• zancru
    Ordering ASAP ;)
  • Cl4ud3
    Nice! Flower only for a change. I want :lol:
  • UbarDog
    Feed me Semour!
    One day i might own one of these :D looks good
  • Señor Negro
    Oh my! Looks so nice !! Good finding :clap:
    And also cheap, specially compared with his big bros.

    Now I have mixed feelings ... because of course that would need a glass piece :fear:

    EDIT: Wait ... I'm not sure if I got this, is the Weedeater a piece on its own ? or it's a flowerpot upgrade that needs the base kit ? :gasp:
  • UbarDog

    Its just the top and bottom bit of metal "nut and Diffuser"
    You need a handle ,bowl,Rig,Stand,Coil+Pid . Atleast
    Maybe more, I don't own one.
  • Señor Negro
    I should have suposed that :sweat:
    I got excited too soon too much :lol:
  • zancru
    So sexy piece of metal.
    If I don’t get this “Weed Eater” ASAP, I’m going to have more “nocturnal emissions” than this last “Bachelor” :joke: jajajaja
    Still working.
    Asa I arrive home, ordering one.
  • gbpack94
    I've had my Newvape Flowerpot Vrod setup a couple weeks now and really like it and been using it exclusively. I only use flower though. Got the Vrod since it seemed like their most updated version. I wish this had been available when I ordered. cheaper also.Just my luck it would come out after the fact. When you get yours or if anyone gets the weed eater please let us know how it is. If I hear good things I may try to sell my Vrod head and get the weed eater. Want the best thing for flower, no interest in concentrates. And that basic heater stand is brand new aslo, I got just the safety post and made my own stand out of piece of wood. .
  • Baron23
    Does this mean no more SH? Just vrod withut dab surface?
  • ssaucyc515
    Can some one tell me what I need to use a flower pot for flower?
  • Azn2101
    Huh, I have a reason to buy a New Vape.

    Is Aubr* still considered to be the most "High End" Nail for the cost or has High5 taken over. Been about 3 years since using a PID.

    Could anyone help me out with this?

    Edit: *Errlectric excuse me (no idea where Aunt came from)
  • zancru

    If you’re a light user, and don’t let the equipment unsupervised for several hours, IMO, it doesn’t matter which controller you use.
    Even if you’re out of home, no pets or kids, or bad luck, you’ll still be safe ;)
    At the moment I have 2 NV ones, and 2 Auber ones.
    They work the same, and heat the same.
    Auber has auto shut off mode, you can set it from an hour to almost infinite time.
    Unless you’re really picky about it, setting temps at the NV controller, CAN TAKE 2 MORE SECONDS OF YOUR LIFE..... BE CAREFUL, SEEMS LIKE 2 SECONDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT NOWADAYS JAJAJAJA
    I bought the Auber controllers, just because “snob pressure” at certain forums, but in the end, you’ll arrive from point A, to B in the same way.
    Save your money, spend those extra $$$$$$$$$, that are charged for a knob and an auto shut off, and saying “it’s made in the United States, but just assembled, (parts are still MADE IN CHINA)” hype bullshit North American made ego pride :(
    This is my opinion, and many people, luckily, have different buttholes, as opinions too.
  • Azn2101
    I have to say the Knob and things do make it look super advanced too =D

    But I totally get your point and am at a kind of similar crossroads myself (Would like to bring that up at the end to get professional advice) with items where one is more expensive and has a few more "Bells & Whistles", But costs more than the other that has another key Benifits the other doesn't besides cheaper price point. I've just been waiting so long to get the go ahead on glass from my Roommate/Landlord cause she pays more (Grrr lol [baller job at AMGEN] buy it really doesn't matter. It's just her credit that's mainly getting built up) who's been forcefully removed from her own home and in the process can have the glass shipped in. Muhahahaha. It's not that I'm not allowed to have that stuff but she was...I guess you'd say sheltered from Societies "Evil Seductions" and only caught on from the rush of Non-Smokers to Vaping 0% stuff to Only Vaping carts (Legal State) so it's like a stigma she has against "Bongs" and "Pipes." And without those I'd be hard to use a NV or G43.

    I mean she's the shit and I couldn't function as well as I do without her.

    Exhibit a)

    Only one moment of outside contact/week to get Bare necessities & and packages and of course. Pie from I think my Mom? Not sure but she brought it in exchange for making sure the stuff she needed from inside was decontaminated lol.

    Anyway, I had a question earlier regarding another situation. To be concise would it be better to get a Brand new Maplr ENano for $160 or $200 on a Exotic used unit that has about a month back from an RMA for a repair & shell upgrade that comes with a good amount of accessories and just buying a Warranty Add-on when/if it cracks.

    Please HELP!

    Day 10 or 11...it's all one long day now.
  • BudsofWar
    I'll be ordering one of these soon.... 20mm coil is already on the way
  • Dr green thumb

    The weedeater packs a punch. And has great flavor. More to come

    Using at 660 on auber 300 gives one long insanely flavorful hit and bowl is done. The flavor is the best with the glass bowl but the titanium is close.
  • Ctipp22
    The weed eater is good looking. Has a nice appearance and size too
  • Dr green thumb

    Its lightweight and well balanced
  • LabPong
    The weedeater got nice and refined from the showerhead.....but it lacks the versatility of the showerhead's dual head use (top and bottom of head can be used for diff bowls....ie glass ones yo!)
  • Dr green thumb
    the simplicity of the shower head is its beauty. The head is just two pieces and screw together over a 20mm coil. This vape has been on my radar from the time it was released and as a medical user this vape is what I need. I use less material and get far more medicated.
  • cvs8floz
    I own the SH and was interested in the weedeater. But I found a Newvape video comparing the 2 where the owner basically said don't waste your money on the weedeater if you already own the SH. What else is there to say?
  • Dr green thumb
    they are similar, the vrod and dcup are the heads that compliment the weedeater or showerhead
  • LabPong
    I think the advantage of the weedeater is that it holds the heat soaking better.

    But the only disadvantage of it for me...is that I can not use my different sized glass bowls/adapter bowls with it like I can do with the showerhead as it can be used on either side of the head..top or bottom over the glass bowl. I need the top side of the showerhead to use with my Elev8r bowl or smaller adapter bowl.

    But if you like the stock metal bowls....go for it if you have not got the showerhead one.
  • Baron23
    I think the advantage of the weedeater is that it holds the heat soaking better.LabPong

    I can't really see that, my friend, as it has far less mass than the SH which is, I think, the device against which to compare. I think that was reinforced by Edwyn and perhaps some othes indicating that they had to raise their controller set point with the WE to get equivalent performance.

    If I didn't have a SH, I would buy a WE in a NY second. Love the design, love the wrench flats, love the smaller size and weight....even though it seems to me that heat soaked weight (mass) is really the key to performance.

    I know (I think! haha) that you are extremely sensitive to material tastes....do I have the right guy?
    So, I imagine you like the glass bowls better. For me, while I have glass bowls, I went back to the Ti adjust-a-bowl. Great air tight seal, easy to clean, hardy and tough (need a hammer to mess it up), and I don't really notice much of a taste difference between it and the glass bowls.

    All good....glad that we all have options to select to suit our tastes.
  • Ctipp22
    I hear its literally exactly the same besides needing a little more temperature for the weedeater since the metal pathway is shorter IE the air doesn't get as hot as easily as with showerhead. Again the weedeater looks more pleasing to me than the Showerhead but the SH is cooler anodization look IMO
  • LabPong
    Baron....thanks for the info....I thought the WE was like the Vrod in that respect of heat retention.

    So the purpose of the WE is to be more refined in fit and finish over the SH?
  • Baron23
    I "think" Edwyn's thinking was on multiple fronts:

    1. Bring the size and weight down
    2. Bring the price down (less Ti, maybe?).
    3. Bring it into aesthetics conformance with the other newer products like the VROD.

    Also, the WE is...I believe...coil agnostic...that is, it doesn't care if the coil direction is clockwise or counter clockwise (but I'm not entirely sure of this) and number of wraps.

    Again, because I have a SH that I love dearly, I don't see this as an upgrade to me, personally. But if I was in the market for a NV flower device, I would def seriously consider the WE. Love how it looks, too.
  • McNuggetsTrip
    how does one anodize the flowerpot ?
  • Baron23
    how does one anodize the flowerpot ?McNuggetsTrip

    Use it. My SH heater is now gold with the coil cover a very pretty purple. Just from the heat of using it.

    Its not anodizing, per se....maybe more like case coloring.
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