • MrGreen
    The solo ll is maybe a little too simple and tame for some folks but I love it.
  • VapeCritic
    Thanks for your feedback everybody! :strong: :strong:

    I chose to separate the two Dynavaps and combine the Mighty/Crafty for a few reasons...

    - Big price difference between the two models ($60 vs $190)
    - Performance enhancements in OmniVap (adjustable carb)
    - Flavor difference between SS & Ti
    - The sheer number of votes they received

    Mighty & Crafty:
    - Not a huge price difference
    - Almost identical performance
    - Crafty only had 11 votes and was lumped in, it didn't make top 5

    This was the true top 5 list based on votes when I counted a few days ago:

    Dynavap M - 31
    Ghost MV1 - 30
    Mighty - 30
    OmniVap - 24
    PAX 3 - 12

    I made sure to at least briefly show and mention the runners up for the portables, so around the middle point in the video I show these vapes:

    Milaana - 6
    Sticky Brick Jr - 5
    Davinci IQ- 5
    Arizer Solo 2 - 5
    RBT Splinter - 5
    Grasshopper - 4
    Fury 2- 4
    Tubo Evic - 3

    This was obviously just a small sampling but was good to give a rough idea of what everybody is using and liking right now.

    I agree that a vape like the Glass Symphony for example should be considered top 10, but maybe a top 10 desktop vape is most appropriate, which is for another video later on :cool:
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