• EconMan
    Wow, I was just talking with a dispensary client who is experimenting with this as a faster way to create "diamonds" (THCa). He says that right now, it simply is not as cost-effective as BHO/PHO, and that he's been successful in small batches but have been unable to scale it into a viable business model, especially since they can barely supply all the demand for their BHO/PHO offerings (consumers are not complaining),

    The technology is used in all sorts of things from foods prep to biological weapons manufacture.
    Basically, it is a "homogenizer" that induces "structural cavitation" in liquids. As the cavitation bubbles explode, it breaks up tissue, bacteria, plasmolysis, cell, spores, lyse, yeast, etc.... and oh yes, trichomes potentially.
  • UbarDog
    I love it when you start reading a post and you have to stop. Go put the kettle on and reload ya bowl because you know it gonna be a good read .

    Thank you
  • bulllee
    I was familiar with the food prep angle, but when I read further it really made sense. The fact that it penetrates the integrity of the cell wall without damaging the cannabinoids and terpene profiles sound very tasty and amazing. Can't wait to try.
  • Egzoset

    The idea of shaking a bowl ultrasonically ain't exactly new to me but that was only intended for stirring back then, simply in order to accelerate thermalization in "Hot Dry Air Ovenizers". So lets pay closer attention to what this new proposal actually offers according to quotes of the article itself:

    « ...an extractor must rupture the cellular walls of the cannabis plant... »

    « ...when dabbing ultrasonic extracted concentrates consumers receive everything that flower brings to the table: cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and even basic plant material like chlorophyll. »

    « ...the need to keep the medium at a low-temperature during sonication is integral to ensuring the extract’s authenticity... »

    This clearly evokes a concept focussing on productivity by maximizing quantity and apparently even relative quality as well, using pristine "bio" material hopefully (...), though i came to consider trichomes as the only trusty source of NOBLE MOLECULES and hence i much prefer to target those via "Micro-Bursting" combined to the "Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation", e.g. in an effort to avoid thermalization indeed.

    So the one part i like about this new method is low temperature + vibrations, thinking ultrasonic waves might break trichome stems and cause those precious trichome glands to fall off conveniently, away from potentially contaminated vegetal tissue.

    Mother nature already offers us packaging where substances get collected on a molecular basis, effectively performing the most affordable yet quite filtrated/purified delivery option imaginable in a single simple step. Perhaps the sonic machines will give access to noble molecules previously transformed by heat, but i still perceive a form of vilification in any surplus process which opens the door to mishaps and abuse - especially out of GREED. Rest assured this will cause producers to salivate yet i sort of wonder how end consumers shall react to such boosting from another "CHEAT" effect that might lead to perfected Self-VILIFICATION that also pleases bigot anti-cannabic prohibitioni$ts paradoxically, in days when labels barely mention THC/CBD at best, with zero mention of seasoning "additives" as systemic pesticides and whatnot. Hence i'd pass and let others serve as guinea-pigs.

    M'well, thanks for some great refreshing brainstorming read anyway!

    Good day, have fun!! :ok:
  • EconMan
    An interesting thinker once said, "Nature to be commanded must first be obeyed."

    Hence, UbarDog is most correct, this requires a bowl. Specifically, a tasty FireFly2 vibrating bowl. First of the day!

    What the article failed to discuss is that heat exists by definition through vibrations. No vibration, no heat - perfect Kelvin Cold. Indeed, milk, for instance, homogenized through this method, must be cooled first, else the methodology becomes a heating source. The "Quest for Fire," as has been said, mankind's recipe for how conscious-loney animals ought to practice GREED, which for humans is so good. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution just so at the right moment, with the right tool, with the right flower, and oh yes the right fire too.... I can take a hit that is a "perfect moment of beauty" to quote J.M. Straczynsk.i.

    Regardless, you want a good bowl, you better make something vibrate more than statistically observed, but not too much or you'll combust in a symphony of heat-correlated vibration just like WIlliam Tyndale.

    Everything everywhere is vibrating, including our torches, coils, and hearts, which pump life-giving thermalized fluids which are themselves vibrating..... compound, confound, and amplify this with a basic knowledge of SpaceShip Earth (RIP Kenneth Boulding) has us comprised of vibrating molecules upon a big fast-moving rock that itself revolves around a even bigger and faster-moving revolving rock bulleting at a fast limit through unknown space, which itself is moving faster than our eventual ability to perceive it...... so WHERE ARE WE? We are nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. We are a divide-by-zero experience AND we are a multiply-by-zero experience. The GREED of self-awareness is just too strong.

    So good day to all. Vibrate, as I know you will and love to.

    Some very creative and influential British people wrote once:

    This garden universe vibrates complete.
    Some we get a sound so sweet.
    Vibrations reach on up to become light,
    And then thru gamma, out of sight.
    Between the eyes and ears there lay,
    The sounds of colour and the light of a sigh.
    And to hear the sun, what a thing to believe.
    But it's all around if we could but perceive.
    To know ultraviolet, infrared and X-rays,
    Beauty to find in so many ways.
    Two notes of the chord, that's our fluoroscope.
    But to reach the chord is our life's hope.
    And to name the chord is important to some.
    So they give a word, and the word is OM.
  • Imallergictocats
    I can’t think of anything good coming from heating up coconut oil or other food oil and inhaling it into lungs. This ultrasonic process uses oil as a medium to transmit the energy.
  • Egzoset
    Hi again EconMan,

    ..."Nature to be commanded must first be obeyed."EconMan

    Quite exactly, and just as commented above it appears to be about blending everything in hope the goo only transfers valuable goodies to cooking oil auto-magically, serving as the "Release/Transfer Agent", in replacement of "Hot Dry Air" inside an "Ovenizer"... Too bad the process remains slow and undifferenciated, no joy there unless the illusion part is also welcome.

    Good day, have fun!! :down:
  • Gman
    The sound waves will rip apart everything in it's path, not just the tricomes. As quoted by Egzoset above, they even admit to it containing plant matter. How would you ever target just the good stuff with this technology? It sounds like CO2 where it just takes WAY too much and then you'll have to do a second Ethanol wash to winterize it. And hence the extra costs.
  • Cri3
    i always love reading your posts i learn new things every day about vapes from you go design a vape with the vape critic
  • bulllee
    So back to the original question. Has anyone tried this method? If so your thoughts on the products quality.
  • Egzoset

    ...back to the original question...bulllee

    Actually i don't want to ignore the announced topic, given an opportunity, but i notice this disqualifies me anyway:

    ...anyone tried this method?bulllee

    Nope, and i provided a full explanation of my reasons previously, which Gman noticed then concured to. consequently i wouldn't volunteer but i still understand there's potential value, eventually. Too bad at the moment on Canuck land we just can't take the risk of concentrating anything sold by non-consumers who only care about other non-consumers.

    If the quality chain gets broken even before the cannabis batch enters such processing as described here then this makes little sense to me as well:

    If so your thoughts on the products quality.bulllee

    But i have no credibility to comment anyway. Please consider yourself welcome to engage into my LAVA engine challenge anytime...


    ...winterize it...Gman

    There was a post once suggesting to deep freeze then shake until all the dry sift has fallen off, perhaps the stems have a characteristic resonating frequency when hard, which would open the door to an ultrasonic shaker... It would result in a mix of trichome glands, many with their base and stem still attached; i figure that can't be as gross as shuffling it all in a black box in expectation of a miracle - but i conceed this criticism may prejudice future discoveries. Who knows, perhaps the "entourage effect" will be amplified and it's not like we never burnt whole nuggets before. Though this time in absence of combustion.

    But you're totally right and legit to feel disapointed nonetheless, the feeling is familiar.

    Back to the topic though, sorry but lets count me out.

    ...i learn new things every day about vapes from you go design a vape with the vape criticCri3

    Thanks for the kind words! I didn't catch the last part but it doesn't matter because i only contributed with a conceptual extension to VaporGenie's legal patent, with zero mercantile motivations while now i live with others like myself in some elder's house anyway.

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
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