• gbpack94
    I own a Volcano classic that I’ve used almost daily for a long time. It’s my go to vape currently. When it’s been turned on for a while it will repeatedly make clicking and popping sounds; mainly when the heater is cycling on. There is alway a “click” sound when the thermostat has reached the set temp. But these other sounds occur while it’s heating up, and tend to more so at higher temps (above 6). Sounds like the metal expanding from the heat or something. Doesn’t really seem to affect anything that I can tell. I’ve just always been curious if it’s supposed to do that or if anyone else has this happen. Bought it from vapeworld
  • fatbiker
    Mine does the same. Normal noises from metal heating up. Stay Up!
  • VapeCritic

    Agreed, I'd say that's pretty normal to hear weird noises from it, especially with an older Classic model, that's what I have too :cool:

    If you ever hear anything more than just a few light clicks while it's heating up I would maybe see if they're willing to look at it. You might need to take a recording of the sounds when it happens and send it to them.
  • gbpack94

    Good to hear it’s not just mine. It’s more of a light ticking sound really. Does it more than a few times though. Like right before the heater comes on and right before it goes off it’ll go “tick tick tick tick”. But it seems to work fine. It’s always done it since I got it. Never tried any other volcano so I idk. Was kinda misleading when I said long time it’s actually about a year I’ve had it. Another thing I notice is the the thing seems to know when I put the chamber on. Sometimes putting it on will turn the heater on if it needs to heat up. Or if it’s already on, attaching the chamber will turn it off depending if it’s near the start or end of heating cycle. Must be a mechanism in there to sense it.
  • gbpack94
    Also Bud, (@VapeCritic) speaking of sending stuff in for them to look at, I’m the guy who talked to you on a stream recently about my Plenty getting to hot. I’m Adam C on YouTube. I submitted an RMA with S&B about it. In description I told them mine at 5 puts dial almost or just in the red, 6 is way in red, 7 is maxed out. I got this reply from them:


    The temperature dial is not an accurate indication of the devices actual temperature.

    It just shows that the device is heating.

    Based on your description the device heater is functioning properly.

    I had talked to someone else at customer service right before that who said I probably need to send it in and to submit an RMA. But I guess based on this there’s either nothing wrong with it and it’s just me. Or there is and they just don’t wanna look at it. It’s a relatively new unit so maybe they’ve made recent changes to the heater. I can use it but it’s pretty harsh if I go above 4-4.5.
  • VapeCritic

    That's super weird man! I mean I guess you're OK if the vape is still working properly with your dial that low, but if the vape starts to act weird as well I would probably send it in. And yes from my experience S&B is the type of company you don't even try to email for CS you just send in your defective item and wait :roll:
  • gbpack94

    Thanks Bud, you’re right I’ll just have to find out their address and send in if I want them to look at it. Their RMA has you describe your issue and they get back to you through email. They deemed mine a non-issue.
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