• martinstraka8282
    I'm torn between the EZ kit or the full Top Airflow with box mod kit. Anyone with experience with either or both of these?

    I'm in Canada, so availability and figuring out the best price includes shipping and duty if bought from the US. Looks like I can get the EZ kit for about $75 cdn after taxes & shipping. The TA kit for $150 after GST with free shipping. I haven't done my calculations, but may be able to get the TA kit cheaper from the US even after shipping and duty. The links below are cdn options on sale atm.



    I mostly vape herb, but just want the option for the odd concentrate session, maybe once or twice a week, so that has me leaning to just the EZ kit. The OCD part of me thinks I should get the best though and that appears to be the TA kit.

    Are they similar in ease of use and performance? Anything else I should be aware of?

    I really want something that just works and not looking for another project, I've got too many of those on the go atm.
    1. EZ Kit or the TA w/Box mod kit? (4 votes)
        EZ Kit
        TA w/Box mod kit
  • juxt

    I suggest top airflow either way, even if you don't get the mod you can use it with almost any mod that does up to 50 Watts or so ( I generally run mine at 35W)

    If you get TAF you can use any atomizer head, if you get the other one you can't use the bucket atomizer.
  • martinstraka8282

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did a bit more reading on them and I realize now that the EZ isn't compatible with the TA because of the battery limitations. I liked the simplicity of it, but the trade offs may not be worth it.

    I've done some pricing out and it looks like Puffitup comes out to about $110 cdn after shipping, conversion & 15% off code. Would you say the bundle linked below has everything I need? It would make sense to add anything else on that I'd want since I'm paying for shipping.

  • juxt

    That is a good complete kit IMHO, I use the eleaf myself

    Edit** I would suggest getting a couple of different this of atomizers so you can see what you like. I recommend the TI bucket but the miracle ones are good too and if the quartz bucket is available I'm sure it's good (source is good so if they can do it...)
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