• UbarDog
    This is a thread where you can show off your little DIY projects.
    Prefered they are Kept to Vaping, But what the hell if you proud of it Show it Off! :D

    @Cl4ud3 I Know this man has some NICE DIY's bits -Any new photo's? if not Re-hash old ones

    Gonna Start it off with(Most of you guessed allready)....... Vapcap Stems,

    Burnt the old one yesterday insired by Ctipp22 and BestBud. Sorry if I got you wrong Stoner brain
    I made another one today- Oak, Ti linned, 18mm I wanted to make it "Curvy". They are simple to make
    and both go in my sidecar Rig nicely
  • UbarDog
    No one, Shamless Bump then: blush:

    Stuck in for now so while waiting for my G-43 and a 2018M that I won, thank you @VapeCritic . I have dedicated this stem to the prize M ^^. I sealed the deal with a bit of branding using bud's pick as the iron.

    I also dug out an old Nokia phone "arm band" With a clip and loops that fit the Pick/stir tool and the mod when its here.

  • Cl4ud3
    So this was sent to me via Phattpiggie and came from a forum member in Australia.
    He makes some very very nice VapCap and stem stands and decided to share them out within the vape community.
    I was given a choice of a half dozen but this smallest one looked perfect for what I needed. It's got quite a bit of weight to it for a small piece, perfectly weighted actually. f0nd2ul79i538845.jpg
    With my Phattpiggie bocote stem.
  • UbarDog

    Looking good!!!!, Few more detail please if pos.
    Its a P.A.M from RBT
    Machinical on and off Via pushing the stem?
    Whats it made out of

    Looks really nice , Rustic! I really wana call it heart wood. A cap stand is on my list at somepoint. Did you find out what "type" of magnetic it was ?

    Out of all the stands you have, you picked one that is not made by you :(
    Some of them I know you made yourself. ya gonna make me link em :joke: ?
    Edit: I never did ask you the £ of that Burl slab?
  • Cl4ud3
    Did you find out what "type" of magnetic it was ?UbarDog

    I will need to ask him if he stuck with the Dynamags or not. I know from experience not all those super strong magnets are created equally, I have some that are very strong magnet to magnet but rubbish on the caps.

    I never did ask you the £ of that Burl slab?UbarDog

    I made it a few years back and it was around £40 with postage I think. They do get these things in quite often under Woodwise Uk on eBay.
  • Startedat52

    Yes it’s an RBT PAM. Simple mechanical unregulated. Wood is stained oak. Not sure what the Pam is made of though.
  • Egzoset
    Salutations UbarDog,

    ...show off your little DIY projects. ... ...if you proud of it Show it Off!UbarDog

    Mine is the KILLER concept everyone seems determined to hate for motives unrelated to vaporism, partly even self-serving socio-economic ones i suspect. Call me paranoïd, that's how i manage to rationalize it!... Anyway it's been explained (in vain) in this dedicated thread previously:


    [ https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/2894/implementing-the-forgotten-fig-1112-item-of-vaporgenies-patent/p1 ]
    Implementing the forgotten Fig. 11/12 item of VaporGenie's patent

    Too bad i yet got to read from individuals who actually gathered its implications after acquiring a common background from engaging into such no-brainer & affordable DiY challenge. Not to mention the intellectual property belongs to the inventor of the well-known VaporGenie pipe, mister Dan Steinberg, who initially conceived his patented design in 2002, hence my title above...

    What i did was to extend his 2-layers non-implemented layout into a 3-layers sandwhich structure, then 4 as it suited my "Plan-B" scenario even better (a matter of KISS philosophy focussed on multi-function components)... The resulting potential range of applications is of mamoth proportions, my intention in demonstrating "Plan-B" was to invite pioneers to take my challenge to replicate & peer review, using the butane-operated pipe to get preliminary perceptions on the kind of performances to expect from an IH-driven "Plan-A" scenario, since both options share a common feature: my LAVA engine depends on a temporarily STORED "Heat Charge" which can be injected using either clean-butane burning (extensively demonstrated), or either IH Power. This design can accomodate both options simultaneously and hence "Plan-B" offers a window on some very promissing future though at an economic cost, basic requirement is to own a VG pipe, then accept to void its waranty by splitting VG's SiC core in 2 parts:



    Which then allows 3+ layers and an improved set of features, for example much more appropriate support for full-metal 2-flames compatible tops...



    This one is made of aluminium and became practical thanks to a "Micro-Bursting" consumption method & ritual, honestly it's most regrettable i couldn't evaluate such strategy before! The next step would be to transpose my Hybrid Core configuration to an IH compatible setup, ideally. The absence of Inlet Water explains why i haven't put aside "Plan-B" just yet. Not to mention i plan to compare alu tops with one made of brass, so i can get a fully customized set:


    Without any wood tops prone to over-heat until it smells...


    Indeed my Super-Solo contracption (HerbalAir v2.1 based) "Hot Dry Air Ovenizer" is still around, just in case i might need to deal with Trudeau's Tumble Mari-Caca again!!


    But that's not a priority...

    Tumbled weed actually proves a limitation (or a blessing!) of pulse-mode operation if we consider such low-quality load appears to defeat my present consumption method as it preferably targets frosted contact-surfaces in an effort to differentiate tiny-mass trichomes floating among larger shread bits. In comparison the popular slow/steady baking method may offer some compensation via a "CHEAT" near-placebo effect where everything including not-so-noble molecules endures deep extraction refocussed on plant material instead of the sacred trichomes alone. Yet it's most wasteful on top of being tough on the airways...

    So my "Plan-B" fallback option practically became permanent at this point; besides my LAVA concept nothing on my radar retains attention - or maybe i've just turned blind to the perceived horizon, by virtue of the "Peter Syndrome" i guess...

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • UbarDog

    Silver birch burl!
    Found this a few months back its been drying. Its was the verge of being too spongy .I decided to cut it up and see coz you never know what you will get inside.

    Alot was Gash! now fire wood.


    Gonna giv it a week and see whats what because after one day the main chunk (not pictured) has dried and crack beond use. :( Shame because it was looking real good. Was gonna be Main stand. Some of the smaller chunks are in better health so....I think a G-43+mod stand to come next week.
  • welshman
    :gasp: think I’ve just finally understood what Egzosets LAVA thing actually is!! He’s changed a “flame filter” into a heat retaining filter that presumably releases enough heat to keep vaporising after being heated with torch power in a pipe I’d not heard of.
  • Ctipp22
    The inventions and tinkering thread should be moved into this thread.
  • BestBuds
    Mine is the KILLER concept everyone seems determined to hate for motives unrelated to vaporism, partly even self-serving socio-economic ones i suspect. Call me paranoïd, that's how i manage to rationalize it!... Anyway it's been explained (in vain) in this dedicated thread previouslyEgzoset

    I for one hope you don't really feel like we hate your design. I didn't understand it because I was unfamiliar with the vape you were using as a reference point, then there's the language barrier and lastly you are too damn smart man! I am with @welshman now I understand your concept! Are you offering your modifications for sale or is it just knowledge you are passing on to us?
    No hate here bud! All love! :victory:
  • UbarDog
    Double post from Nano thread sooo its basicly another shamless bump.

    Amost done with stand . I need a new drill bit then I can get G-43 in the center WITH mod . Then its a final sand down and another couple of waxings


    So come on people upload me some Vape DIY pics
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @UbarDog looks great. Is that what you were able to salvage from your burl?

    My DIY stash box
  • UbarDog

    Burl was a bust!!!! Big time. After a couple of hours - cutting it down to workable pieces. With a lack of proper tool's to make it ALOT harder. After one day drying the main slab cracked into multiple useless pieces. It looked good :( I could still use it, but would be just as much resin as wood by the end. Another small bit was real nice. started making a J-hook holder and nearing the end it kinda exploded. Cracked in two 3 peaces. I gave up. TBH it was from a 1/2 rotting tree so.

    Like they say about Burls . You never know what you gonna get.

    That slab of wood was from some clean up they did near me. I got a couple of slabs dry ^^ They just not crazy burl.

    Btw stash boxes .

    Are they simple if you have a pillar drill ?
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