• Chandler
    No worries my brothas. I think I know which path I'll take. Thanks anyhow
  • LabPong
    Came across a 900MaH battery, called the brass knuckle. $20 at a local shop. Might try one, can't go wrong for $20?Chandler

    It could be a super cheap china knock-off and will vent sometime and blow up!

    Sure.....nothing will go wrong with stuff that is not mainstream........ :wink:
  • spider
    SO i gotta say i did alot of research on this awhile ago and i came to the conclusion that the pckt one plus is probably the best battery for cartridges on the market, has a good high mah to back it up, button activation seems to be the best method with this one even though it has auto draw, and most importantly it can support any size 'width' cartridge on the market due to its wide opening, i honestly believe that the pckt is probably the best overall on the market right now, go with the plus
  • martinstraka8282
    agreed! Ive owned one for a bit now and love it. Battery lasts forever and I have 3 refillable carts for my distillate.
  • Chandler
    Thanks for the input. @Sneaky Pete Vaporizersthey've also been selling a 510 battery 550 MaH, much smaller than the silo called the lucky bear. Sold out at the moment. Was leaning towards the pckt either way. Pickup a lucky bear as a backup when they're back in stock
  • Sneaky Pete Vaporizers
    I love the PCKT ONE Plus, and their SPRK carts too, still on my very first one I’ve ever used. More expensive for sure, but overall I prefer it to the CCell. I do like the smaller size of certain devices though, sometimes I bring a pen style battery if the situation calls for more discretion.
  • EconMan

    I can agree with this. If you make your own oil or otherwise like to refill, I have not used anything better.

    Also, the "FireNow" button on the battery is very convenient in cold weather when autostart leaves to be desired.
  • Chandler
    I've had my pckt one for about a week now? I've given it some heavy use. Some days more than others, BUT. The battery is still on green. Phenomenal battery life so far. I like it better than my silo, but i dislike the same things everyone has mentioned. Weak magnet, carts rattle. Overall great. The one thing I really don't like, is the poor placement of the button. Not very ergonomic. I've been auto inhaling because of that. Don't mind the auto inhale
  • martinstraka8282
    The battery lasts so long its almost surprising when it finally needs a charge.

    My only knocks on it are the rattling and weak magnet as you've noted, but also the standing capability. I don't know what the solution is, but I feel like I knock this thing over like 10 times a night.
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