• McNuggetsTrip
    New vape only costing 55 GBP on the vape fiend website. It really looks like it packs a punch and it really reminds me of the Starry. Let me know what you guys think of this device. I really hope this thing pops up in Canada aha It would make perfect gifts

  • standingsideways
    IMO It's a remodeled version of the starry v2 aka storm spirit and will give a similar experience vapour quality wise, same oven. Cool little unit for such a low price. Vapour production looks awesome, I'm willing to bet like the starry flavour will be a downside but for a pocket vape at £55 its a decent little unit. Is this the first time something has been out in the UK before US or Canada?
    I hope this thing will get more Brits into vaping, we really need to wake up and stop combusting over here. If people buy it and realise vapes work and are worth the money hopefully more people will get into it. I speak to lots of people who are convinced weed vapes are useless, so many have had bad experiences with snoop dogs or g pens and have been put off. Maybe this can help change that.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    G pens :lol:
    I did a quick google this morning about the unit and where its available. I tried looking online and only came up with .uk sites. I have looked for a Canadian retailer but nothing has showed up
  • standingsideways

    There is so much junk on the market in UK it's a joke. People buy it, have a bad experience and carry on smoking. I did it a few years back before I found Bud's channel or the forum, I bought a Mr Bald atomizer for dry herb and it did not get me high at all. I wish I had known better, there were so many good vapes out then but I was oblivious, just had a DBV at home and smoked a lot.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    Kinda did the same here buddy. The APX v2 served me a good year and was alright. I did want to smoke more than I did vaping. I later bought an Air 2 and that made me change my decision on combusting
  • Karec
    Hey mate, so the Spirit (Vapefiend) or the Starry (other shops) for a 1st vape is a good experience if you're not a heavy Cig smoker .... because if you are i think only the Dynavap or the Plenty can satisfy the eager of smoking. i already order for friends around 6/7 Spirit/starry from Vapefiend and Vaposhop, the talk is always the same... i want to vape @ low cost... and this little device can actually deliver, of course dont compare it to high end devices...
    Now this one the, Shapphire from the same manufacture if it can deliver the same experience at a really small price (only the Dynavap M and OG is +- the same price) is great to turn people into vaping... like i usually say to friends, i dont really waste my time with cigarette smokers, only to J smoking people that actually combust, the Cig smokers won't go for it... their experience is heavily polluted...

  • 2chill
    Hi, someone bought it ?
    I'm really interested. I was looking after a starry v3 but my mind will may be change.
    I dont see any review of it :(

    @VapeCritic are u interested by making a review ? Thanks a lot

  • standingsideways

    I doubt Bud will review this as it seems to be only available in the UK, he is a fan of the starry/spirit storm as a low end beginner vape.
    IMHO it's better to get a starry as you can swap the battery, worth paying the extra £15 for. The oven and vapour will be the same.
  • wall
    I have one, I'll check it out and let you guys know how it goes
  • wall
    So far it's safe to say that even on heat setting 3 (not sure of the temp scale) it does some heavy extracting! like pretty dark abv, I'll try it on heat setting 1 in a bit since I like low temp extraction but it seems like for the price and what you get it could be good
  • Summer

    He also has another brand new vid up on IGTV where he demos the sublimator & the Sapphire.
  • Alexis
    Okay confession time folks- I tried the Sapphire from Vapefiend this week. A chap kept asking for reviews on FC. I cant really do any sort of review on the Sapphire, but I did post initial impressions.

    For those interested, below is a paste of that post:

    "....However- its yet another vaporizer which I am strangely and unexplainably intolerant to, like so many. 
    So I only had 2 loads 3 nights ago. I was very impressed indeed with the sheer ease of use, vapor/cloud production, vapor quality, smoothness and most of all effects.

    It worked extremely well out of box and was a pleasure to use. On setting 2, 190 C, instant vapor, visible and satisfying from draw 1. Vapor increases in density throughout of course.

    Minimal restriction, not an issue IMO. Heat up is fast enough, like a minute (?).
    As the bowl went on vapour production remained consistent but smoothness was maintained and the flavour never really declined either which I was surprised about.

    There was absolutely nothing unpleasant about it. Upping to setting 3 bumped up clouds to finish the load. Extraction was good and effects were very immediate and very full and impressive for such a tiny and cheap device. 

    I didn't really need a second load but I had one anyway. Stayed on 2 only, as my chest was very bothered from the first load. I noticed afterwards that the load I tipped out which was on setting 2 was a noticeably lighter tan colour than the darker Brown load which I finished on 3. 

    But both loads were very uniform. I did stir once, but it wasnt entirely necessary.
    I was very disappointed once again to try a new vape I really like and suffer so bad respiratory wise. I don't intend to use it again so its hard to do a review at all.

    I only used the WPA and bubbler. I ran through the loads quite quickly as well. But with goid bang for buck. Effects were strong and satisfying. I am accustomed to powerful desktops, and this Sapphire I imagine could just anout keep me happy on a desert island.

    I dont feel like George was talking shit tbh. On higher temps Im sure it would be a fog machine, and I would expect the vapor to be pretty smooth and pleasant still. 

    Not sure what else to say. I liked it- tiny, light, fast, dead easy to use. Very good quality vapor. Fast extraction. Would satisfy high tolerances. And cheap too. 
    Hope that helps."
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