• Tdog420
    Anyone heard of or tried this vaporizer its under 2 names. The materials are solid made out of same material as crafty mighty mainly convection and a swappable chamber titanium or quartz. Also seems to have a nice cooling mouthpiece similar to firefly.

  • VapeCritic

    I've never seen this one before, but by the looks of that oven and silicone mouthpiece thing I'd be cautious!
  • Dr green thumb

    I think this may be worth looking at. This vape appears to have alot of features at a decent price. Personally I am not worried about the silicon as i use mats on my bbq grill made out of silicon and the mv1 has silicon as well. This vape also says the battery is 4400mah and has a replaceable herb oven.

  • VapeCritic

    Oh I have no issue with silicone, just cheap chinese silicone that gives off odor and bad tastes, which I hope this one doesn't have :sweat:

    That pic is small but looks like conduction oven with a few small air holes in bottom, I'll put it on the list of possibilities but it looks like a little same-old same-old :confused:
  • Dr green thumb

    It says that it's a patented convection heater with a stainless steel air path completely isolated from the electronics.

    I understand being skeptical.
  • LabPong
    It says that it's a patented convection heater with a stainless steel air path completely isolated from the electronics.Dr green thumb

    That's what is says......but can you guarantee it? Buy one and let us know......lol
  • Tdog420
    Its probably convection conduction similar to fury 2. I perosnally beleive the heater and electronics are the same as the fierce and come from same manufacturer(china) but what has me interested is that the body and airpath seem like they would not have as strange of a taste as the fierce. I think fierce and tera have a similar strange after taste from the packaging as well as the stupid rubber finish which the air holes on both tera and feirce on bottom have. It is my hope that this one eliminates the weird taste since its mainly made of peek(not sure if this is correct spelling of material but its the same as crafty mighty)on the other hand vapecritic is right and the only negative aspect i notice is that small silicone part on the mouthpiece. I am not looking to buy this one but felt it had a lot of positive features and am curious to have an experienced users opinion. Also material around the oven is the peek material not silicone.
  • Cl4ud3
    From user reviews on another forum it looks like this is another expensive dud. Reports of that ever present robot fart smell that refuses to go, poor features and a heavy price tag. Looks like another one to avoid.
  • MothChewMoth
    robot fart smellCl4ud3

    :lol: :rofl:
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