• kebcatmorgan
    Very interesting.

  • Kuzko
    Releases Feb. 14 at $25

    I was a beta tester for these so any questions you guys might have I can try to answer. These do work and I like them better than hemp fiber.

    I would preheat empty top then load Concentrate onto coil so it melts into it, then cap it and vape on. When flavor starts to drop you can just toss the coil into iso and it’s clean. I also dedicated one of my tips for Concentrate only since the coils can create a mess inside the tip.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    have you used it with shatter?
  • Kuzko
    Yessir I have. Shatter is a pretty easy Concentrate for the coil. Just give the tip a preheat and apply a dab of shatter and place the cap on. Some beta testers would hold their VC at a slight upward angle to ensure things would melt down into coil instead of drop into cap but wasn’t mandatory.
  • Dr green thumb

    Does it work with all concentrates? And how may uses before cleaning?
  • Kuzko
    All that I know except I didn’t try hash. I tested shatter, budder, crumble, co2, sauce, etc. Pretty much any full melt Concentrate works best.

    Cleaning schedule probably depends on the user. I’m somewhat of a flavor chaser so I would clean it after less than 10 dabs through it. Just pop the coil out and toss into iso.
  • Dr green thumb

    Thank you, it is inexpensive so I will pick one up to try out.
  • RollingStoned
    Really dissapointed they havent even mentioned anything about the induction heater? Thousands of people are waiting for them. Really weird
  • 710vape666zaddy420
    I'll have to say, I'm pretty fucking stoked on this.

    But as the same time... HOW DID THIS TAKE SO LONG?

    Degummed hemp fiber for dabs? Really? What's the point of the dab if there is plant matter involved?
    Their induction heater is the size of a coffee mug too! What the hell! The portside mini or WoodScents is much more attractive to me. I definitely hope they get it together and release a well designed heater and SOON!
  • kebcatmorgan
    Really dissapointed they havent even mentioned anything about the induction heater? Thousands of people are waiting for them.RollingStoned

    yep :(

    I definitely hope they get it together and release a well designed heater and SOON!710vape666zaddy420

    yep again :(
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    @Kuzko how much can you pack at once? I have an image of molten lava spilling into my mouth tp be honest.
  • zancru
    As @Tyedyesamuraiguy said, I can see the lawsuits coming, when people starts getting throat scolded by molten lava concentrates :(

    $25 it ain’t cheap at all.
    Taking of the screen to swap to that?
    I’m seeing a lot of CNC screens being damaged in shortly, so, unless you have a couple tips, I don’t see this convenient.
  • bum karacho
    we need the induction heater not a new screen!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    i will probably get one but I for sure wont be taking the screen out. I'll put in the extra effort to take it out.
  • Dr green thumb
    The screen is easy to adjust on the titanium tip and easy to remove and/or replace on the stainless steel.

    I wouldn't make problems before they happen @zancru :grin:

    Reliable induction heating takes time. Remember they have to put out a finished product not something home built.

    They also may not be working on it.
  • Kuzko
    The size of the tip pretty much dictates the size of the load. I don’t weigh or measure my consumption but about as much as I would dab on a rig. A little BB sized amount.

    In all of my testing, of loading more and more, Concentrate never even got thru the coil and onto my ccd screens, so I would be very surprised if some even got to the condenser let alone through it. Was never a concern or thought about until you guys just brought it up. But I imagine an extreme scenario where someone maybe was way overloading, I dunno.
  • Baron23
    Love George and Dynavap.

    This coil is not a product for me....I use enails for the most part. But many have been asking for a long time for a way to use 'trates (incl traditional hashish) in their VCs.

    I too wonder about the DV IH...and where it is. No news for a long time, I believe.

  • Señor Negro
    (incl traditional hashish)Baron23

    Yeah I thought so but seeing how it's made I would say that's more for melting-able concentrates, as the way one could use that seems to me not that convinient for the kind of hash that would stick like crazy to the surface of the coil.

    I will keep using the stainless steel screen for now.

    EDIT: By the way, on those pics, any resemblance to actual hash is pure coincidence. That's ... chocolate :roll: :halo:
  • LabPong
    Dynavap IH......um I would guess they are not going to do it unless they get UL cert. This is the USA after all......totally sayin! lol

    Ti metal concentrate insert inside a Ti oven.....um.....dabs/concentrates off metal are not fun. :shade:
  • Paul247to
    I LOVE chocolate :D
  • bum karacho
    found a nice pic!
  • KKAMC72
    the 20 dollar tag got me with the lifetime guarantee, I couldnt help myself :sweat:
  • VapePartsMart
    Here's some pics!

  • entropy
    TL;DR which concentrate is works best?

    I've exclusively been using shatter with my dynacoil and I've had great results, but I'm curious to know your particular experience with other forms of concentrate. In particular, I'm interested in live resin after watching the Sneaky Pete review.
  • Dr green thumb
    live resin and sauce work very well in the dynacoil. What does not work is hash.
  • entropy
    Thanks man, I appreciate it! On that related thread, do your have any indica recommendations for live resin? I live up near Seattle so there are plenty of options.
  • Dr green thumb

    I like a strain called purple dream. The taste and effects are very good and I keep an eye on my dispensary to know when they get it in.
  • entropy
    That sounds delish, I'm gonna order the Sneaky Pete Globe as well, I've heard it's perfect for the dynavap.
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