• TheZman
    Ok Crazy question but what's the difference between the $329 FF2s sold in the US verses the $90 one at DHgate?? Normally I would know the answer with the answer being one is a knock off from China. But. The Fireflys are all made in China. Lol.. Could it be the Chinese plant just trying to sell it directly and undercut the company in the US? And it's the same thing in reality? Would there still be a warranty? Maybe that's the difference. Just doesn't have the backing of the company itself?
  • EconMan

    There is something called "excess production" that plagues manufacturers in china. It is why often multiple factories are chosen so as to not give any one factory the secret sauce. Via corruption, the plant makes more than the contractual amount. Apple fights this so hard on its iPhones, and still excess production in the background.

    There won't be a warranty. I don't know if the software will work? It could be excess production, or it could be a cheap knock-off that really sucks. The FF2 is an exquisite device; accept no fake substitutes.

    You can get pre-owed ones for about $180 and you can get discounts from online vape stores, so you should be able to pick up a new one for around $280'ish. Check ebay.

  • TheZman
    I did notice on there sight theres different sellers. Some had good reviews some bad. Maybe if they come from the one with good reviews there the over production. If so it's the same product. I don't know. It is tempting.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i wouldnt be tempted it probably isnt made out of the same materials.
  • UbarDog
    If it was a PC part would you take the risk? -maybe
    What if it was a part for a pacemaker would you take the risk? -NO!
    Inhaleing fumes is the worse kind of damage. :scream:
    I'm a cheapskate
    - but buying cheap in this case could cause you Death, hidden health problems , mild irritation , a bad taste or there could be nothing wrong with it and you on to a winner. Its a gamble and you putting down cash and health as chips.
    I know its dramatic but im over stating to make my point.
  • TheZman
    Good point. But the only reason why I asked in this case was because the Firefly 2 is made in these same facilities in China in the first place.
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