• upside
    Woohoo! After 7.5 months, my number was finally called on the waiting list. Very excited to try the Flux Deluxe!
  • Magicman
    I waited 6 months for my blue dream.
  • Terpenetime
    My @fluxerheaters Flux Deluxe arrived at the weekend and I’m pleased to confirm that it’s everything I hoped it would be.


    I ordered a 15mm coil, under glass LED’s, a built in battery meter and an external switch, which came to $195 (circa £157) including first class postage to the UK. It was posted on the 2nd December and I was able to collect it from the Post Office on the 7th, although had I been at home I’d have got it a day earlier! That’s quite impressive for a delivery across the pond. I was pleased to see that it had been very securely packaged, so I doubt it could have come to any harm no matter how careless the carrier had been.


    Also Included was a ‘serial number’ sticker (#178), a couple of Fluxer logo stickers and, rather thoughtfully, a list of the circuit voltages that are specific to my device, so that I can better interpret what the green & red colours of the battery meter mean.


    Upon first acquaintance the Flux Deluxe immediately impresses with a high quality look and feel, which belies it’s origins and says a lot about its creator. When the batteries are inserted it is deceptively heavy for its size, almost as if it were made of a heavy metal. Consequently it’s most likely too heavy for a trouser pocket but I’d be perfectly happy carrying it with me in a bag.



    I’ve only run about a dozen bowls through it so far but it’s performing just as well as I’d hoped. It’s easier than I’d imagined to fairly precisely adjust the outcome by varying when you withdraw your tip. Pulling out at the click will give decent vapour at your first draw and clouds on subsequent draws. Alternatively, leaving the tip in a half second or so longer can take you to the very edge of combustion, extracting everything from your herb and leaving a dark brown, albeit not burnt, ABV. It’s perfectly possible to extract the whole bowl in two hits should you so wish.

    So far I’ve paired it with a Sneaky Pete Sidewinder and a Mega Globe, both of which were picked up in the Black Friday sales.


    The Mega Globe is slightly smaller than I’d expected but just about perfectly sized in the hand. I’d like to have seen slightly thicker glass but it’s not a huge issue. The draw however is impressively smooth, although I’m unsure why. My guess is that it’s due to the distance between the perc and the sides, which of course is much greater in a spherical chamber than a cylindrical one, although it could be due to the size and number of the slits in the perc. Whatever the reason, it works for me.

    The Sidewinder is both a practical and fun piece. It’s got a couple of glass ‘bumps’ built in, which prevent it rolling away when you set it down. There’s also a carb hole on top of the spiral nearest the tip. It’s possible to position your hand in such a way that you can heat the tip in the flux and then flip the piece over to pair it with the Globe, without having to make any adjustment. You can then watch the vapour form in the Globe and feather the carb to precisely adjust your hit. Lovely!

    I’ve also got a Sneaky Pete Devils Pitchfork, although I haven’t had an opportunity to try it yet. For anyone that’s wondering, it is possible to get both ‘legs’ of the fork into the coil of the Flux Deluxe, so I’m looking forward to trying this out soon.

    Whilst I’m enjoying this setup immensely, that’s not to say that everything is perfect. I’ve been using a brand new 2029 SS Tip and Cap but I’ve found that heating them in the Flux Deluxe causes them to bind tightly together until they’ve cooled. I’ve not encountered that before using butane power. I’ve adjusted the cap to make it as loose as possible when it’s cold but if I slacken it off any more it falls off the tip and into the induction heater coil. Obviously it’s still early days and further experimentation is required but I’d be interested to hear if this is something others have experienced.

    The Sidewinder itself grips the tip tightly but not overly so. When combined with the cap issues I’ve just mentioned, it has caused the entire tip/cap assembly to come away when I’ve been attempting just to remove the cap. It’s not a huge issue and it may be resolvable. In the meantime I just wait for the tip to cool fully before cleaning out the AVB.

    Finally, whilst the size of the hits are great, they’re not particularly flavourful. That’s not really surprising when you consider that the overall length of the Sidewinder is in excess of 12 inches, plus there’s the effects of water filtration to be taken into account but it nevertheless warrants a mention.

    Overall though, I’m extremely happy with all three purchases and I’d be quite happy to recommend them all. If I could only keep one however, it would have to be the Flux Deluxe. I’ve heard others say that an induction heater is a game changer and having now experienced one myself, I’d wholeheartedly agree.
  • fluxerheaters
    Thank you for posting such a thorough and well-documented review, @Terpenetime! I am glad you like it, and confident you will become even more adept with it as you grow more familiar with it.

    BTW, I am also surprised that it reached you as quickly as it did, especially since I posted it from California. I've found that UK transit times are highly variable, from as brief as four days to as long as almost four weeks. Very happy you were on the short end of that range.

    Thanks again for your patience while I worked through the list, and I'm very happy to have finally been able to deliver a heater to you!

    More Fluxer Heater news: I've posted about in my FC thread, but I should post something about it here as well: I have been working working with my case vendor and will be having several hundred cases pre-machined for me. I expect to sign off on the design this week or early next, and should receive the cases in mid January if all goes to plan. I expect to be able to step up my output quite a bit once I have pre-machined cases on hand, as the time I am currently spending machining cases can be redirected to other aspects of production. So if you are on my list and wondering if I am ever going to reach you, consider this some hopeful news I am finally making some long-needed improvements to my production process.

    Cheers and happy holidays!
  • Baron23

    I'm on the wait list....may be a while but since the man who makes them has gotten in his outside production enclosures, which he thinks will save him a LOT of time, I may be closer than I think.

    Looks beautiful, mate. Hope it serves you well for a very long time.
  • Magicman

    I was first run 15mm. It is a good device and battery life is long. The maker is a good man too. A man of his word.
  • Magicman
    I have more pics of collectors item.7pfrdkw4ggw8s035.jpg
  • cilantro
    +1 data point vouching for @fluxerheaters solid work. Loving my 15mm coil, external switch, gun metal heater after many months. My Samsung batteries seem to last forever, too. Lately, I've been trying a dipping method suggested by an FC member. You pull out a couple times before the click, then re-insert. Been a nice experiment and may be my preferred method of heating now.
  • Baron23
    yep, looking at yours convinced me to order one.

    Really nice device.
  • Magicman
    @cilantro is right. I too have used the "dipping method". Sometimes waiting for the click is too much. I also count in my head knowing that click is delayed. Less is more. 1, 2, 3 pull out. 1, 2, 3 pull out. Then heat to click.
  • upside
    Keep up the great work. Your heaters rock!
  • Magicman

    Blue is best!
  • Terpenetime
    Blue is best!Magicman
    ...for people that like blue... other colours are available for everyone else :wink:
  • Magicman
    Flux Is still rocking. A great item for kitchen remodeling. I charge it at most once a week. It spells the Dope Gun(TM). Get on the list, wait 6 months, then you will have a custom piece Even my early model, without the recent gadgets, works perfectly every time. This is a great device to teach combusters vaping. Did I mention it is very tiny. Not sure if a smaller 3 battery portable is out there. Pretty sure el jefe works there.
  • fluxerheaters
    Thanks for sharing the update, @Magicman! Remodeling requires support. Very glad to hear your Flux is still going strong!
  • Terpenetime
    Jeff has just released a video announcing a new mains powered induction heater called the ‘Flix’...

    Hi all,

    I had hoped to have the following ready to announce in time for 4/20, but the pandemic has done a number on my supply line, and it took longer than I anticipated.

    Allow me to introduce what I hope will be another solid, well-liked Fluxer device:

    Introducing the Flix™, a small desktop IH for Dynavap:

    It's coming soon, but it's not ready yet, and in fact, some of the final details are still being worked out. But the device itself is ready, and once the parts get here I hope to begin selling these along side the Flux Deluxe. The device will be less complicated to build, and this will let me price it lower. At present, I anticipate that will be less than US$115, shipping and power supply not included. The Flix will run from any 12VDC, 10A PSU with the correct tip, and these are widely available from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress.com, Banggood.com, Walmart, etc. for $15 to $20 shipped, including a mains plug that is correct for your country. There is no way I can offer them at this price - the weight alone makes shipping of the Flix prohibitive - and I think this will save you about $25 vs what I would need to charge to include one. You can also power the Flix via car battery cigarette lighter adapter, or even from a Flux Deluxe with the right cable. It's a pretty friendly device in that regard.

    Anyway, please check it out and let me know what you think. More details - and ordering info - will be coming soon, but for now I just want to let you know that this is going to happen and should start to be available by early or mid June.

    Cheers, and thanks as always for your support!








  • Baron23
    thanks....my turn for a flux deluxe should be coming up soon. I'm an Aug reservation and I think he has cleared Jun and is working on Jul. Hope to get my email soon.

  • Terpenetime
    @Baron23 exciting times... have you decided on your specification yet?
  • Will90
    Ohhh I really like how small this one is. Gonna grab one. Thanks
  • Baron23
    Oh, I had looked it over before...can't remember now but if I remember correctly he now has two feature bundle offerings and I'm sure I will go with the loaded version.

    Its shown on his website but I have too many browser tabs open right now to look! hahaha

    I'm thinking 15mm coil.

    I just checked and he's indeed shipping Jul out now and I'm an Aug reservation so hopefully soon.
  • Terpenetime
    @Baron23 I’m sure you’ll be delighted whatever you decide upon. Hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait :100:
  • Bud
  • Magicman
    Mine had to go to the shop, and it returned with all new innards. I can't wait for the Fluxer Flite.xb8izxbtazz5a9wt.jpg
  • Hippie
    Agreed - really looking forward to the 18350 version with PWM
    Sounds like it'll be exactly what I've been waiting for since I first saw an induction heater
  • Magicman
    My rebuilt Flux is awesome. A red led now surrounds the chamber while heating. The switch now has a built in battery level gauge. It seems more refined, less aggressive.
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