• Dr green thumb

    I think juxt uses that mod
  • juxt
    @Dr green thumb
    I think any RX2 based mode will work with it. I use the 21700 version.
  • LabPong
    I think just uses that modDr green thumb

    means there....wat do y?
  • LabPong
    I meant juxt, sorry.
    Dr green thumb

    Just busting your ....fingers there...haaaa
  • UbarDog
    I think my G-43 has just made it through customs after sitting at airport for 3 days.
    :party: :party:

    "Your item was processed through a facility in UNITED KINGDOM on February 5, 2019 at 4:55 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination."
  • LabPong
    Good deal Ubar.......only some bit of perspiring left now for ya haaaaa.
  • twhc291
    Oh cheers Juxt.

    @Dr green thumb thank you
  • rossfrid
    @VapeCritic @Hazel

    Regarding the poor man in Texas whose LiON battery exploded while he was driving. Please watch, starting at 5:38.

  • EconMan

    Yeah, I read about that. Battery exploded and shot the atomizer parts literally through his throat puncturing his carotid artery on exit. I used a cart earlier today and found myself angling the intake away from my carotid. :gasp:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    @VapeCritic thanks very much for getting the replacement RDA (and band) out so quickly, it's due for delivery today, 3 days from the US :up: Once I've fitted it I'll let you know if it made any difference to the resistance or the overheating mod etc.

    Anyone, do I need to be careful of polarity when rewiring it in? I haven't looked at how the old one is wired yet. I'm thinking if it's just connected to a heating coil then it shouldn't matter. :chin:
    I've just noticed last night's stream was about wiring. I won't be able to watch it for a while, but I bet the information is probably in there somewhere anyway.

  • rossfrid
    Here we have a word on LiON battery safety from the internet's battery expert, the Battery Mooch! This video was released this week.

    Everyone please watch! :up:


    Here's a word on charging safety:


    And if you want more, see below! :nerd:


  • BobCat

    Hey Ross,

    In the first link, Episode #3, Mooch states batteries are rated to be discharged down to 2.5V.. Most mods cutoff at 3.0v, some as low as 2.8v Others 3.1v or 3.2v. It's fine. It extends battery life.

    Do you care to ammend your previous statements:
    If the battery drops below 3.20 volts, it can vent at any time!rossfrid

    Every brand-name non-hacked vape device in the world cuts off at 3.21 volts for safety!rossfrid
    Mooch's statements in the link you provided directly contradict your.assertions which were presented without evidence nor citations.

    the hack author of the SME firmware has badly chosen.rossfrid
    Hack author' would be an ad hominem

    I really don't care what your personal opinion is on the matter.rossfrid
    This statement is unbecoming of this forum. I provided evidence and links whilst you did not. When you did provide evidence/links from Mooch you simply corroborated facts I had presented. I found your comments to @MothChewMoth rude as well.

    On several occasions Mooch mentions this isn't something you have to be worried about or a-scared about, he's just listing good practices.

    @VapeCritic provided good batteries for the G43, none were under 20Amps. He has stated buy from a reputable buyer ex. IMR. I feel making a hubabaloo over 3.1v to 3.2v, in the manner you presented, caused unnecessary worry and added an extra step for Bud to preprogram into the mod which is overkill and unneeded. Poor Bud is overworked and most likely über stressed with what I deem more serious issues.

    As I mentioned during a stream, I am glad your medical test went well. I found much of your previous info inaccurate and your presentation lacking. ( I built mechs 5 years ago- unregulated, have been an ecig user for 5 years, have regulated and unregulated weed vapes. Have followed Mooch since since 2016 and have seen every episode of Minding Your Mahs since its inception in 2018. I feel this type of presentation comes across like a preening peacock)

    I just hope everyone has the information he/she needs and knows and how to be a responsible battery owner: buy appropriate cells, at correct amps etc., but from a reputable vendor(eBay and Amazon have higher claims of fake wraps, Store safely. Make sure cells don't run hot. Watch wrap and insulator ring.

    Be well, :victory:
  • rossfrid

    Obviously, this video was not meant for you to watch. I have posted it here because practically all users of the G43 have no idea how to deal with the whole LiON issue, as they have no experience vaping using an e-cig mod.

    So instead of making a few random statements, I just figured that an entire video on battery safety would be appreciated by the larger G43 community.

    It's also a lot less boring to watch a video than to see two know-it-alls argue over a forum that's supposed to present the issues for discussion, not fight over common sense safety.

    I will refrain from posting in the future, as safety does not seem to be very popular. I am not saying no-one knows how to vape, I am saying that most people do not use an e-cig mod, and they might like to know how to keep safe and extend the life of their batteries at the same time.
  • GrumpStump
    Well said. I was going to write something like this, but decided to just ignore him. Thanks.
  • zancru

    Can you please stop saying that people here don’t know how to vape.


    @Hazel can you please take care of this dude??
    He’s just pestering the forum with negativity, and scaring people with technical issues, that mostly all of us, know about it, or take for granted, that there are risks in life, that they are worthy.

    If I start worrying about everything now, I shouldn’t drive no more, because there are probably hundreds of deaths every day in car accidents, but I still fucking drive, right??

    So Rossfrid, go pester Carlos Source Orb forum, and leave stupid people like us alone, since we aren’t worthy of your intelligence.

  • LabPong
    Yea....at first I understood the direction Ross was going ....but then his facts got in the way and then how he presented himself here is cause to pause and verify anything he states.

    Yes....when a LI battery goes below the 3.2v threshold....it CAN start to vent if pushed further and also pending on heat and length of use...and amp draw...blah blah blah.

    Ross....I understand you have some knowledge, but I think you are assuming way too much and also assuming what knowledge people here have. When did you start on this forum?

    We are not all stupid combusting stoners that just arrived at the vape scene.
  • Dr green thumb

    Everyone has the right to state their opinion. It is best to do so without personal attacks. I do believe @rossfrid heart is in the right place and his presentation may need work.

    I like this forum because it is welcoming.

    Also the more 18650 facts that are made known the safer overall we will be.
  • LabPong
    No personal attacks and I am not on the thought of banning anyone....but I think Ross just needs to understand the base here on the forum better and not just go off on a whim.....

    Problem with a lot of the info we are going back and forth on.....too much is speculative and not verified. But there are so many variables as well.....like did you buy your 18650's from dhgate for 4 for $10? lol

    Also, like the news of the poor guy in TX that died from a vape (mod box) exploding......we do not have all the details and never will. Like...exactly what battery and what state was it in......how the kid using the mod.....like that. So like so many things now a days....a little info can be a bad thing....you must get all the info if possible to understand and know what is true/real/possible.

    Anyway.....just use good batteries from trusted sources and use basic battery safety.

    Oh....and stop vaping that e-cig crap......PG/VG and other base elements are crap....crap....crap! Just get a 510 cbd cart and be done with it....that is only my opinion on that type of vaping....rant off. lol
  • BobCat
    Everyone has the right to state their opinion.Dr green thumb

    Apparently, you ignored Ross' comment that he didn't care about my opinion. See below. Also, my opinions were supported with documentation, and Mooch's opinions confirmed my statements and contradicted Ross' unsupported views. In addition, he was disrespectful to @MothChewMoth.

    Sometimes Doc, it seems you are obsessed with little more than your 'likes' than the overall forum. I hope this impression is wrong.

    I really don't care what your personal opinion is on the matter.rossfrid
  • GrumpStump
    I'm liking you more and more.
  • Dr green thumb

    I saw someone acting out after being attacked the other day. Was his behavior acceptable today that answer is no. I can however understand where it is coming from.

    I like to give the benefit of a doubt at first. If it continues than I see no way to fix it.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Aaanyway, the new graphite style rda seems to have improved things so far.
    Resistance now reads .84 ohms compared to .95 with the old.
    I've been able to lower the wattage from 12.2W to 11.2 and the battery is lasting longer too.
    The GEN3D still gets pretty warm but didn't reach the default overheat alert of 70C, it climbed to 68C after 25 minutes continual use. That's still much hotter than the P80 which I haven't seen rise above 50C (EDIT: actually mid 40s). I prefer using my batteries (LG HG2) in the P80 still, because I prefer the way they stay cooler in there.
    Has anyone else been monitoring the board temperature reading of their mod during G43 use?

    @juxt Yeah, cheers dude, I have now tried lowering screen brightness too, just to eliminate it :smile: I think you asked a few days ago
  • rossfrid

    My P80 reads 68.8c in the battery compartment at the positive terminal, at the battery cutoff. Wattage at 11.0. No issues. Very safe.
  • Dr green thumb
    I have a random question regarding mods. How accurate are they from the factory? In a controlled situation with all the same conditions would they all perform the same? Or do they have a large variance in performance?
  • LabPong
    I'm liking you more and more.

  • Law7764
    I have Hohm life batteries plus Hohm battery charger. When my MOD says 0% I place my batteries on the charger and the charger states the batteries are at 28% full. So the battery it’s not completely discharged.
  • VapeCritic
    Im going to test different batteries in the P80 and run them all to 0% in the mod and then put them on my digital charger and see what it reads
  • EconMan

    I'll do the same when my charger and sony's get her on monday and let you know for comparison
  • LabPong
    I have Hohm life batteries plus Hohm battery charger. When my MOD says 0% I place my batteries on the charger and the charger states the batteries are at 28% full. So the battery it’s not completely discharged.Law7764

    Try that again....but this time when your mod reaches 0%.....turn it off...and do not take batteries out. Wait 5 mins or so...then turn on the mod and see what the % is.
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