• zancru

    You can clearly set the mod inside, where the Q tips go, and set the G where the ISO goes.
    Nice find.
    I’ve seen people using them as e-nail cleaning station.
    Well done.
    DH-Gate have them in cheap bulk ;)

    edit: well, they aren’t that cheap, now I remember why I didn’t bought one.
    They are as expensive as a cheap rig, and they are failed/broken rigs, for starters.
    Dumpster filling salvage, that some clever Chinese, converted to cash jajajaja
    Talk about making money from garbage ;)
  • Hazel
    I like this idea. Esp for the mod like @zancru mentioned but if mods strapped to your G already... you don’t need a stand for mod. (Stay Strapped - pew pew lol) :lol: :strong:

    But I like it for qtips and all goodies as well, it’s a pretty nifty stand! Great find!

    I hate China and DHGate with a passion now though. Sorry if anyone is from China. I just CANT stand (no pun intended :smirk: lol) the wait of a month + for shit to be delivered because they ship SAF (hazels terminology ~ Slow As Fuck). Someone swimming here would probably deliver goods faster! And then, after all the wait ... half the items are disabled/distorted/disproportionate etc. No quality control. :groan:

    BUT I LOVE the find and I LOVE the options on DHGate. Ugh love/hate relationship. I’ll show Bud and see what he thinks. Thanks for posting!! :strong:
  • Dr green thumb
    Cyther Supply Grey Smell Proof Bag Carrying Case Great for Travel & Toiletry- Seals Odors - Keep Herbs, Pipe & Other Odors Contained 10X6X5 in https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GC4W51R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_iZfMCb1PQFEW3

    I bought this for traveling with my vapes so they wouldn't attract any attention. This is large enough where a put my g43, the p80 mod, extra batteries, j hook and a couple containers of herb and a loading tool. There is still more space.

    The bag is nicely constructed and when it is zipped shut all the smells are contained.
  • Hazel
    G43 Service Station.androponic
    :sweat: :ok:

    Oh nice find! Post a pic when you can of all the goods in there. I’d love to see how they fit and how much extra space you have. :100:

    Yes, totally love the smell proof idea. Nothing probably exists that has all our wants and needs. This wishlist is getting big for our little carry case lol Not a difficult or crazy concept or set of requests for a case... but i bet you 1000 bucks ... there’s nothing remotely close to it out there. Why? Because EVERY SINGLE THING i want or look for... is impossible to find or insanely expensive when I do find it. :roll: :groan: #hardknocklife
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    its stoner sizing lol 14.4 equals 14, 18.8, 19 :brow: 11.( i forget the numbers) is 10. It makes percasense to me :rofl:
  • Hazel
    Wow! That's so much bigger than I thought it would be from the initial pic with link. It's like a small duffel for your G and G-cessories that's not quite as big as a true big boy duffel and not quite as small as a fanny pack, it's juuuussst right, just big enough for storing specialty goods, and maybe a drink, some shnacks, a charger, and maybe... just maybe..., and iPad too. lol

    I have a fanny pack that's the mini version of this. lol I bought it last year for when it gets nice out, and Bud and I do our morning 2 mile wake and vape walk around the neighborhood before getting to work. :lol: :cool: Never thought I'd buy one of those fanny packs willingly in 2019 but hey... where there's a need, right? :sweat:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    my gf swears by her Danny pack. Lol. Despite 4 years of me laughing at it. :rofl:
  • Hazel
    her what?! :rofl: :lol: her ...
    Danny packSouthboundPachyderm

    That’s great! Lol
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I got a new phone it auto corrects everything... so annoying. But I think you figured out fanny pack... omg it tried to say Danny again. So annoyinggg
  • Hazel
  • Dr green thumb


    If you do not mind waiting for delivery these are a great value. You would need to select the 19mm female stand for the G43
  • LabPong
    You would need to select the 19mm female stand for the G43Dr green thumb

    and buy a minimum of 5 units! lol
  • Dr green thumb

    As of when I posted it had a minimum order of 2
  • LabPong
    As of when I posted it had a minimum order of 2Dr green thumb

    Typical of the sellers there.....but there are tons of those stands on dhgate. I prefer the ones from TAG because they are a sealed bottom and much stronger glass. Plus the TAG ones are lower and more stable especially with the thicker glass and full bottom.

    TAG slide holders

    I caught them on sale before Xmas and got them for like $7.99 each. You can also wait for the industry standard wheel of discounts to show up after you on on the site for 5 mins or so...and see if you can get a good wheel spin with big discount. There is also 4/20 coming up!
  • Hazel
    Those are the one's Bud initially tried I believe or he might've ordered them from TAG. I looked at those over and over and Bud said he thought they were too light weight for the G. Which is why I was on the hunt to begin with, he wasn't happy with the light weight ones and wanted a bigger base to hold that sucker down. lol

    I do like both options of what you posted though. If you don't think you'll tip it over or think its too lightweight for the G43 then go for it. They look really nice. Oh and yea, if you don't mind the wait as well....China. :sweat:
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