• Baron23
    Or is the heat supplied more evenly along the eitire cap length do you know please?Alexis

    Length of cap.

    I have a Flux Deluxe and its an outstanding device.
  • Alexis
    hi. Thanks very much for your sounding confirmation.

    This IMO is a vital necessity for a truly worthwhile Vapcap induction heater. Comparatively meager performance and eveness of extraction can only be expected with primarily, if not almost exclusively, heating the cap tip and not the entire lenght as eqaually as possible.

    I mean, I torch my Vapcaps quite happily. It's just become second nature. But very useful to know that.

    Thank you for answering so adequaltely a perfectly good question, as as always hope your are doing okay mate having a nice end to the day.
  • zibit
    Flux heaters sure look like the best option, especially the new Flite. I messaged him on here and email about 8 months ago and haven't heard anything back. I know the list is long so until then, I'll keep torching. I actually enjoy the torch ritual but I know my friends would enjoy the ease of an IH a lot more.

    One question, how wind-proof are IH's? Can I use them in windy/outdoor conditions? (I know that's 2 questions :razz: )
  • bulllee
    I have the Flux Deluxe. Works great in the windy weather, way better than a torch :lol: The battery life is great. I use mine a lot in the garden, indoors, outdoors, anywhere I want. And it's more discrete than the torch. Torch was good idea but an IH is a whole new ballgame :wink:
  • Alexis
    good info. Imwould have suggested, yes, definitely windy day functional, with a bit of shielding possibly at most.

    I have still one other pertinent question for anybody please, and for all's sake of knowledge really....

    Is it necessary to go past the cap click with the flux, or just as with a torch, click is suffucient?
  • Deleted User
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  • bulllee
    The only time I go over the click is when I use my Dynacoil for concentrates otherwise it gets too hot and turns it borderline scorched. Respect the click :wink:
  • Alexis
    thanks man. That's very good to know too. With the OG Pipes version, probably due to the fact it heated the cap's tip surface almost exclusively, it was essential to go about 2.5 seconds past the click to get a decent hit.

    But 3 seconds or over would frequently lead to combustion.

    You have to be able to use the click as your indicator (NOT Paul McKenna lol), otherwise there is no point right?

    So Im glad to hear from you guys on that. Thanks too @Magicman
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