• EconMan
    The literature is remarkably sparse on cannabis vaping, but this is another scientific study that has measured impact of vaping carts with tobacco juice, and showing significant impact on breathing issues.

    Increasingly, vape-related respiratory problems are emerging in a small but significant subset of the population. My big sister can't vape at all. Puts her in the hospital so she stopped.

    My personal hunch is the dry heat has a lot to do with it. To the extent it is mitigated, I would suspect weezing would go down too???

  • Magicman
    Cart bad. Dope good.
  • Vapedude
    Back when I used harsher conduction methods to vape flower, I would get borderline bronchitis like once a year.

    However, It has now been 2 solid years now, since I even had 1cough!!!! Why?

    Ever since I permenatly moved to convection vaping, and learned to use the heat settings responsibly :nerd: , PLUS, for the sake of consistency of observations in my experiment, in those 2 years, I only use organic flower, and as low bacterial and mold count, as I can get.

    My friends and familly have noticed these observations too.

    As for the dudes out there who vape them e-thingies, with those weird oil flavor watchamacallits, i cant comment, but my 6th is tingling concerning those. That article is not the least surprising, in fact, for me anyways, predictable.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    I have found that the hot dry air of vaping makes me cough a lot more than smoking ever did and I definitely agree with @Vapedude that convection is a lot less irritating.

    That being said, since I have been vaping only, the few times I have gotten sick with a wet cough, I cough up a lot less stuff and the cough lasts about half as long now.

    From another perspective, I just had a battery of medical tests and have some genetic cardiovascular issues. Im having to change my diet to basically a vegan diet. But, I told my Endocrinologist, General Practitioner and my Cardiologist that I have used cannabis everyday for 30+ years and no one said a single thing about it. No doctor was worried about its effect on my health.
  • Vapedude

    Concerning excess mucous, in the lungs, sinus, wherever....you know what, I’m going to say it more bluntly : ). It dumbstrucks me blind, seeing people with say the flu, flocking into emergency rooms and clinics, and not one doctor ever asking them if they are still drinking milk, even worse, for breakfast???

    No, they will prescribe to you the usual Cortizone based nasal spray, doctors written note off work say a week, drink fluids ‘n rest, yadayada, and off you go, into the wiiild again.

    So basically my point was, ya man, I hear ya. Just my friendly advice to you is, in light of your wet coughs, to put more emphasis (if you haven’t already?), on eliminating cow dairy. Cow dairy significantly stimulates mucous production, especially during cold/flu. Sometimes the side effects of which, can be seen within mere minutes after consumption!

    Try it on yourself, when you feel the worst, and you will see. :wink:
  • EconMan
    Interesting about diet and allergies....

    I had some budder that I never weezed with but dabing some rosin that comes out a little too "full spectrum" if you know what I mean -- drowning in terps --that can be almost allergenic at times....

    I buy lots of vitamin water because it seems to coat my throat. A drink before and after a hit.
  • D. L. Myers
    I started vaping because I couldn’t tolerate smoking anymore. Every time I smoked I’d get a sinus headache, and vaping solved that problem. However, after awhile I started having the headaches again, and I decided it was the heat of the vapor that was the culprit. I started vaping through water, and that fixed it. I’ve since discovered convection, and I pretty much only use my MV1 and Firefly 2. However, recently I’ve been primarily using my Vapcap M and Nonavong. I know their mostly conduction and they get hot, but I love the ease of use. I do use the Nonavong with my water pipe when my sinuses start to act up.
  • Pablo

    @Vapedude you are absolutely right. I’ve been putting off starting a post concerning vaping and C.O.P.D. symptoms for about a week. I’m 62 and hadn’t smoked cannabis since my early 20’s. Some time in my 30’s I started having coughing fits when I laughed hardily or took a deep breath. I also would wake up each morning with congestion. It has stuck with me all these years. I didn’t know what caused it because I had never smoked and hadn’t been exposed to anything toxic that I could think of. I just accepted it as a part of my life.

    About 2 years ago, I took up cannabis again. I tried smoking joints but I would have coughing fits and start wheezing immediately after I smoked. So, I tried vaping and the same thing happened. My symptoms got worse whenever I vaped on consecutive days and after around 3 or 4 days, I would have to stop because I would spend the whole day gasping for air. I ‘d have trouble with shortness of breath especially if I did any type of physical activity. I’d get tightness in my chest, I’d wheeze terribly, and cough badly whenever I took a deep breath. My feet would even swell right after I vaped.

    So, I went to the doctor and she prescribed me Breo and albuterol inhalers. I started using them daily, but my breathing symptoms still intensified when I vaped. I would take a week off from vaping and feel better except for the problems when I took deep breaths and/or laughed. They stayed with me like before.

    Now I started think that maybe I was allergic to cannabis. I wasn’t allergic when I was young. I had none of these symptoms then that I can recall. I also thought that maybe vaping was causing it, so I bought a different vaporizer, but still the same COPD symptoms returned. I pretty much decided to give up smoking or vaping cannabis. I also stopped using the Breo and albuterol.

    Around a month after I gave it up, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Because of her condition, we decided to stop eating meat (including poultry and fish) and stop all dairy products. We took on a whole food, plant based lifestyle.

    After around two weeks after our dietary change, I noticed that I was breathing better. I wasn’t coughing when I laughed or when I took a deep breath. I waited a couple more weeks and I was still breathing fine. I thought, why not try vaping again. I started vaping and had no wheezing, no coughing fits, and no swelling of my feet. I have been vaping every night for the past 3 weeks and my COPD symptoms have not returned. I have not started using the Breo or albuterol again. I wake up with no congestion each morning after I have vaped, and I have no breathing problems throughout the day.

    I am convinced that it was the dairy that was causing me breathing problems, not the cannabis or the vaporizer. I’ve had other health benefits, but I won’t go into that. I am so happy that we made this lifestyle change for all the health benefits that we have gained and I’m glad that I don’t have to give up cannabis.
  • JimK1967

    That's some pretty strong anecdotal evidence right there! You must be so relieved!

  • EconMan

    For cannabis vapes, anecdotal is pretty much mostly all we have. The anti-drug legalization act removed government funding for academics wanting to study impacts.... so we have a few european limited scope projects and that is it.

    And @Pabloit makes me happy you were able to get a strong suspicion of causal relief. Breathing problems suck
  • Vapedude

    It is responces like yours, that give me a boost to my day! :up:

    This is yet more proof, of how misinformed we are. Instead of tackling the root of the problem, we tend to point fingers elsewhere, with the end result, of chasing the dogs tail, forever..

    Spread the message, and I see in an other thread, you are doing just that.

    I’m sorry about your wife’s diagnosis. I hope it is in the early stages..

    If you want, send me a PM on her type of Cancer, and stage it is in. Perhaps, just perhaps, I can be of assistance.
  • JimK1967

    For cannabis vapes, anecdotal is pretty much mostly all we have.

    For sure. I have friends still in the field of scientific research - if they're not trying to open doors that are closed to them for whatever reason, they are begging for grants to keep their own doors open rather than conducting research. I don't miss it!

    As for @Pablo - sounds like something in his diet was exciting the inflammatory response. Could be a combination of things or as simple as a single offending protein.

  • welshman

    Interesting study but sounds biased towards vaping is bad for lung health (they almost always are for or against depending on funding)

    They say in the study/article:
    “Importantly, we reported that ex-smokers who did not vape, although they had already quit smoking, still have significantly elevated risk of wheezing and other related respiratory symptoms, compared with never smokers, suggesting long-term impact of prior smoking.”

    But they never list the chance of wheezing for ex-smokers who don’t vape. So what’s the difference in wheezing chance between ex-smokers who do and don’t vape. Most e-cig vapers I know are ex-smokers so they already have an increased chance of wheezing, so how much does vaping increase the chance over just being an ex-smoker.

    Also for my annecdotal evidence, I’ve vaped draw and e-cigs everyday for nearly 3 years and I’ve not had a problem. I’m rarely Ill, whereas pre-giving up combustion I had an almost permanent cold. If it makes any difference I mostly vape through water with the flowerpot and use high vg juice for ecigs (although it was 50/50 until 6 months ago).
  • Pablo
    Thanks y'all. I hope everyone can overcome COPD, whether you indulge or not. :cool:
  • EconMan
    Now this was fascinating.

    “Dabbing”, a relatively new form of THC use which utilizes Butane Hash Oil (BHO), an extraction of dried cannabis containing high levels of butane and terpene byproducts. The extraction process yields a waxy substance that is heated, vaporized and inhaled. We describe a lung injury as a result of BHO use."

  • Baron23
    an extraction of dried cannabis containing high levels of butane and terpene byproducts.EconMan

    Only if you are a fucking idiot trying to do something that you are not qualified to do.

    I know...I know...people on here have glass tubes and they make their BHO outside 400 miles from cloest civilization in an abandoned nuclear war shelter, etc, etc, etc.

    But it remains my opinion that purging hydrocarbon extracts of...well, the hydrocarbons...is best left to professionals with proper vacuum ovens and expertise.

    That's just my view only
  • MothChewMoth
    I've noticed I get allergy symptoms if I'm not using water and have had a lot of flower. I don't get this same issue from carts, so I suspect temperature and particulate.
  • EconMan

    That could also be particular terps. I personally know someone who I expect "limonene" is an irritant. Carts often have terps added back in..... so knowing which terp triggers you is difficult though.
  • EconMan
    Only if you are a fucking idiot trying to do something that you are not qualified to do.Baron23

    I like the new Baron :love: :cool:

    And I agree at least only right-tail three-sigma people need ponder becoming "experts" in this.
  • Baron23
    I like the new Baron :love: :cool:EconMan

    hahaha....really, I thought this was the way I have always been....bascically obnoxious! haha
  • Chris Larson
    That was a super interesting article, thanks for sharing!
  • Baron23

    At approximately 978°F high levels of terpene, which are aromatic oils found in cannabis [3], degrade into various byproducts; of most importance are the noxious irritants Methacrolein and Benzene [4]; both known carcinogens. — article

    Well, I guess so....I run my dab rigs at 545 as the set point with dab surface temps of 450-500 depending on what banger I'm using.

    Wow, I don't know anybody who hits a glowing red banger or nail with a dab....I'm sure that there are people out there doing it, though.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    theres some dickhead on youtube who goes around giving the homeless dabs. Nice guy you would think right. Right until you see then dying from the redhot dab of death he just gave them. He might have other people fooled lol but this guy is kinda an asshole imo.
  • Baron23
    I just found it and watched a bit....yeah, he's a complete and utter jerk.

    But in the one I saw, he had a SiC halo and you didn't see him torching it (edited) and it wasn't glowing so I don't know how hot it was.

    But I object to this a-hole's complete patronizing interaction with this homeless guy.
  • EconMan
    I found this very interesting.
    And from the one company I never worked for but would have loved to
    "Research And No Development".

    Using Cannabis and Tobacco/Nicotine Together Is Linked to Heavier Use and Poorer Functioning Among Young Adults
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