• deep_meditation

    I dropped mine on the bathroom floor and it hit the tile with a loud smash. It was a dangerous situation for me as I’m disabled. Fortunately, I swept it all up and no glass got stuck in my foot. It’s a very smooth vape.
  • acstorfer
    I decided to use nature to my advantage yesterday. While it was raining I washed my car. I live in a condo with no access to a hose, and I hate paying for car washes. It worked out perfectly. Right after the wash the rain stopped and it was just cloudy enough to put a nice coat of wax on.

    Why am I upset? I’m in such pitiful shape that I’m sore as hell? Really really sore. That and I now see how dirty my car is. I really have to do the clay bar treatment.

    Damn I’m sore!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    R.I.P bird cage nail....
  • bigldiesel
    Scooby-snacks in my SB Runt. Tips on preventing this?
  • Dr green thumb
    grind your flower with a grind that is coarser. A fine grind gets sucked and or pushed through the screen. I also brush off the screen after every use and blow air through the vape to blow anything out of it.
  • bigldiesel
    Thanks, using the Santa Cruz Shredder. Medium; is this grind too fine? I do brush the bowl after every use, but I may have charred a bit on the last bowl. How about a finer screen?
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    yup.. I opened my pelican right onto it. Silver lining is i wanted an 18mm anyway, not wanting to wait for it though.
  • Dr green thumb
    The grind is good unless it is grinding to a fine powder. One thing I do is get the bowl so it is open, cover the opening with my thumb, make sure the carb is open, blow through the mouthpiece to blow any junk after cleaning out the screen. It is the brushing of the screen that pushes the loose herb down where it can be inhaled.
  • YellowDog
    My rant today.

    Web sites that look like they have a really interesting news story/article to read. Only to click on the story and then find out it is one of those 'you have to click thru the tabs to read the whole story'. Usually it's more than a dozen tabs and frankly, the story probably wasn't that interesting.

    Ok. I feel better.
  • Dr green thumb
    My rant today is people that ask for your expert opinion and completely ignore what you said. They then do their thing ignoring your advice,find out it doesn't work and ask your advice again.
  • EconMan
    Banks :vomit:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Where is the love canada?
    My wife ran into a store today, my boy and i waited in the van nice day, nice breeze windows down hanging out.
    Then all i can smell is cigarettes. I politely ask them to move away from my van, they dont like that and it becomes an issue, at which point one of them says what are you going to do about it, as soon as my door opened they werent so tuff anymore and they left beaking off the entire time...
    I just dont understand it, ive smoked cigarettes most of my life, and ive always taken other people unto consideration, to a point when i was younger i guess but still. If someone asks you not to smoke near their child you leave its that simple...

    Ontario is working on banning cigarettes entirley, it is actually against the law to smoke on city property i cant wait until its taken seriously.
    If i ever go pyscho vigilante ignorant smokers be warned!
    I am a couple more incidents like that away from snatching it out of you hand.

    One time i said something to a dumbass that lit his cigarette in the entrance of the childrens hospital that would have been a blood bath if a nurse wasnt there. You know because im the goof for having a problem with that.
    Old people telling me to go to hell and go to the smoking area if i want my family to have fresh air, dude you are walking all over no smoking sings and chosing to ignore the posters of children with captions such as im trying to feel better and what not. Im getting pretty sick of it. Same thing the other day people smoking in the hospital parking lot right by my van and i have to load my boy up its bullshit, dont catch me on a bad day without my family is all im saying seriously.

    There are less then half of people who are considerate and move along to somewhere else where its not bothering anybody, but so many people try to fight you, old man in the laundry mat smoking in front of the open door, you bet im the asshole for closing the door and thats gounds for a fight come on... Why even bother stepping outside then its literally cancer boxing us all!
  • PelicanWarlord
    I take pics and use a website that you can report cig flickers instantly. They get a ticket in the mail. Probably doesn't hold up in court, but half of them just pay it thinking they have to. If you smoke, don't flick the butt. It's disgusting, and unhealthy for the wildlife.
  • Dr green thumb

    Lol, that is a good one.

    I get that so much. Then they try my advice and are like you know what, you were right.

    Then it starts over.
  • Baron23

    hahaha...me too!!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Maybe if you had a job, you wouldnt be so board that your cutring down weeds along our fence with a chainsaw! i happen to like the rustic look and i know the lanlord did not ask you to. How about you pick up your heap of trash that stinks so bad i cant open my windows facing your side. That would be a much better use of your time, or find some kind of employement, maybe spend some time not calling your daughter a little bitch i dont know, i do know that you shouldnt ve using a chainsaw as high as you are, i sense another ambulance rushing here, my phone is acting up to so find someone else to call it :naughty:
    I needa get the fuck outa dodge i9xmz0nzimv0v6uw.jpg
    That pumpkin was either cleaned up or more likley disintigrated into nothing a few weeks ago... I thought it was gonna make it the whole year and be the scariest halloween decoration ive ever laid eyes on.....
  • okla68m
    It's a $250 Fine here in Tulsa, Oklahoma ! Butt Flicking !
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Service canada making a frustrating experience even more frustrating since ????

    What happened it never used to be so hard, i applied for a critical illness leave and i didnt even end up getting a payment because of all the hoops and bullshit....
    Then i take a personal leave for myself and its just as bad 8 weeks im coming up on and they havent even bothered to look at my file ive escalated twice now, doesnt matter what time you call they cant even accept your calls, the people in the building cant do anything for you... Im gonna starve out here.

    In no reality should it be easier to get employment insurance for stress leave then it is for me to get insurance for taking care of my gravley ill son... Wtf
  • 52
    What’s bothering me today? The Carta that I no longer own, lol. Why is that??
  • 38spider
    I'll tell you what bothers me, I'm a vet who lives in a veteran housing program called hudvash, anyway I have been in the program for 3 yrs and have not been able to hardly save a dime, the program takes 40% of what my income is a month, that is far to much money for anyone to save money with, every yr I get recertified, if I do pick up extra hours at my job i can only enjoy the fruits of it till December, and that's when they recertify me again, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that the government has programs like this to help vets, but dam, I bet the people that make the program wouldn't want to give up 40% of $$ that they make a month, anyway the main way for me to save money is, the Alaska pfd, tax returns, and careless drivers hitting my car?, lol, true story, As for my job, it just keeps me afloat, anyway that's my gripe.
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