• Tdog420
    I usually only vape but in about a month im going on my honey moon to Jamaica. I dont want to try and bring a vape so i assume my best bet is joint and a small glass chillum. Anyways im curious as to whats everyones favorite type of papers, any special techniques, and do you use a filter or not.
  • welshman
    I’d get a DynaVap m and either clean it well or don’t bring it back, but then I’m 100% vapelife. Can’t combust anymore it tastes horrible
  • Tdog420
    not a bad idea but my thought also is that the product wont be very strong and im a heavy user. I feel it would take like 20 dynavaps to get me and my fiance to where we want to go. I also cant stand combusting at all but havent figured a better option.
  • standingsideways
    My favourite papers are OCB Bio natural hemp papers. I sent some to Bud last year and he converted to using them. Nice slow burn and give you the flavour of your herb not paper.
  • Nwhite2443
    I second OCB natural papers. I always use a filter just because I don't like getting bits in my mouth and they're easier for my other half to hold without getting burnt.
  • welshman

    Yeah that’s fair, vaping is around twice as efficient but a gram zoot is still 5 times stronger than a .1g vapcap bowl.
  • Tdog420
    you like these better then the raw hemp ones? Also what brand filter do people use. Last ? Are these good for cones as i want to roll cones lol. Thanks everyone for any advise much appreciated!!
  • AnVom
    phuncky feel tips/glass filters are awesome and can be soaked in iso. Hemp papers and wraps all the way
  • standingsideways

    Yeah I do, Raw are decent papers but I like OCB more. I usually use Rizla filters but don't know how easy you will get them outside the UK.
  • Gryfin
    i dislike rizlas. Raw all the way on the very odd situation where i smoke
  • Dr green thumb
    I like the raw unrefined papers as well. Or if you roll blunts I get them from a company called zig zag.
  • standingsideways

    Agreed, the filter tips are good but the papers are nasty. The blue ones are OK when you can't get anything else but the silver ones are bleached in some nasty shit.
    Fortunately all that's in the rear view now, I was super fussy about rolling technique and all the ingredients back in the day but I'm happy to say I kicked the habbit in favour of vapelife.
  • SourMalk
    First of all congrats, hope it's a long lasting marriage and a happy one at that!

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do, find some local herb and some local papers and get blasted!! I wouldn't get too caught up in what brand of paper or filter you should use, or trying to sneak a vaporizer in.

    Might be worthwhile just taking a peek at the materials used in the papers and make your decisions from there. I've never been to Jamaica but from what I hear there will be no shortage of blunts, hemp wraps and papers.

    If you know how to roll there won't be any issues, if not maybe bring a small joint roller with you to ease the whole process.

  • BawlmerMerlin
    If you are gonna roll & smoke, why not use what seemed to be the local standard when I was last there a couple of years ago:1t7qox36hn5lrx0i.jpg
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    Not my joint but this and dutch tulips are how tyedye rolls
  • Hazel
    That last braided one!! Yesss lol I can barely braid my own hair but this fool braided a joint with actual bud in each of the three strands required to make a braid? Sell these pre-rolled to me NOW! :lol:

    @VapeCritic Dare you to make this for me after streamage or before Sat's stream! :hearts: :fire: :kiss:
  • BobCat
    Before vaping, I used hemp papers, or at the very least 'unbleached' wraps. I would buy a pack of hemp filters and rolled my own crutch/filter. Pre- made filters are everywhere now and easier unless you enjoy the entire process of rolling your own. :victory:
  • kebcatmorgan
    I'm from a country where joint means "spliff" for you. So we put tobacco in our joints. That makes them huge, because you don't need to use much bud for the size.

    I vape like 80% of the time, but then I have a heavy social life and those guys just don't like vaping so it's joints for days. I think that I made like around 10k+ joints till this point in my life (I used to have like 4-5 joints back in a day).

    My technique was always backroll (I want to use as few paper as possible) and I always have a "filter". I've put it the quotes because is more of a holder that any type of filtration, it's just a rolled hard paper.
  • Baron23
    My technique was always backrollkebcatmorgan

    What is backroll?
  • BobCat
    You roll inside out- gum on outside. Put in just enough herb for one rotation, seal, and tear off the excess paper. I've seen the youngsters burn the excess paper off, and it stops burning at the damp gum, but it's showing off :rofl:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I backroll too, makes for a noticeably less harsh/acrid smoke. It's a technique that's really worth mastering if you roll. I wince when I see overuse of paper and really don't enjoy those crinkly spliffs.
  • kebcatmorgan
    I've seen the youngsters burn the excess paper offBobCat

    In Czech Republic, this thing is only done by the weed veterans, this technique is very old. Young people here use to roll it normally.
  • BobCat
    I personally would buy wraps without gum or tear the gum off. Next you chew like a hacksaw pattern at the end of the paper lick a little and voilà! Like @ChlorophyllMan said the extra paper is nasty, but I find the gum adhesive equally nasty. As a side benefit, it's harder to sideburn the joint as well. My Grateful Dead friend taught me that technique.
  • zancru
    Born & raised in the countryside here.
    As young as 6yo, we were stealing tobacco and papers, from our adults, running to hide in the middle of the corn field, and smoke till fall to the ground, almost fainting. Horrible kids stuff jajajaja
    If we run out of papers, at the time, the cheapest, yellow old school kind rolling papers,........;
    we will have, beforehand ready, dried in the sun, closest inner leaf of the corncob, basically transparent cellulose, basic ingredient of rolling papers paper mills pulp base.
    It really looks like those fancy cellulose see through rolling papers.
    We’ll use tobacco, when we can steal it jajajaja, or pre dried corncob “beards” jajajaja
    Since there’s no glue, those corncob leaves, are naturally vertically patterned, so ripping perfect vertical strings from their sides, were easy.
    Hand rolled, corncob “beards” hand tied countryside style “corncobGars”, anyone dares???

    I think I learnt my rolling ;)
    I learnt the “backroll” technique, from the Italian town priest ;) jajajaja He used to do the burning trick too, magic trick for us kids jajajaja, and roll the tip, and burn all the perfectly flat round edge, and pull the tip, from the pin rolled paper, like a perfect basque beret , and salute, with it, we’re Basque people jajajaja
    That fucking priest was Italian smooth.
    He’ll auto invite to all our home festivities, bring the Black Label Jhonnie “Caminante”, as a gift, but he opens it, he’s the town priest, so nobody dared to tell him shit, and proceeded to drink it almost all.
    Italian smooth, as I said ;) jajajaja mofo priest jajajaja
    In revenge, we kids, climb the church walls, and stole his homemade wine ;)
    Revenge is sweet, and I don’t give a fucking shit for heaven or hell.
    You can all die and go there if you want jajajaja
    He was a cool guy. Not the molester kind of priest jajajaja
  • EconMan

    I've been all over Jamaica. There is ZERO problem bringing a vape there. Weed is decriminalized for locals and all but legal for tourists. BE sure to go on tours of Jamaican religious institutions.... wink wink.. worth the effort :wink:

    Any problem is in bringing it back in. Travel to the US from Jamaica is no doubt considered a "statistically high target" and so the return process is where the problem and danger is. Jamaica want hard-currency flowing in and busting americans for weed isn't in their tourist brochures. Unless you are a 100% introvert who also suffers severe antisocial personality disorder, you WILL find flower in jamaica. It's everywhere. If you take a cab from the airport, or use a resort shuttle, just ask the driver.... once after asking he literally immediately stopped (scared me at first) on the side of the road at a jerk-chicken cart, and hooked me up after me asking him about where to get flower and I bought some primo cheap (but overpriced for locals) bud that was beautiful. :love: If I had any gripe, it was too fresh.... had to let it air out for a day.... I always score the flower I want the first couple days. Also, bring a cart with you....

    My advice then is enjoy going there and being there. Then get rather risk-averse on your way home. It's americans that want to fuck up your life over flower, not Jamaicans. Ditch all devices coming back in to the USA. Just isn't worth it.

    I know I'm an extroverted weirdo, but I take gifts when I go to such countries, whose charm is business is that still conducted via relationships, and offering them something personal... a vape you personally used, etc....... not just throwing money around like the typical clueless dumbass fucking "american abroad" stereotype. On one trip, I ended up becoming friends with a local who does boat and snorkeling tours. Went to his house, met his parents, grandparents, kids, ate dinner with them..... They taught me who to trust and not trust in Jamaica. So I left them with my Plenty, that they just loved, partly because it was from me, and mostly because it was something "different" from what they were used to.

    Lastly, all the major cities have vape shops. Filled with tourists. But part of doing Jamaica IMO, is snapping out of the vape snobbery and when in Rome choosing to live as Romans. I chose mostly combustion while I was there.... rarely used the vape... weed was too fresh to vape well anyway....

    My favorite device was for lack of a name, "Coconut bubbler" that was just made from common things... coconut shell, cheap bar straw, and a carved wooden bowl.... :love: #SimplicityInVaping
  • Tdog420
    thanks so much for the tips. I think we will just tough out the combustion for the weekend w joints and chillum. Would you recommend getting product from the driver on the way(which iv heard is scary) or waiting untill on the resort to ask people? Also we are staying in Negril off of seven mile beach. One last thing, you recommend bringing one cart w us in our check in? Also did you bring a battery w or can i find one on my resort. This my first time there and want it to be amazing!
  • EconMan

    I don't like to criticize people's fear and I don't like mine criticized, but I'll risk it. There isn't much to be scared of. On one trip I got a little scared because as soon as I asked about it, he applied a hard break and pulled off the road IMMEDIATELY.... I worried I offended him, but he just knew he was passing a buddy in the business of selling weed to tourists. I like buying on the way because then the need to "score" is off my mine and I can chill. I pay about $150/oz there on the way. If you wait, go into a town, get off the beaten tourist path, you can get a quality sack (seems to be brown paper sacks, not plastic bags- don't know why?) for $50 if you pay in USD. Even uneducated Jamaicans are excellent street-level monetary economists. :cool:

    Re carts and batteries. Batteries are legal. I stick mine in with my electronics... just another device...
    The cart itself is fine. Stick it in your checked baggage. You will have no problem. They are not worried about you importing a cart into their country and the USA isn't that concerned with you doing it..... Again, coming back is another issue. Leave the cart, bring the battery back. Leave your flower for someone else.... I always looked for newcomers who I thought might like free weed.

    Re your beach, in Negril, I know it well. The western island, and by some metrics the best beach on the entire island. Don't know what your vacation style is (I like doing stuff - not laying on the beach mindlessly drowning in alcohol), but the Blue Mountains are some incredible and beautiful hiking and you'll find lots of free food and weed just growing along the trails AND you get totally away from the most obnoxious form of human-being humanity has ever produced -- the stereotypical American international tourist :vomit:

    If you prefer organized trips, there are jeep tours (rough ride) into the jungle, they make sure you don't get lost, and feed you in a nearby village.... all which can be done without the tour company if your willing to give up control and have a jeep drop you off at the village near the trailhead. Yes, if you don't look like a jamaican, people will try and sell you stuff.... get over it... It's how they feed their families ... don't get defensive or argumentative, just smile and say No. Let the "law of attraction" work for you, rather than against you.

    I just love Jamaica. The only place I like more in that area is St. Lucia. :starstruck:
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