• Zep4
    Haha...yes I hope I’m a pro by then! I revaped the used G43 avb in my AirVape X and Pax3 and got no discernible vapor so I would say the G43 is very efficient. The avb seemed lighter colored than either of those other vapers produce so I wasn’t sure. Plus not big on clouds. Supper unfortunately interrupts my experimentation. More to come before bed. Excelsior! :sparkle:
  • Zep4
    What is a VL?
  • Zep4
    How do you lock the ohms? Thanks for VL explanation:)
  • Ctipp22
    Lock ohms by double clicking the fire button then pushing the down or back buttom toward the bottom till its on the thing that says .85 or so. once flashing on that push the over to the right button and it will show a lock symbol. then click fire once locked. now your set
  • Zep4
    Thank you.
  • Ctipp22
    No problem dude. Enjoy the G43, it is literally one of the best performance vapes PERIOD.
  • Paul247to
    WOOHOO I just got the notice from Buds Shop "you order is on it's way" the excitment has ramped up lol. thanks for the info. i look forward to my own experimentation and i'm gonna view all the g43 vids again lol. i look forward to more posts regarding the pros cons and quircks to look out for :)
  • rossfrid

    The batteries will be good until the mod shuts off automatically. Then just charge it up and go again!

    It pays to have a spare battery on hand so you can have one charging and one in the mod.
  • rossfrid

    Guys, you don't have to lock the ohms on the mod! Doing so is complete waste of time! Lol

    We're not using temperature control mode for the G43 yet, only straight simple wattage mode. Locking the ohms is something you do when you want to use a special mode on the mod called Temperature Control, or TC.

    In this mode, you preset the starting wattage you want the mod to fire the coil at to get it up to temperature quickly, and you also enter the temperature you want the coil to eventually remain at. The mod will start firing at the wattage you preset, but will quickly back the power off when the coil comes up to the temperature you preset. Then, it simply maintains enough continuous power to keep the coil at the preset temp, constantly adjusting itself.

    Again, we don't use temperature control for the G43. Locking the ohms is a waste of time and neurotransmitters. The Splinter can use temp control; and indeed, Sneaky Pete has made videos showing his mod set to a specific temperature and TCR value, but the G43 is used in wattage mode only. The mod doesn't care what the resistance of the G43 is, it just puts out the wattage you select.

    I have yet to try TC out with the G43, I don't know if it will work. You would have to measure the temperature of the coil directly, comparing it to the temperature you preset, and then simply adjust the TCR value used until the temperatures match.
  • Zep4
    It’s so early I had to use a flashlight to light up this picture. ..First morning buzz from my new G43...my avb is darker, I waited the full 3 min. and was rewarded with great hits. I do have to suck harder and my baby bird lungs can barely hold and max out as I draw out the G to release all the vapor. I wonder if anyone sells smaller j hooks for us wee folk. Next I’ll try it in my minibong usually reserved for shatter. Got a great buzz. Thank you Bud & Hazel :heart: I also turned it upside down so the weed stayed closer to the balls. Wonder if that helped.lwx8pmxowsa2puq1.jpeg
  • Zep4
    Ok I’m learning to regulate my breathing better so I can take better hits. Tried the G43 in my little glass pipe with the 14-18mm adapter I’d gotten also. Man! One beautiful hit after another and I hope it’s okay but I did about 6 before stirring and had to quit altogether as I was more than toasted. Incredible Success and I am definitely sold on this!keho52drggdd4sgf.jpeg
  • EconMan

    YES! I've been experimenting with different glasswares.... changes the dynamic.
    The mod doesn't care what the resistance of the G43 is, it just puts out the wattage you select.rossfrid

    Thanks, as this has been my anecdotal observations just tinkering as a total newbie to mods.
    But I do understand the physics (i.e. applied mathematics) of electricity pretty well.
  • LabPong
    It’s so early I had to use a flashlight to light up this picture. ..First morning buzz from my new G43...my avb is darker, I waited the full 3 min.Zep4

    Zep....wait 4 mins before first draw...it will be much more heated up at that point. You may also have to draw harder than you normally would to get the full impact. You can sort of ramp up your draw speed if you can not take a longer draw because of lung power. Or you can just stop your draw real quick....take a in/out breath real fast... and quick back to it to use that heat up in the load you just created.

    Also, what wattage are you using?
  • LabPong
    Which Mods with dual 18650's will work in the Wismec lineup?

    Is there a problem with one specific model and the G43....or a specific line of mods from Wismec?

    I need a larger screen than the Joyetech Dual I have now....reading the timer is hard...but my Evic Primo mini has a larger screen...but single sell only.
  • Zep4
    I’m on 12 now. I’m doing better on the lung breath. It was just an adjustment to learn, but your advice is duly noted, making total sense:) I’ll wait 4 min. next time I inbibe...thank you:)
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I have found the glass MP that goes with the Hydrobrick maxx (available on sticky bricks site) to be my new go to when im not using a rig. I think it hits easier than the jhook and it makes for a super tasty robust hit. It reminds me of the hits i used to get out of my old steamroller back in the day.
  • Zep4
    Thanks Pach...I’ll check it out, but I’m doing fine now.
  • Baron23
    I tend to run hot on most vapes and run my G43 at 13W with a four minute pre-heat on first heat cycle.

    Just make sure you get into cruise mode....push the button not too quickly and not too long (yeah, I know...real helpful LOL) until you see the little line at the top scroll. You will get it.
  • Zep4
    I push the button. Sometimes the red lights go right off after coming on, but I do it til they stay on. That’s cruise mode? Anyway..,that for 4 min. and then hit. I love watching the vapor flow thru the Jhook. I do about 6 hits between stirs. If that’s not cruise mode, I’ll have to do some research.
  • Baron23
    Yeah, when it stays on that's cruise. Its longer than a momentary press but shorter than a real hold down.

    YOu will get used to that aspect, I'm sure.
  • Zep4
    Anyone else try this to see if there’s more vapor?
  • EconMan

    No but looks like a cool idea. How does it work?
  • Dr green thumb

    The big difference in turning it upside down is that your flower will be constantly heated. Normally the heat is above your pack and drawn through the herb when you inhale.
  • MothChewMoth
    @VapeCritic my ohms have crept up to .95. is this problematic, or no big deal?
  • Cuckfumbustion
    I am in Menu Hell with the Mod guys. What are the default settings for the G43? So I can try to correct things. Don't know if anything got changed by my fiddiling. Watched the G43 vid and read the settings there as a possible reference.

    What should the menu settings be at this point. I'm wasting battery life fumbling with the interface and now need to navigate better to avoid going into things like Tetris?.
  • Alexis
    Hey guys n girls, hope y' all having a nice week thus far.
    So Im just placing my order now for my G43. I will need to get the right firmware on my Wismec RX gen 2..? (damn, I never can remember its exact name lol).

    I will be using my mum's laptop. Im useless though in the world of computers etc (actually, Im pretty useless in "the World" :lol: )

    I think it sounds manageable but I may need some directions if it all gets too puzzling.
    I would like to have the mod ready to go in advance.
    I may be back!
  • Dr green thumb

    The G43 vaporizer needs to be connected to a mod controller for power, and the mod needs a custom firmware installed on it that adds an "auto-fire" feature.


    These mods have been tested by me personally with the G43 and work great:

    Wismec Sinuous P80 (single 18650)
    Wismec Reuleaux RX3 GEN3 Dual (dual 18650)

    Here's a list of other mods that have been tested by real end users and have been reported to work properly (help me expand this list!):

    Joyetech eVic Primo Mini
    Joyetech eVic VTC Dual
    Wismec Reuleaux RX2 21700


    The 18650 batteries listed below have a 3000mAh capacity and work great with the G43 setup:

    Samsung 30Q
    LG HG2
    Sony VTC6

    IMRBatteries is a good store that I've purchased batteries and chargers from multiple times. If you need an external 18650 charger I recommend the Q2 and Q4 models from the brand Nitecore.


    The custom firmware we are using is called myevic and you can download it by clicking here.

    Wismec and Joyetech are the main brands of mods that are compatible, and here are the links to download their software used to install the firmware:


    I've also done a lot of testing with the Tubo Evic firmware, which is another one that adds a "cruise" mode, but I did this testing on a different mod because it's not compatible with the P80.


    1) Plug micro-USB cable into the mod and a USB port on the back of your PC.

    2) Open the Wismec or Joyetech updater software that you downloaded.

    3) Click on "Update" and select the myevic.bin file that you downloaded.

    4) Wait for software to confirm that the update is complete, then you can disconnect the mod from your computer and you're good to go.


    1) Open main menu by pushing the power button and + button at same time

    2) Go to Vaping menu

    3) Scroll down to "AutoFi" and toggle it ON

    4) Set "ATime" to infinity

    To engage cruise mode simply press the power button for a quick moment and then release, the power should now stay on until you hit the main button again :ok:


    To enable 0.1 watt adjustments:

    1) Open main menu by pushing the power button and + button at same time

    2) Go to Interface menu

    3) Toggle OFF the "1Watt" setting

    To enable stealth mode if you get the "device hot" error:

    Hold down the power button and the - button at the same time for one second. This will turn off the screen but still allow full functionality of the mod.

    To raise temp sensor if you get the "device hot" error:

    Open menu, click on Expert, click on MAX, raise value to 99ºc (210ºf).

    If you still get any errors on your mod try reinstalling the latest firmware again, this has worked for a few people to fix the issue.


    1) Start with the mod set at 11 watts and engage auto-fire.

    2) Wait 3 minutes for it to heat-up, in the meantime carefully load the herb chamber 80% full.

    3) Insert the loaded slide into your glass rig.

    4) Inhale at a brisk pace for as long as you comfortably can, pulling out the slide at the end of your draw to clear the vapor in your rig.

    5) Every 2 draws take off the basket screen and stir your herb with included pick tool.

    6) Repeat taking draws and stirring until your herb is spent, you'll know when.


    This post will be updated regularly with new information
    myevic.bin (101K)

    Copied first post of the thread
  • Alexis
    hey, thanks mate. Yes I saw this. I will do my best to follow, Im justva bit kind of retarded in straight forward mental tasks, particularly when it involves learning and details etc with technical stuff. So even simple little things are often oweverwhelming to me and getbput on hokd forever.

    Its mostly due to no mental energy for basic comprehension and brain perfomance. Like how a great night's sleep can turn that impossible late night riddle into a 5 second joy. But never actually getting into that rested and rejuvenated position if you get me.

    Anyway, Im not too worried Im sure its straight forward. I ordered anyway. I would be very excited but of course I have to hold some reservation but we'll see.

    Thanks bro, have a good evening with some nice herbs and hopefully a good dinner. :up:
  • IAmKrazy2
    Please add me to the waiting list.

    Thank you
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