• Brickcity123
    Hi, I recently bought a Xmax Starry V2 dry herb vaporizer. I am completely new to dry herb vaporizers. I set my temperature to 360 Fahrenheit and set my session timer to 10 minutes. I notice that after 5 minutes, the start getting a burnt taste. I really can’t go past 5 minutes because the taste is just horrible.
    Am I doing something wrong? Should I have bought a better vaporizer? Should I have bought a convection based vaporizer?
    Any advice would greatly help. Thank you.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Convection is good for flavor imo. Once your AVB is brown toss it. Make sure you are stirring for even heat. Higher quality vapes are 100% worth it. If you want to cheap out on a vape buy a dyna vape or any of the sticky bricks. The stary is a very good vape for the price and covers most of what high end vapes have.

    Check out buds video on it and others to see if there's tips or tricks.. I.e temp, load sizes, density etc
  • standingsideways

    I have a starry and the weak point of this vape is its lack of decent flavour. It's a solid little unit for the price but it does taste pretty nasty later in the session. As a former smoker I don't mind it but if you are getting into vapes fresh it won't be nice.

    Convection is better for sure, good alternatives are dyna vap, sticky bricks, a splinter is awesome if you have a mod box or the hybrid Arizer air 2 or solo 2 are excellent if you don't want to spend big bucks but want decent tasty vapour.

    If you are using the starry grind fine, pack tight and clean it regularly, once the mouthpiece starts to gunk up it tastes pretty bad. Smaller loads with a oven spacer are a bit smoother flavour wise but won't get you as high.
  • Brickcity123
    Thank you so much guys. I really appreciate it. I think I will probably end up returning the starry. Just can’t take the bad flavor it leaves in your mouth after the 5 minute mark.
    Do you guys think The Mighty will be much better?
  • standingsideways
    Purely personally I am not a mighty fan. Shock horror :scream:
    Most people love it and as someone who does not like it I am out numbered like 100 to 1 so my opinion is totally different to what most people think on this vape.

    If taste is important to you and you really can't stand the starry for this reason then I would look at the ghost MV1 or something by rasta buddha toa like the Milaana 2. They are expensive but offer the best flavour and efficiency for a handheld vapes IMHO.
  • juxt
    I didn't mind the starry at first because like @standingsideways said coming from a smoker it's a much better thing. But agreed, it's not something that can last long term. I also like the Ghost MV1, but if you want top of the line and can wait for it, the G43 from @VapeCritic is my new top portable and hopefully he will be shipping soon (sorry i don't have an update, but I'm sure the G43 thread on here will have info) or others can chime in as well.

    I think it was Econ or DGT who likes the FireFly 2 for flavor, but I think Baron hates it because business. Not wanting to speak for those guys, just giving them an opportunity to chime in as I appreciate their perspectives.
  • Baron23
    the G43 from VapeCritic is my new top portable and hopefully he will be shipping soon (sorry i don't have an update, but I'm sure the G43 thread on here will have info) or others can chime in as well.juxt

    Not a portable, mate. Need glass (j-hook at minimum) and a box mod...bit much to call portable, yeah???

    I love my Mighty. No technique, no learning curve, it just delivers vapor.

    I also love my MV1. If taste is the driver for you, then MV1 is probably the best vape for delivery it. Def a bit more fiddly and a bit of learning curve, but once you get it its an easy vape to use. Crucibles only hold about .1 - .12 g so if looking for larger sessions, not the right device.

    I do indeed dislike the FF2. I tried one....and admittedly not for a long time....and found it to be a PIA to get good amounts of vapor. Additionally, I intensely dislike the company, I think their CEO is completely full of shit (does anyone remember him blowing massive amounts of vapor on a vid....but it sure as shit wasn't MJ...then he gives you that shit eating grin and says "yum, let's have another").


    They pushed their design and production problems back at their customers (surely its because you are too stupid to use our device properly) and I'll not forgive them for that.

    They putting a fucking gasket on the lid with some form of adhesion that will give way if you get ISO on it and they will tell you that its cosmetic damage and not covered under warranty. So, you have people telling you how they CAREFULLY clean their lids and some just use a razor blade and try to scrape the reclaim off.

    IMO, this vape is not fit for purpose and the company is not fit for the community.

    This is all just my opinion, yours may vary. I won't try to change your mind, if you don't try to change mine!! haha
  • Brickcity123
    Thank you Baron23. I guess it comes down to either the mighty vs the MV1.
  • MothChewMoth
    I love my Mighty, but in retrospect I wish I'd gotten the MV-1. Mighty is stupid easy, extremely reliable, and a great portable, but it's not efficient and it's flavor is maybe a B. MV-1 can take some technique, but I've come to realize flavor, efficiency, and great design are some of my most important factors. MV-1 is best in class in those regards.

    Both are great vapes, but for different reasons. I think you'll be good either way, but if flavor is your most important attribute, MV-1 wins hands down.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Lol Baron, it's been a while since someone hit the FF2 button :lol:
    I agree with all he said though, the FF2 is in my opinion a novelty vape, nothing more. I'd be sad to see somebody spend their money on that as their first vape :sad:
  • Brickcity123
    Yes, flavor, efficiency and smoothness is important to me. I have never been a smoker in my life. I have turned to dry herb vaporizers because of a medical issue and suffer from chronic pain.
    I had heard so many good things about dry herb vaporizers, but my first experience with the Starry kinda turned me off. I am hoping that by returning and buying the right vaporizer, I will become fan.
    Also as a total beginner, and having the starry as my first experience, I kinda disliked having the the pressure of being in a hurry and only having 5 minutes to get medicated (after 5 minutes it started tasting horrible). It would be nice to feel relaxed and not hurried. Maybe these are just beginner issues. Anyways, thank you guys for helping me out with your advice. Truly appreciate it.
  • juxt

    Not a portable, mate
    Fine, what class is it? On FC it's in unreleased portables :P

    And BTW I wasn't trying to change how you think, just appreciating you thinking 'out loud' ... and when I said because business I felt that I encapsulated everything you said there in a very succinct way. ;P
  • Pakalolo2
    I agree with everyone that as a flavor chaser who has looked for a portable vape that provides killer effects, amazing efficiency and awesome CS, the MV1 is a solid choice. For my first desktop vape like most, if not all here who are awaiting the official release of the G43...or maybe I'll order the "Terminator". Oh yeah, the very same rig Bud used in last nights stream...dual G43 (G86) with a Y-connector plugged into that stereo matrix rig! Looking forward to seeing it used as a double-double decker in tonight's stream!
  • MothChewMoth
    I'd say (and Bud I think has said) it's a "home portable". It doesn't fit the standard of a true portable being something you'd take out and about. It's certainly not a desktop, as it's not tethered or heavy. I'd put it in the same usage category as an OG or MAXX Sticky Brick. While you COULD take them out and about, you probably don't want to.

    Only having two distinct categories makes it difficult, so IMO there should be a third for devices like this. "Cool AF vapes"!
  • MothChewMoth
    I wouldn't say these are "beginner" issues, but more you discovering things you don't like about certain units. With very few exceptions, you get what you pay for with vapes (Dynavap is a big exception). Generally speaking, the more expensive units have higher build quality, better materials, and better design, all allowing the user to have an overall better experience. That's not to say there aren't some lower priced gems out there, but those gems usually have very specific use cases.

    Dynavap's phenomenal entry level M (which is $60ish) for example, is a butane heated vape, which is a no-go for some users.

    It can be hard not being able to try out units before you buy them. Some stores allow this policy, so maybe check those out to find what you like? @To the Cloud's shop has sort of a "rental" purchase that you can check out. Some shops offer unconditional satisfaction returns as long as you clean the unit.

    Good luck with your search, and feel free to ask as many questions as you need about anything you're interested in! We've all certainly got lots of opinions to share if you ask us :joke:
  • Brickcity123
    Thank you MothChewMoth, really appreciate it.
    What do you guys think of the PAX 3? Since it is a straight up conduction vape, do you think it has the same issue of having a horrible burnt flavor after 5 minutes?
  • JimK1967

    I love my Ghost MV1 and I personally found it easy to use from get-go! Incredible tasting, hard-hitting vapor every time, and their customer service is rivaled by none! I tried a buddys FF this past week - it was like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose compared to my MV1. The MV1's draw is so free and easy - little to no draw resistance.


    Damn - did not know that regarding FF customer service. Sounds like a nightmare! Ghost Vapes from my own personal experience is the antithesis of Firefly - they roll out the red carpet for their customers.

  • Baron23
    in fairness, that was quite some time ago.
  • standingsideways
    If you don't like the starry the pax will not be a improvement in terms of flavour. It's a better quality vape in many ways but the taste is still pretty similar.
  • EconMan

    My two cents is there is no such thing as "best vaporizer" any more than there is a "best motorcycle" or "best car". "Best" is so subjectively determined by what you want and how you want it.

    For me taste is the top variable. Second, does it medicate me well? Third, is it convenient to use. What works for me may not work for you and your vaping personality.

    To me ALL conduction vapes have that "taste issue" just by definition of conduction -- material is heated from the outside in. Over time in a session, it just gets narley. I think the Mighty does the best in this department. If there was a scientific poll of "best vape of all time" I know the Mighty would get a lot of votes.

    Convection is more finicky and requires some technique in use, but it tastes better because it is fresh hot air doing the heating, not a hunk of flower in an metal oven baking into a piece of proto-charcoal like in a PAX (which some love and I truly dislike)..

    I assume you want a cordless? (since you first bought the Starry)
    The two corless I use and am very happy with are the FireFly2 and the StickyBrick Jr. They are massively different -- SB uses butane torch -- yet both are bona fide on-demand vapes. In my judgement the FF2 has the best most authentic taste of any vape I've ever used and oddly serves more like a desktop vape to me than my desktops. Seems my actual desktops have evolved into "exotics". I take them out on special occasions.

    If you don't mind a cord, the Plenty is another vape I'm a big fan of. I suspect for those coming directly from combustion bongs, would feel right at home for I don't think there is another vape with less draw resistance. It's only real negative is the cord and it does go through flower quickly.

    Another vape others have mentioned which I've used a few times now, is the MV1. I'll probably get one someday. I like it. As I said, I use my FF2 almost like a desktop, and the MV1 with its capsules and dispenser, is certainly a better mobile device.... but not tastier :)
  • Brickcity123
    Thank you so much guys for all the great advice. I appreciate it so much. It appears that convection Vapes is the way to go for flavor. The firefly 2 seems to be polarizing. Some like it, some don’t.
    The MV1 has a pretty good following. The vape critic seems to love it.
    I eliminated the pax from my list. Thank you Econman for everything.
    I still have not eliminated the mighty from my list. But kinda scared that it still has conduction heating in its system.
    Econman really likes his firefly 2.
    Oh man, so many to choose from and you can’t try before buying. Tough. But you guys have been great and supportive. This is a great community.
  • Baron23
    I still have not eliminated the mighty from my list. But kinda scared that it still has conduction heating in its system.Brickcity123

    This is my opinion only...usually that's what you are dealing with on boards....opinions with some supporting facts.

    Now, IMO (haha) most portable pure convection vapes have a serious challenge in that the user is a principal part of the system as they generate the airflow for vaporization. Grind, packing, and draw technique come to the forefront as compared to other vapes. They are also handicapped by limited battery power which is not a factor for full convection desktops.

    Wrt to the Mighty, it is indeed a hybrid and if you wish you may want to look over this video of a Crafty tear down.

    Its been a while, but I believe that there is one heater in there wrapped around the metal air path below the oven. This provides convection...it heats the air which subsequently goes through your load.

    That metal air path is directly attached to a metal oven (well, part is ceramic) and, over time in your session, this heats up the oven walls and you get your conduction contribution.

    The result of this hybrid system is idiot proof vaping. It just works in generating potent, thick, and voluminous vapor.

    I....like my friend @Flipz...like to top a Mighty load with a metal liquid pad. This adds a bit more conduction and my resulting ABV is a completely even brown. Its very hard to argue with the results.

    I hope this is helpful.
  • Aj85
    I’m with baron on this one. The G43 is not a portable Vaporizer...... you couldn’t put it in your pocket and vape it out and about.

    Also, it needs a rig and a mod, a bit like my Sublimator Eliminator (needs a blow torch and a rig), or the Stickybrick OG/Hydrobrick Maxx, or the Flowermate Ihit, imho, they’re all portable home units! That’s what I’ve been saying to everyone that’s tried the G43 with me and they’ve all agreed and think it’s pretty cool!

    All the power of a traditional home unit, but with a very small footprint for extremely easy travel and storage. Sounds like progress to me.

    All the best, guys!

  • THeJokEr
    I have the Pax 3 and I've used it a lot due to the portability. That being said, I do not like it at all. I've done all the after market up grades, which do help some. Doesn't taste great, a bad draw resistance. The solo 2 would be my choice for the money, taste, durability.
  • acstorfer
    There are a lot of choices that you really can’t go wrong with, provided you know the benefits and the negatives of any vaporizer you purchase. To me draw resistance is my make or break. That is what sold me on the Ghost over the FF2. Now with the Ghost while there is practically no draw resistance a proper draw is 15 seconds of inhaling. It gets easier with practice, but it’s pretty tough to draw that long with a pull that large early in the AM. Additionally, the Ghost is a mofo! After a few draws I am pretty heavily sedated. Sometimes too sedated. That brings me to my Mighty. There’s a bit of drop off in taste between my Ghost and Omnivap versus my Mighty, but I LOVE my Mighty. The taste is still quite good. The deal breakers for me on a session vape are (again) draw resistance and perhaps more importantly proper temp control. Less expensive vaporizers (although they seem to be getting better) say they get to temp is a very short time. Perhaps the heater is at temp but the weed isn’t ready to vape for quite a bit longer. The worst problem for me is these vapes seem to continuously get hotter during the session. The temp that is set seems to just be a starting point, and then the vape gets hot as hell and the weed gets burned. I want my vaporizer to tell me the set temp and the actual temp. There are a couple drawbacks that I can live with. At the Mighty’s price point it should have replaceable batteries. While I can still use it while being charged, it’s not as convenient. It’s also terribly uncomfortable. When going from my Ghost to my Mighty, the Mighty feels like cheap crap. It isn’t! It just feels that way. I dropped it on floor more than a couple times with absolutely no problems. I preferred the Crafty for a couple reasons. It’s usb chargeable (The Mighty needs an outlet), and it’s smaller and more comfortable. It had dealbreakers for me though. It got very hot and the battery needed to be charged 4 times a day. Then there is the Omnivap XL. I love that just as much as well. Even though the Mighty and Ghost run on small samples, the vapcap gets me ripped with just a small infinitesimal amount. Even with difficult draw resistance and the necessity of using both hands, it’s just awesome! A vapcap should be in every vapists arsenal. Some people don’t like them, but I’ve seen most people love them. Spending $60.00 for an M is a pretty low risk gamble with a reward that can be very “high” (pun intended).

    Really though, know what you want and know what are deal breakers.

    I did very well buying used on Craigslist. I got a Crafty and Firefly 2 for $125 and a Ghost for $150. I sold the Crafty and replaced it with a new Mighty. I sold the FF2 in favor of my Ghost. And I did end up purchasing a new Ghost. The newer version is leaps and bounds better than the early production models (which were awesome in their own right). I bought a Dynavap 2018 M, but Bud is awesome and I got an Omnivap XL. I paid my M forward.

    Good luck, you’re about to embark on a great journey. While some stuff that’s not expensive is excellent, beware not to waste $$& on crap. Seems like you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Brickcity123
    Wow, thank you so much acstorfer. And thank you to all for helping me out so much.
    It all has come down to the mighty vs the MV1.
    The MV1 is the best of the session type conduction/convection heating and the MV1 is the best of on demand full convection heating.
    As a beginner and having the Starry as my first vape, I disliked the awful burnt taste it left in my mouth. I also disliked the hurried feeling of only having 5 minutes. Therefore, it appears that the MV1 has the edge, due to flavor and for being on demand. It seems to me that on demand Vapes like the MV1 is a better system. I understand the mighty is easier to use, but once you figure it out, it appears the MV1 is easy to use as well.
    Which one would you guys buy? The mighty or MV1?
  • Brickcity123
    Btw, I saw this interesting video on YouTube of a older lady with cancer by the name of Mary. She said she has tried out many vaporizers including the Mighty. But her absolute favorite is the MV1. It was an interesting video.
    I wish I can buy both Vapes but it does not make financial sense at the moment. I have to pick one and live with it for a long time.
  • MothChewMoth
    these are different vapes that are going to provide different experiences. Indeed my gut answer would be "get both", but it sounds like that's not an option.

    MV-1 is going to be more efficient, taste better, is a better (imo) design, but be more of a process. The Mighty is stupid easy, but not efficient and nowhere near as good in the flavor department. Flavor seems extremely important to you, and the Mighty doesn't shine in that area. It's not "bad", but just worlds apart due to convection vs conduction, and the fact that the MV-1 is ceramic and glass vs plastic.

    Since you've already got a conduction vape, I'd say check out one of the best portable convection vapes on the market and pick up the MV-1.
  • JimK1967

    I agree with @MothChewMoth on all points and would add the following - you will not find better customer service anywhere. So in addition to exceptional performance in terms of both flavor and extraction, you will get piece of mind knowing if for any reason down the road you find you are not getting 100% out of your MV1, someone's got your back.

  • Brickcity123
    Thank you guys. It appears the MV1 has won. Just waiting on Planet Of The Vapes to get back to me so I could return my starry. I will order the MV1. Again, thank you so much guys. Your support, time, advice has been simply incredible. Do you guys have a favorite online store you like to purchase from?
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