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    I use my glass bowl with no screen for trates only on the Vrod. Someday I’ll get a Ti bowl without screen to replace it with.
  • Skyvaper
    First tip I could use is temperature38spider

    This is strictly your preference. Set it and forget it if you find a sweet spot. You can coast through the bowl at lower temps or take one massive hit and clear the bowl. No wrong answer here

    My next concern would be I notice the weedeater head seams a little loose on the bowl, is that normal? Do I need to open the coils a lil with a screwdriver to create a tighter fit with the head?38spider

    So there is a video on how to expand the coil. There is also a video where he talks about the coils being slightly loose now to help prevent the coil from expanding further and causing it to be stuck. I opted to expand my coil so it was not loose and I felt more than comfortable doing that simple adjustment. There was no performance difference either way though. Very easy but go slowly and carefully if you decide to adjust.
  • spider
    thankyou I was just checking that video out on the coils and I think I'm going to probably adjust a bit, it does seem to rattle quite a bit and I wonder if the expansion will help the overall heat conduction? As far as temps go I'll probably settle around 700-725 until I get a lil better.
  • Pud
    Congrats on the new equipment!... playing around figuring it out is always a big part of the fun... Enjoy!
  • spider
    thankyou buddy, its definitely a vape I have been looking foward to for awhile, I can tell its going to consume me the next couple of weeks, lol...
  • Pud
    you’ll be hitting that dispensary HARD!!... lol
  • spider
    your telling me, I think I went through about 2, 3 grams last night,
    It's really tough I know, but I have to be brave and push through, lol..lol
    No, I'm loving it, I think tonight im going to use my 14mm glass and see how that fairs,
  • Pud
    someone’s got to do it! Keep pushin... hahahaa
  • Baron23
    Oh, and you did real good on the Auber. While I can buy parts to build an Omron E5CC PID submodule equipped controller for not a lot of money and its even a more rock solid implementation of PID than the RDK-300 and WAY better PID implementation than the Vapecode units that NV is selling with their FP rigs.

    Now, NV also sells Dabpress controllers for use with their presses, these days. Better than the vapecode by all reports but hard to retrofit it as the temp sensor is seperate from the cartridge heaters that NV now uses in its press plates.

    I'm not too much into glass bowl type bubblers....but that's just personal preference. To me, the NV FP line does real well with a stemless can type bubbler design but that too comes down to personal preferences.

    hahaha...and yes, you will be spending money at the dispensary cause you are going to love it so much you won't get up from your vape station! haha

    May I ask where in Alaska you are located. Always wanted to take a trip up there.
  • spider
    I really like the simplicity of the rotary dial, push to start, rotary, then set, that easy!
    So I just got into my first adjustment and that is the loosening of the coils,
    I noticed that my WE head would rattle and that kinda bothered me when I set the head on the bowl because it caused a slight limp,
    After loosening the coils I noticed i got the head to stay still, I think this should also help the heatup process with more accuracy because of the forced contact, what do you think?

    I live in Anchorage, Alaska, born and raised besides my time in the service,
    anchorage is a really big city and it's only growing,
    We had a really nice summer this yr and now it's starting to get chilly with the fall season coming
    If you ever come up here give me a holler, theres alot of really nice site seeing, fishing, hiking to do up here, I'm really big into jumping on my bike in the summer and exploring
  • spider
    I appreciate your advice my friend, I actually just loosened them a bit and I got rid of the rattle, much better,
    I noticed that it seems to sit better on the bowl now too, I wonder if that will conduct heat better?
  • Tdog420
    i do 670 weedeater 18mm ti bowl and i can almost combust!!! You just simply need to draw slower. With the we the faster the draw the less vapor the slower the thicker!!!
  • Baron23
    So spreading the coils vertically will keep it from bouncing up and down. All good doing that.

    But, is it tight on the post inside? If not, you can gently tighten or open the coils...starting from one end...with a pair of pliers with something to cushion the jaws (rag, silicon plier tip, like that).

    You want good spread top to bottom and have it tight against that inner post that will carry heat to the head.

    All this will really do is lower the delta between set point and actual temp...but its worth doing, IMO.

    And yes, if I make to Alaska, I will take you up on the offer of a little bit of site seeing and orientation. :-)

  • spider
    right, that was one thing that I was focusing on last night, slower draw,
    I think its because this was my first time using the stereo matrix glass piece, I actually never used an 18mm piece until yesterday, I'm going to try downsizing to my 14mm sneaky pete globe tonight and Famarilrize myself that way,
    Im also thinking I probly could have added some more water to the piece I was using last night,
    Probably would have gotten better suction,but all and all I really had a great experience so far, great flavor, and a really different strong body high.
  • spider
    hey baron, good info, I took a screwdriver and basically loosened the same way I saw in the video, started with the bottom one, then went to the middle, it's a good snug fit, no more rattling, I'm not sure if its tight on the post because im at work away from it right now, but do you think I should go all the way up the remaining coils with the screwdriver?
    Possible this may insure firm contact with the post?
  • Baron23
    The screw driver is for vertical fit and as long as it doesn't rattle, has a good vertical fit, and its not real uneven with the distance between coils, then leave it, IMO.

    Adjusting coil diameter is a bit more of a PIA, but I like my coils to be good and snug against the metal I'm trying to heat.

  • spider
    So I made the adjustments by loosening the bottom coil, and also the middle coil and the fit is perfect,
    As far as making the adjustments non vertically, coil diameter, your going to have to explain that one a lil better because you lost me on that part?
    Anyway last night was a complete night and day difference using the WE, I ended up using my sneaky pete 14mm globe which I should have used in the first place because that's the piece that I'm use to,
    I think using the 18 mm matrix the first night might have not been a good idea because it's a new rig for me and I should get use to the vape first before using a new water piece,

    Also the other thing that I think made a huge difference was loosening the coils, by doing this I believe it forces better contact with the weedeater head, therefore heat is transformed more accurately, I think it's a hit on newvape for not making this coils fit the head properly,
    It puts pressure on the costumer at risk of damaging or breaking the coils, and after seeing its neccessary after last nights use I believe it needs to be more specific, not as a tip, but as a neccessaty,

    Baron I will tell you on my final note that this thing is absolutely awesome though, now that I got it figured out i wasn't even able to get through my usuall half gram after work, the hits this vape gives off is different then I've ever had, extreme body high, very potent! Great flavor,
    It may be in the running for my favorite,
    I just have to add one last note, i really wish NV would add another person to there support/media team, I fill like they could use a new person to shed light and help costumers/Instagram tech/ ect, :victory: 6bf4lcc5v61c5lb5.jpg
  • Baron23
    As far as making the adjustments non vertically, coil diameter, your going to have to explain that one a lil better because you lost me on that part?38spider

    Hi Spider - so, its a barrel coil and the coils have a diameter which may or may not fit tightly against the post in the middle of your WE. Right?

    So, if one were so inclined, you can take a pair of pliers (with some protection so the teeth don't scratch up your coil) and either slowly tighten or loosen them until the coil fits very well against the metal of the post.

    You may not need to do anything...you coil may be well tight as it is. Or, you may chose to not mess with it, and the fact that it has a shroud around the coil will help keep heat in.

    But, if its a bit loose, then with your pliers and starting from the end of the coil, you can try to very gently bend the coils...one at a time...until you have a tight fit against that center post on the WE.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Cheers and yeah, NV FP vapes hit like a 9 lb hammer. :-)
  • spider
    thanks for the input, I didn't have to do too much adjusting to get that tight fit, just spread the bottom and middle a bit and got a good fit now on the weedeaeter head, as far as the post all seems good there,
    I'll tell you what, I really think that they possibly should put the adjustment to the coil in the directions or at least make the adjustments themselves before sending out because I dont think my weedeater head was getting effeccient heat the first night because of this,

    Also using a rig your comfortable with the first time is also important, hell I was actually able to lower my temp to 665 and get awesome results,
    I never seen anything like it, I could literly clear an entire .15 in one hit!!? I have never been able to do this with any other device: , I really enjoy the simplicity of the bowl being opened and exposed for a quick view, or a quick stir, I'm definitely loving this thing, already thinking about using it when I get off of work, lol...
    I think it's going to have my full attention for some time now⚓
  • Hapo
    ...you say that like it's a good thing...
  • spider
    So I have been using the NV, WE for about a week now and I would like to give a quick overview of what I think,
    I definitely love it, I was pretty sure walking into buying a FP was going to be a good experience but I actually found that I like it more than I thought, I cant get over the simplicity of having the bowl, out in the open for easy access, stiring, dumping, ect, I have to say the first night I went through quit a bit, but after getting use to my technique, and finding my temp settings it really came together, I usually go through a half gram after work, which in this case I don't always finish,

    Which brings me to my next point, the vapor is very potent with the WE, sure you can clear a bowl in one hit, but that hit I noticed really counts,
    I usually load about a scoop and a half wich makes about a .15, I take a nice draw, stir, then finish off the last hit, I noticed that using it this way sets you up for alot of fresh hits.

    If there were certain items that I would recommend going with the flowerpot setup it would definitely be the pax 'scoop', and the 'NV' 'fine grinder', both of these items help me out alot, I grind about a quarter of a gram, dump it in a container, then use the scoop to measure out the amount I need, the grinder really gets you that revealed surface area you want, and as far as the scoop goes, its elegant, well made, and gives me a perfect .1 with every scoop,
    Like I said before, I usually do a scoop and a half for a .15 .17.

    So I would just like to wrap it up by saying the WE is definitely worth the money, I probably from here will end up picking up the V-rod in the future considering I'm all in on the NV products, I'm also looking foward to seeing how this tsunami vape turns out, I'm sure its gonna be sweet :cool: u43x85ty74iodu31.jpg
  • Other Side
    They don't call this the Weedeater for nothing. Since acquiring this I think my consumption has gone UP by at at least 5 grams per week!

    Situations like this DO NOT help! Lol

  • Tdog420
    Sad to say i will be selling my weed eater very soon. It just dosnt get enough use w my current house setup. Just giving peeps a heads up. It will be full setup. I will post pics and everything official in a day or 2 when im not lazy lol.
  • Terpenetime
    @Tdog420 I believe that @BestBuds may be considering buying one?
  • BestBuds
    thanks for the heads up! I actually decided to get a Ditanium instead on black Friday instead. It's a better fit for me on the cost front and I don't have the room really for a new vape setup.
  • Terpenetime
    @BestBuds no worries, I’m glad you’re on the way to getting yourself sorted :up:
  • spider
    :sparkle: :100: wwffhfpj24jj8x9e.jpg
    Rockin the megaglobe with the WE, these large #oozelife rolling trays are on point when it comes to keeping your FP setup organized, def recommend.
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