• zancru

    You can clearly set the mod inside, where the Q tips go, and set the G where the ISO goes.
    Nice find.
    I’ve seen people using them as e-nail cleaning station.
    Well done.
    DH-Gate have them in cheap bulk ;)

    edit: well, they aren’t that cheap, now I remember why I didn’t bought one.
    They are as expensive as a cheap rig, and they are failed/broken rigs, for starters.
    Dumpster filling salvage, that some clever Chinese, converted to cash jajajaja
    Talk about making money from garbage ;)
  • Hazel
    I like this idea. Esp for the mod like @zancru mentioned but if mods strapped to your G already... you don’t need a stand for mod. (Stay Strapped - pew pew lol) :lol: :strong:

    But I like it for qtips and all goodies as well, it’s a pretty nifty stand! Great find!

    I hate China and DHGate with a passion now though. Sorry if anyone is from China. I just CANT stand (no pun intended :smirk: lol) the wait of a month + for shit to be delivered because they ship SAF (hazels terminology ~ Slow As Fuck). Someone swimming here would probably deliver goods faster! And then, after all the wait ... half the items are disabled/distorted/disproportionate etc. No quality control. :groan:

    BUT I LOVE the find and I LOVE the options on DHGate. Ugh love/hate relationship. I’ll show Bud and see what he thinks. Thanks for posting!! :strong:
  • Dr green thumb
    Cyther Supply Grey Smell Proof Bag Carrying Case Great for Travel & Toiletry- Seals Odors - Keep Herbs, Pipe & Other Odors Contained 10X6X5 in https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GC4W51R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_iZfMCb1PQFEW3

    I bought this for traveling with my vapes so they wouldn't attract any attention. This is large enough where a put my g43, the p80 mod, extra batteries, j hook and a couple containers of herb and a loading tool. There is still more space.

    The bag is nicely constructed and when it is zipped shut all the smells are contained.
  • Hazel
    G43 Service Station.androponic
    :sweat: :ok:

    Oh nice find! Post a pic when you can of all the goods in there. I’d love to see how they fit and how much extra space you have. :100:

    Yes, totally love the smell proof idea. Nothing probably exists that has all our wants and needs. This wishlist is getting big for our little carry case lol Not a difficult or crazy concept or set of requests for a case... but i bet you 1000 bucks ... there’s nothing remotely close to it out there. Why? Because EVERY SINGLE THING i want or look for... is impossible to find or insanely expensive when I do find it. :roll: :groan: #hardknocklife
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    its stoner sizing lol 14.4 equals 14, 18.8, 19 :brow: 11.( i forget the numbers) is 10. It makes percasense to me :rofl:
  • Hazel
    Wow! That's so much bigger than I thought it would be from the initial pic with link. It's like a small duffel for your G and G-cessories that's not quite as big as a true big boy duffel and not quite as small as a fanny pack, it's juuuussst right, just big enough for storing specialty goods, and maybe a drink, some shnacks, a charger, and maybe... just maybe..., and iPad too. lol

    I have a fanny pack that's the mini version of this. lol I bought it last year for when it gets nice out, and Bud and I do our morning 2 mile wake and vape walk around the neighborhood before getting to work. :lol: :cool: Never thought I'd buy one of those fanny packs willingly in 2019 but hey... where there's a need, right? :sweat:
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