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    The first hit is kinda convection, lol.
  • Baron23
    I guess tha's what I'm trying to say...I don't think anyone has run tests with all of them to characterize in a rigorous manner differences in their performance.

    I went with the Lucid IH because I liked how he laid out his boards, that he has an on/off switch, AND has a press to turn on switch in the heater whole.

    The one I got it battery powered but of course rechargeable. I got the mini (showed on his website with acrylic case) but top and bottom will be wood with screws holding it to the acrylic so it can be opened to change the batteries upon their inevitable death. With the VC HI, I didn't want to be tied to a wall outlet.

    I waited a long time for George and Dyna to come out with theirs and its still not on the horizon. To me, this is a very easy job for a competent electrical engineer and I just don't know why Dyna is ceding this part of the market to 3rd parties. Who knows....liability maybe.

    Sorry, but I can't comment on build quality, parts quality, design quality, or CS between the three or four current small makers of these items.

    Not sure anybody is in a position to do that right now???
  • Azn2101
    well I'm kinda sold on the screened Mag but ultimately couldn't I hold the button down or in your case hold it in the heating well for that extra second that the Mag does correct? It just does it with a exact time as opposed to "winging" that ~1-1.5 seconds after if I understand correctly.

    The downside to this is im really tired of having to wait for things to pass through Customs.

    Well I appreciate the extended answer @Baron23. I think I might just go for the next good looking AC/DC powered unit that comes across. I haven't done much looking into Lucid (r/Crossfire right?) Or the portsides but if what I'm reading from the treads I've viewed it's mainly about placement of the components & design but ultimately function very similarly. As much as I care about design I'm a 90% preformance guy and 10% aesthetics amd That 10% would be like cracks in plastic or stains/splits/chars. In other words damages. But I do plan on having this be a Semi-Portable unit and am slightly worried with some of the units not made by the major 3 don't give you the best first impressions on their sturdy internal builds but this is no judgement as I might end up buying from them =D lol.

    It's weird to have my VAS finally satisfied only to move on to accessories for those vapes was...not something I saw coming lol. Especially since on the way I tried to grab as much stuff as possible to avoid this haha. Oh well. I guess new developments change the game. Before the Dynacoil My Omni Ti XL & Shadow were dust collectors and now I gave the Shadow away and bought a friggin '19...I really hope that Shadow isn't a LE item one day lol.
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    My suggestion would be to get what ever of the “big 3” is available first, or build one. In other words, get one ASAP and you will still kick yourself for not getting one faster. I use my PSM(yup the one with the smallest battery) the most because it has my accessories velcro’d or glued to it as my portable home use IH(I have no interest in a stationary plug in IH). The Fluxer 14mm is for when I use my SS tip at home or for travel as the battery lasts roughly 3x as long but I mostly vape at home. I had the FD all set up like the psm but decided to remove it all and keep it as stealth as possible(pictured upside down in front of PSM). 5vd1pbt1usy52ply.jpeg
    The PSM small battery charges fast and still gets me 12 fully loaded ti tip sessions. I usually charge it every other day and rarely does it ever die on me during a session.
  • Baron23
    well I'm kinda sold on the screened Mag but ultimately couldn't I hold the button down or in your case hold it in the heating well for that extra second that the Mag does correct? It just does it with a exact time as opposed to "winging" that ~1-1.5 seconds after if I understand correctly.Azn2101

    I'm really not sure what you are saying, and no I would not trust and IR sensor in an HI to tell me the accurate temp, and I believe either type of switching is fine.....push to activate with the VC or seperate button.

    The user can always choose to stop at the click or proceed further. I suspect that each user and combo of a specific HI unit and specific cap will have to find out their own exact timing for their own desires in vapor.

    I would look at all sources of reviews and user experiences. Someone on another board had a very bad experience with one of the HI builders....but f*ck if I can remember which. I belive that Pipes, Fluxheater, and Lucid are solid and have good delivery records...but I may be confused and it may be Mag instead of Flux.

    Just got to read what you can and make a choice.

    By the by, to me parts selection and layout is NOT about aesthetics and is ALL about performance in terms of stability during operation and reliability...both of which are performance metrics to me.

    Best of luck....still waiting for my Lucid Mini but its only been a week and I'm expecting 2-3 lead time.

  • HocusPocus
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    Threatening ? Where do you see threatening ? There is no physical threatening of course. But "threatening" to go public about your "business practices" ? Of course, as it was the only way to make you answer me and send my device. You don't repsect announced timing dont answer to mails for a sold product and I'm the bad guy ? Oh and yes maybe you should stop posting about your new inventions on reddit while people are pissed off because you don't answer to them while they paid you. What a joke ! People should know that i mailed you 3 times on Etsy, without an answer, than I PMed you on reddit without an answer, (this on a 2 week period) than I commented on your posts politely and only then I became less polite. You present yourself like a victim of threatening but people who lose their time and nerves trying to contact you to know what happens with their "once upon a time" several months old order are not victims ? Everybody has a personnal life and problems, but you see yourself as the only victim that should be given excuses and more time. If I don't get to my job (the same job that gave me the money I paid you with) I get fired ! You want a tip to avoid this problems : don't sell stuff you're not able to deliver in time and mostly : ANSWER TO MAILS ! Oh and this "I'll send it tomorrow" thing while disappearing again for a week was definitely a bad Idea with the trust level you had at the moment. if you didn't want all this to go public you JUST HAD TO SEND ME A SIMPLE MAIL.. but I guess you're too busy posting stuff about your new devices while you didn't even make the old ones... People that send you money expect something in exchange they're not sponsors for your projects. if you want people (that you don't know and don't know you) to help you fo free go to an NGO don't do business.

    EXACT experience I am having!!!! Still no unit to review. Ordered Feb. 1st:angry: DO NOT BUY FROM MAG!!!! Service and communication is sooooooo bad I don't even care about the damn heater anymore.
  • Baron23
    Ah...I'm guessing this is about Mag Heaters and is what I was vaguely referring to in my post above.

    Did you ever get your device or money back??
  • HocusPocus
    Never received device yet.
  • v0id
    Doing as I normally do, and Necroing a thread to ask for some opinions:

    Im debating whether I want to sit in line for a Fluxer Flite(unknown wait time), or order a Vap Hotbox Carbon (2.5 week wait), or shoot for a "basic" pipes cauldron (Is this battery powered? I dont trust those cheapo 12v power supplies. )

    Fluxer Flite Pros: Seems to be designed really well

    Fluxer Flite Cons: The PCB seems really close to the heating element... I wonder if thats an issue? Pic included:

    Vap Hotbox Carbon Pros: Less wait time?
    Seems to be more rugged?

    Vap Hotbox Carbon Cons: Less battery than the Flite
    Fewer safety features? I dont see any mention of fuses or anything besides a battery temp "monitoring device"

    pipes cauldron Pros: cheaper
    Battery life ???

    pipes cauldron Cons: Battery life ???
    Doesnt seem as adjustable or tweakable as the other two

    I know this list is fairly incomplete but Im curious if you guys have any thoughts. I would consider getting the Dyna ones but I have no idea when theyre going to drop again, and the rover is a little too big for me, I think.
  • Paxhead
    I am still using one of these.
    This was a couple of years ago. Wow. Time flies. Have IH improved since then? :smile:
    I have the same question as then, is it possible to make this unit portable using 3 x 18650 batteries? Any tinkerers out there with ideas how to do this? It would be big for a portable but still portable. I use it with a little glass bottle like this:
  • Sonic Bacon
    The Caldron is a plug in unit with no battery. It absolutely rocks, I have used one as a desktop for around 2yrs of daily use and have had no issues with it.

    I don’t have the Flite but I do have a Flux Deluxe from the same maker, and I love it with just over a year of usage so far.
  • bulllee
    My Flux Deluxe is a couple years old. It uses 3 18650 batteries. It's portable, but not pocket friendly :lol: . It lasts a good long time for my uses (daily) . That being said I do not own one but Dynatec has some cool looking IH's. There's a lot more it seems on the web now. I saw a few on Etsy but who knows on the reliability and safety of these kind of devices.

  • Cannabliss420
    I really like the new carbon portable and the VHB micro induction heaters from vaphotbox. The 3rd VHB portable they offer is like the rover in you get a light hit unless you go like 10 seconds after click and it's kinda bulky compared to the new carbon.
    oconnellwoodworks does the wood work for vaphotbox on the micro and offers a really nice matching tray for it in cherry,walnut,and spalted maple like mine. I put my woodscents in the grinder cutout but would probably fit a brilliant cut XL. Micro and carbon heaters have 4-6 seconds until click with thick terpy clouds every time without having to go pass the click. The carbon is has adjustable heating. Vaphotbox has done a great job dialing these in. Price for carbon 169, price for micro is 165, price for tray is 50
  • chaos191
    Very nice I love the tray... the Woodscents really looks at home on it :eyes:
  • Cannabliss420
    @chaos191 thanks
    It's one of my favorite setups
  • v0id
    Snagged a Flite! Cant wait for it to be assembled and shipped :)
  • Baron23
    I have a Flux Deluxe and think that its a absolutely wonderful machine and the owner is IMO very responsive with good customer service.

    I'm very happy with this purchase.
  • Field
    Great choice I believe v0id, I have been following the thread on FC. Looks like a lot of thought and work went into it developing it.
  • PursewardensPast
    I really want either a vaphotbox carbon or a flite. The adjustable heating seems like a tremendous feature.

    v0id it would be awesome if you could let us know how the flite is after testing it!

    Canabliss420, does the vapor using the vhb carbon compare to heating a cap at the base w/a torch? I haven’t been able to find an IH that provides a large Full feeling hit without going way past the click and riding that combustion line.
  • LabPong

    The dynavap Orion would be your friend.
  • Cl4ud3
    The latest one by @Timberhead is looking damn sexy.
  • Magicman

    I have a jacked up blue one.
  • Alexis
    I still have in posession, a long unused Original Jarhead IH from Pipes in 2016.

    But I always torch my vapcap. I figure the IH's have improved though.
  • v0id
    v0id it would be awesome if you could let us know how the flite is after testing it!PursewardensPast

    Its hardly a "review" but this unit is a supremely awesome piece of equipment. The heating is tuned to exactly where I'd like it, and when I use it with PWM mode I can just hold the device to the end of the dynavap and get 1 hit extractions. Super awesome, but I have yet to figure out battery life. Its been on and off the charger all day today.

    Would totally recommend buying, and although it is not cheap its got safety fuses to help prevent meltdowns, a fast turnaround/ delivery/build time, and great customer service. Plus its a community product, I enjoy the thought of my money fueling the development of the next thing that will accelerate the growth of vaping/vaping technology.... though I know those its mostly wishful thinking :lol:

    My current setup:


    Had to take a second bud shot because the group photo makes it look like crap :rofl:

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a davinci handheld for a battery powered backup but now that I have this I don't think it would even be worth it to get one :chin:
  • v0id


    ... woops. The 15-minute edit timer strikes again.
  • Magicman


    Me love Flux Deluxe. The blue one works the best.
  • froglefrog
    i tink its the wrong thread hea man loll lookin for mcmillon bmw and ur 1LE thread cant find it, 2 post up 2022 Hummer 0-60 3.0 sec pic, but blue induction heater iz spot :ok: on fo sûa.
  • Magicman
    I win! can't lie.
  • Alexis
    does the flux apply IH primarily to the cap tip itself, like the OG Pipes Jarhead?

    Or is the heat supplied more evenly along the eitire cap length do you know please?
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