• acstorfer
    Who else hoards weed? It’s pretty crazy. I have my mmj card. My dispensary is ten minutes away. Still though, I make sure I have a stockpile at all times. I think on average I keep around 3/4’s of an ounce on hand. If I got down to a half ounce I think I would freak the hell out. There are four reasons I hoard. Three of the reasons are actually rational.


    1. Flower can still be hard to get. It is still illegal to sell flower that can be used for smoking. For quite a while only concentrates and tinctures of different kinds were available. Two of the dispensary companies found a loophole. They can sell flower if it’s packaged for vaping. So anyway only two companies do this, and one of them sucks at it. Truelieve (the good company) has run out before. I’m not just talking about specific strains, I’m not even talking about specific categories. I’m saying they were out for months last year. I worry this could happen again.

    2. Strains seem to come and go, and thc content has been rather up and down (mostly down as of late). If I see a nice sativa with a good thc content, I will buy up as much as I can.

    3. Because of certain discounts it just makes sense to buy in bulk. As a veteran I always get an automatic 10% off. At Truelieve I can stack discounts as well. For every $500.00 spent I get an additional 10% off. Sometimes they run sales and promotions for 10% to 15% off that I can combine with my vet discount so I don’t have to use my saved points. Yesterday they gave me a free 10% off because their computer system was down and they didn’t have my pre-order ready. It was absolutely no problem though.


    Too many bad experiences acquiring weed! Going into absolutely terrible neighborhoods, waiting for people who are late as hell in a parking lot trying not to look obvious while saying to the dude who finally showed that the wait was fine and thanking them for a bag of dirt weed. Actually the seeds and stems of dirt weed. The fond memories of being completely out and scraping every molecule of resin I could find on anything I’ve ever smoked from. Well I think most of you get the point.

    Anyone else hoard? If so, why?
  • Cl4ud3
    I've moved this thread from the unlisted's because nobody will see it there :up:

    I never used to hoard but the last year I started trying to save an eighth of nice flavours for the holiday stash. I try and have some hash around too for when things are dry.
  • Rudis21
    Guilty. I have 7 strains currently on hand.
  • Trix
    No one wants to run out so it’s always a good idea to have a backup stash or two or three of some good stuff for a rainy day. Reminder always start looking before you run out to avoid chaos.
  • Lucic and Chong
    Guilty as well. Just last night I found a jar with some black tuna that I'd forgotten all about, it was quite a nice surprise.

    If I don't have at least 4-6 strains I start to stress out. I don't so much hoard, as just like to make sure that I have variety, and at least a weeks worth on hand. I make sure that I never get down to my last bud anymore, or even anywhere close to that. Boy scouts taught me to "be prepared".
  • acstorfer
    I use to keep as many strains on hand as I could, but because of the pricing (Columbian Gold and Sour Diesel are the cheapest) I am very content with just two strains. Luckily I stocked up because the dispensaries are out of them. I did pick up a second tier priced strain yesterday called Silver Haze. It’s fantastic! At 23% thc it’s better than usual and the vape sessions go on forever. I miss the 28% stuff but it’s been a while since they got the thc that high.

    I should note I have five strains on hand right now. I have been keeping a couple hybrids around to play with (Lemon Tree and Space Dawg). Oh, and when they have Green Crack (second tier pricing) I jump on it. It has just a fantastic flavor. Okay, I want the pantry from Bong Appetit! That’s just insane!
  • BawlmerMerlin
    Weed humidor with 64 spots for eigths of different strains. Thanks to the DC pop-ups for a wonderful world of variety never believed possible. More Boveda holders have since been added . . .
  • Dr green thumb

    That is a very nice setup. What humidity are you using?
  • BawlmerMerlin
    @Dr green thumb

    I am using 62%, but have since added five more of the Boveda holder grills to pretty much cover the inside of the lid. The 30 dram pill bottles each have a hole punched in the lid for access to the humidity control.
  • JimK1967

    I try to keep 2 different Sativa strains and another 2-3 Sativa-leaning hybrids on hand at all times.

    I'm with you on Green Crack - one of my favorites.
  • UbarDog

    Wow . Very Nice . Your spoilt for choise!!

    Over here I take what i can get, When i can get it.
    I normaly buy in bulk and Restock WAY before we run out.
    Zip at a time for flower and 100g's on the soild. If something nicer or specail appears I will try and buy no matter how much is at home.

    Also March time I start taking the nicest bits out of each zip, For my B-Day. Then I start again August for my wife's B-Day and then Christmas. This year I went a bit OTT with the Christmas stash. ONLY just finished it last night.

    Slightly off topic now. But "Saveing" some of the top buds I realised how much difference in Vapor production there is. I know this is due to Top buds having more active ingredients. I knew this before, but I have a visual repercentive of it now. A good bud will last me twice as long now, Where as smoking it
    -i would be MORE medicated but the flower would last same TIME as popcorn flower.
  • ssaucyc515
    @Dr green thumb seems like bawler is the true Doctor green. That's crazy man. Wish I had access to that!
  • Baron23
    Well, I don't think of it as hoarding but I probably have at least 15-18 strains in the house right now.

    My state went med legal just a year ago. Since then, I have been buying in 1/8ths mostly and trying out different strains from different cultivators. Also, initial crops were as expected...not as good as we are seeing now (grown better, better numbers, better moisture content, and better trimming).

    About half are ground up and in space cases and the other half are in small bail lid mason jars with a 62% Boveda. I rarely go from dispensary to grinder as I have found most of our flower (either pre-packed or packed at the dispensary from bulk shipment) to be too dry. So, I set them up in jars and let em sit for a while.

    I do often rotate both vaporizers and strains in my usage. Keeps the experience fresh, it seems to me.

    I am beginning to zoom in on a few growers I like and some products that I believe I'm willing to buy in 1/2's or full zips.

    Its an ongoing journey still! :-)
  • Dr green thumb
    I keep a little bit on hand
  • Rudis21
    I didn't include the other stuff I have on hand. After the 7 strains of flower I have on hand I also have 4 vape cartridges, 2 dark chocolate bars, caramels, 3 different tinctures, and a jar of honey. It really is amazing all of the different ways you can medicate these days! But definitely hoarding lol!
  • BestBuds
    Legal herb is too expensive in Mass still. $420 for an oz of recreational, and 45% off for medical?! Nooo thanks, not in the long term. I think if prices don't come down by 2020 I'm going to grow my own. I am also trying to simplify my life as my disability has brought me to the point of not being able to work without constant pain. I'm not really living now. But once I find the perfect bud for ME I'm going to try to get seeds and grow my own.
  • Rudis21
    Most recreational places in Mass only let you buy an 1/8 at a time I thought? (Edit* nevermind I see you can buy an ounce at a time at NETA, must just be newly opened recreational that limits 1/8 at a time, Salem is still that way) Plus there isn’t many places with recreational sales at the moment anyways. I pay $45 an 1/8 as a medical patient which isn’t expensive at all in my opinion.
  • Baron23
    $420 for an oz of recreational, and 45% off for medical?!BestBuds

    $273 is too much for legal, regulated, tested flower? Not sure where its much cheaper aside from WA and OR who are struggling with an abundance of growers and crop as they try to rein in their rec legal programs. CA also...

    Not criticism...I never count other people's money. Just curious because that amount would not be off putting to me for top shelf flower.
  • Rudis21
    For medical its closer to $300 to $350 an ounce. Which I agree is totally reasonable. The dispensary I go to it is 45, 85, 165, 325. Which is basically what I paid back in high school 20 years ago. They also do "pebbles" for 30, 60, 120, 240. Small buds but still buds. Considering we are talking about a product that they could probably charge whatever they wanted and people would buy, I find those prices really good. Look at cigarettes $10+ a pack and people still pay.
  • Baron23
    Those prices are similar and inline with what we have here in MD. Real, top shelf, high % tested may go for $360, but plenty of zips available for $270 and sometimes....particularly good for edibles I think...they sell popcorn buds occasionally for even less.

    I'm a senior and a VN era vet so at my fav dispensary I get 22% off...of list price. Can't stack discounts but I do keep my eye out for the frequent sales which saves me even more.
  • Dr green thumb
    I love the popcorn buds imo they are just a little bit more potent.
  • EconMan

    I certainly possess a precautionary demand for flower over and beyond the direct enjoyment of its use; I truly enjoy knowing I can "weather a winter" if need be. Logistics in this regard are stochastic and inventories require copious levels of safety stock, for in such things I am rather risk-averse given uncertain supply.
  • acstorfer
    I cleaned up my room today and low and behold I found a couple S&B capsules filled with 9# hammer.
  • Gman
    I have at least 12 different kinds of rosin/hash and an equal number of flower but often the flower is a few G's I kept before squishing that flower so their overlap. I then give the flower away to friends eventually because I never touch it anymore.
  • BestBuds
    Honestly the medical price isn't bad. I'm just bitter about how much I use!
    :lol: :sweat: :groan: I need a T break soon.
  • twhc291
    that would make anybodies day finding that's :cool: :ok:
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