• Derek the goat
    Hi please can any one tell me how I know which is the latest mighty,and if much difference,as on Amazon they have 2 mightys for sale 1st is £230 2nd is £278.99 later stating latest but is the £48 extra justifiable,thanks for any help have a crafty but battery doesn’t last long enough
  • Trix

    Old mighty box
    New mighty box
    I would definitely make sure it’s the new version as it has an improved battery life.
  • Derek the goat
    Great thanks for help still £48 difference though for a bit more battery life. Had a Crafty before but lost it on a drunken night out,loved it.
  • OhHello
    +1 on spending the little extra for current production
  • Señor Negro
    I would never take the risk of purchasing a vape from amazon... There are too many cheap copycats around there :scream:
  • acstorfer
    ↪Derek the goat I would never take the risk of purchasing a vape from amazon... There are too many cheap copycats around there :scream:Señor Negro

    Truth! Hell, even some shady looking headshops I don’t trust. I would order online by a reputable dealer. The savings isn’t enough to be worth the risk.
  • EconMan

    There isn't much "Risk" buying on Amazon. If you buy a fake, go on their website and return the product. They even pay for shipping.

    I prefer to buy when I can from non-amazon sources because I HATE the rent-seeking political-economy Amazon has been practicing lately. It puts smaller businesses at a competitive disadvantage, and in a way that places so many barriers to entry. Once the libertarian voice of commerce on the internet, now being the hegemon, they are the very pacemakers of regulation -- regulating their competition out of existence.

    If I have a reasonable choice, I prefer to buy from a dedicated vape store owned and run by a person, even if it costs a bit more.
  • Karec
    Its like eBay... if you proof that you got a counterfeit item you will your money back and you can keep the counterfeit item, although eBay ask you to destroy it. It happen to me, my 1st vape was the OG Firefly bough on eBay and after 1 month was out, apparently it was a defective batch that was supposed to get destroyed according to Firefly.... eBay returned my money back and i kept the faulty FF.... it was good to know that vaping was the path to follow, after i got a crafty from S&B, if it was today i would get from eBay again wishing to be counterfeit i could use a crafty casing today.... i changed the thermal fuse twice and battery once (to a VTC6) and now its the case that could f0Ck the next repair... going strong with almost 250h, if anyone got a dead crafty hit me up.
  • toyster
    I've been checking the CRAFTY out a lot lately just can't seem to pull the trigger yet though. Decisions decisions laugh out loud
  • toyster
    I'm afraid if put a whole bunch of money down on a solid vaporizer another one's going to come out thats way better a month later knowing my luck. I am get tired of shopping around though I need to go ahead and buy one get the shopping around over with
  • ssaucyc515
    what's better than getting super high off your stuff? :lol: the mighty gets the job done simply and consitently :)
  • toyster
    I hear you friend.
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