• Gryfin
    whatever you do, don't pull them unless you think they tarnish your brand significantly. When you pull a video you lower your viewcount which affects your channels rating when it comes to how youtube shares your videos.
  • gildp67
    would love to get your opinion or even see a review of the Hydrology 9.
  • MothChewMoth
    he didn't like it.

    My favorite response:
    It's doody, do you guys still want me to do full reviews of doody vapes?VapeCritic

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Or the more reserved one:
    Not a fan myself, I hate to keep sayin it but people keep askinVapeCritic
  • Menace
    I want to check some of these websites out. Thanks for the vid
  • VapeCritic
    If you ran the MV1 at level 5, then I should think that the Mighty should maybe be run at 410 F for equivalency? No?Baron23

    Sorry for the delayed reply Bossman! :cool:

    Did you mean for vapor production comparisons or hit counts?

    I run the MV1 at level 5 because that what I think it takes for full extraction, and the Mighty I run ~375-385 for smoother vapor but also because I pretty much get full extraction there after a full session. Above ~390 the vapor quality drops off for me with the Crafty/Mighty so I always run them a little under that.

    I get bigger clouds on my EVO than it appeared in the vid. EVO likes a nice warm up then it goes to town.Baron23

    I just looked again and you're right the clouds weren't at max density, and you probably weren't aware of it because I only discussed on stream but I put my EVO back together without the insulation that was stuffed in there, and there was a lot, had to cut it to get it out.

    It seems that now the temps are off and I need to turn the intensity of the heater higher to achieve same vapor production, which makes sense if now some of the heat isn't being trapped.

    Also, IMO the Enano really shines through a water piece....Epic Vape GonG, carbed adapter, and glass piece and the Enano becomes absolutely fierce! hahaBaron23

    I'm still a straight-pipe guy with this one! :sweat:

    Volcano - I have a digit...what temp do you think you might have set there in the vid on the Classic??? I now run my Volcano at 446 F. For the group....please understand that that these measurements are of the big aluminum heat sink in the vape....NOT the temp of the air as it passes over the load....that's a bit cooler, yeah? While the Volcano is wonderful for those who also like lighter vapor...set for lower temp and pull more diluted bags from it....I like to milk the bags, get about 10 draws that are as thick as anything, and the tame Volcano also becomes fierce.Baron23

    Woooo max temp, nice! Heheh sometimes I run mine at max also, when I'm in the mood for really dense vapor. If you get it just right and don't overdo it you can still get good flavor at that temp :ok:

    I had mine set between 6 and 7 on the dial I believe, which is right around ~375 give or take (Classic has big temp swings), and that's where I've used it most during its life.

    Thanx for your feedback sir I always appreciate it! :strong: :cool:

    Stay up!!
  • Baron23
    Did you mean for vapor production comparisonsVapeCritic

    This ^^. haha

    Hey, Bud...thanks for taking the time to reply!! :zip: :100: :strong:
  • VapeCritic

    Oooooohh noted! :cool:

    LOL thanx for the help! :rofl:

    It's doody!
  • jejackson
    Why is the Hydrology9 Water Filtered Vaporizer not on this list? It seems to be very underated. I have had one for about a year and its an amazing vape. A bit bigger but with the carrying case no problem.
  • UbarDog

    Because "WE" the public voted .
  • Cl4ud3
    It's a basic conduction vape with a rig attached. It's a gimmick and there were plenty of complaints over the originals. As mentioned this was a user driven poll so the reason it isn't there is because nobody voted for it.
  • Bruce

    G43, Ghost MV1, Boundless Tera version 3, something out of Pax I am hoping,

    Peace, Loce & Vape

    You Have Just Been Vaporised by the one and only...

    ^ ^ ^ Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • jejackson
    So I got here too late ! lol
  • Jacony
    What about CCELL PALM? I am new to vaping and it was my first purchase. Honestly, it's a rather good concentrated oil vaporizer with powerful battery. I bought it here, hope it will useful https://gypsyvapes.com/ccell-palm-550mah-battery
  • oddjobold
    No splinter?
  • cbdvaper92
    I must try the dynavap if its really that good, will look into it today, thanks for sharing.
  • Zep4
    This is the cheapest I’ve seen them and they’re usually around $80, but so far, the Puffco Pro 2 is the best portable wax pen I’ve tried. It puts out great vapor, first hit to last and holds quite a bit. It got me thru an evening out watching Jack’s band and I was a steady hitter. I gave my Puffco Plus to him because it’s a prima dona...has to only have an itty bitty drop or it clogs. Fu€k that!
    Check the Pro2 out, if you’re looking. I go to it before my Peak and Carta because it’s more frugal on wax and like I said, great vapor......and taste...even tho it’s a coil.....honest! :heart: g2fdxymp4fnca5o5.jpeg
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