• Debra King
    This is my 1st experience at purchasing a Vaporizer. I have NOT partaken, in over 25 years.
    But it has been suggested to me, to try a herbals. Is there a promotional code, for PAX 3, ... for 1st purchase or any other reasons?
    Is is really necessary to spend $50.00 for the very few cleaning kit?
  • Debra King
    I am a very PAST user, ... I am about 95% sure, that I am purchasing the PAX 3.
    Do you have any discount codes for a 1st time Vaporizer purchase?
  • Cl4ud3
    https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/4061/promo-codes-deals-buds-vape-shop/p1 all Bud's current deals, Can't see the Pax 3 there though sorry.
  • Debra King
    Okay Bud, but thank you for looking! I appreciate that, much!
    Which site is best to purchase items from your locations?
    I've watched alot of YouTube and enjoy the manner in which ... you do your posts! Very thorough! Debi
  • Gryfin
    The vape critic wont answer immediately he's got shit to do. Any reason you're leaning towards the pax 3?
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Personally I would suggest many other vapes than the pax 3. Why the pax 3? And not the pax 2?
  • Dr green thumb
    The pax3 is a good vape. I reccomend it for long battery life, good vapor production, and it's so easy to use. It is definitely a good vape to start out with.

    This forum has many different users with many different preferences. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    Pax does not often put out discount codes.
  • Mangu
    jeez Louise Debra you’re right that PAX 3 is priceyyyyy!!!...Personally for similar price range and ease of use I would look at the Crafty by Storz & Bickel, unless you have some very particular reasons to only want the PAX 3. I recommend the Crafty because I happen to have owned a Pax back in the day (which, admittedly, I did enjoy) and went on to prefer the S&B vape. After becoming more familiar with dry herb vaporizers you will be open to even more options within the same price range...but many can be a little trickier to learn to use. Anyway....I echo other’s and your own sentiments; for the current msrp on the Pax 3 you can probably get a little more out of some other options.
  • Debra King
    Thanks so much Mangu! I have looked at the Crafty and it seemed larger to hold, ... for my smaller hands. But I will look again. I'm still looking for promo codes, to save a few of my US dollars!
    Is there a certain thing that caused you to change from the PAX to the Crafty?
  • Debra King

    Basically, I am leaning towards the PAX 3 because of size, seems easy to use and honestly, I am NEW user of Vaps. It's been 30 years for me, ... to return to this product.
    Alot of mega-pain issues. Those are my onky reasons for the sharp looking PAX.
  • MothChewMoth
    any reason you're shooting for the Pax 3 instead of the Pax 2? The two, performance-wise, is virtually identical to the 3 and will be less expensive. The 3 has some app upgrades and some other small differences, but IMO I'd go with the 2 before the 3 if you're concerned about price. I picked up a 2 last year for my dad and he loves it.
  • Debra King
    Thank as so much for your reply! I did even think about buying a PAX 2, myself. But since I have NO experience with Vaping, I just simply thought, ...
    the new must be an upgrade of some sort! Not sure what though?
    I don't need the phone/computer app at all, but I suppose, ... I have been "socially trained," that newer is better! Lol...
    I'll do more research on that exact topic. Thanks so much!
  • MothChewMoth
    there are some good sites that show the differences. The heating element was upgraded to heat faster, it's got the app, and haptic feedback. It's not that those things aren't cool, it's just that they're not a game changer IMO. You can get a full package of the 2 for significantly less that just the base 3.

    There are tons of other options out there, but the Pax platform is pretty well liked by a LOT of people for it's reliability and discreetness. I don't think you'd be disappointed with either version if that's the platform you choose.

    You might take a gander at the top 10 video Bud posted recently to get a good handle on what they favorites are of the forum users here.
  • Debra King
    Thanks so much for helping, I have watched SOOOO many videos, including Bud’s, ... that the videos and sites, are all starting to blend together and hurt my brain! So, It’s time to make my choice!
    I haven’t had any use for this in years, but life changes and I am returning to my old friend, but I had NO IDEA of the options available! Naturally at 1st, I simply returned to the typical small hand held glass pipe. After numerous sore throats and a hacking cough... I started to looking at other options available and was surprised to see, all of the options available, WOW!
    But, I did check into the price & upgrades to the PAX 2, it’s about $50.00 less than the PAX 3. I wonder if the $50 is worth the slight changes?
    Thanks again for all your advice! I appreciate all information!
  • UbarDog
    I have watched SOOOO many videos, including Bud’s, ... that the videos and sites, are all starting to blend together and hurt my brain! So, It’s time to make my choice!Debra King

    Coming from 0 background ealier this year . Above is a major issue when buying !

    I feel you maybe leaning towards the Pax because of looks. This is the worst merit to judge a vape on.

    No one has asked her some Basic Questions that will effect answers


    Dose it need to be Stealthy ?
    Where will you be using this Vape- Dose it need to be portalbe

    All I can say is . I wish i spent more time here talking to people before my 1st expensive purchase. There is alot of Sales Jargon out there JUST to confuse you .

    Also there is alot of personal prefrences that conflict with eachother :D

    Good luck ^^
  • Gryfin
    Personally I think the pax is one or the stealthier vapes out there if thats what youre going for but qua performance there are better options
  • Debra King
    Thanks Gryfin,
    Any suggestions for a personal Vaporizer for one person, use maybe not everyday?
  • Gryfin
    a mv1 is a hard hitting personal vaporizer. Takes a bit to get the hang of though. An easier to use option could be the mighty/crafty.
    Alternatively the dynavaps if you want a butane vape.
  • MothChewMoth
    what is most important to you in your experience? Portability, flavor, efficiency, vapor quality, ease of use, ease of cleaning, ergonomics, visual design, heating method, etc are all good things to think about and rank.

    If using at home with no need to be portable, a good desktop will blow any portable out of the water. If you want it to be "home portable", meaning you're not going out with it but want to be able to walk around with it, there's a lineup of those. If you want to take it out, there are other criteria. This and the convection vs conduction question are probably most important IMO when evaluating everything.
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