• vapicorn
    I'm trying to source for an OEM company that can supply high quality medical grade portable and desktop vaporizers, that also provides white labeling or private labeling services so the vapes can be branded. These products will be made available through a physician's office in a medical-only state, so vapes can only be loaded by the user. Any information or leads would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  • VapePartsMart
    Thanks for the tag, but I am not sure how much help I'll be here.

    I'm trying to source for an OEM company that can supply high quality medical grade portable and desktop vaporizersvapicorn

    I assume you're after portable and desktop herbal vaporizers? If so, I don't believe you'll find anything of good quality that you're able to slap a logo on. Anything good, the brand/manufacturer puts their own logo on it and will not allow other companies to do OEM. Essentially, if they build something good, they want to promote their own brand, not another brand.

    If you've got a very large budget, you might be able to convince a Chinese manufacturer such as Airistech or XVape to do OEM for you. Most of us would not consider them top quality manufacturers, but they are decent.

    If your budget is small, there are plenty of Chinese manufacturers that will let you slap your logo on vapes such as the "Titan 1" or "Titan 2", which I highly do not recommend you do unless you want unhappy customers.

    And if you're after oil vaporizes like batteries and cartridges, you'll have a lot of OEM options. I'd recommend CCell, Transpring, or iKrusher.
  • Baron23
    I think he’s looking for aChinese contract manf maybe.

    Hopefully Nathan will have a lead for him.

    I sadly do not.

    Smiss maybe??
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy

    My bad i thought maybe it was an elm and owl opportunity.
  • vapicorn
    I appreciate the helpful comments here. VapePartsMart, you have confirmed my thoughts on the matter. I'm glad I checked in on this discussion platform! I'm curious about Elm and Owl. Has anyone tried the Wing Vaporizer?
  • zancru
    Someone needs help to get rich by stealing others ideas, and rebranding some POS LOW COST VAPE MADE IN CHINA, and sell it to clueless North Americans?????
    Do your own homework buddy.
    Next thread please.
  • Baron23
    that vape was Nathan's initial attempt to make some improvements to a bog standard Chinese conduction vape and we all (incl Nathan) decided it was just kind of not up to quality to recommend.

    @VapePartsMart (Nathan) can tell you more than I.
  • VapeCritic
    Hey hey hey, being a douche is my job around here, let's be nice to new members plz :100:

    If I can ever build more than two G43's a week I'll private label it for ya :sweat:

    I'm trying to source for an OEM company that can supply high quality medical grade portable and desktop vaporizersvapicorn

    Unfortunately right now "OEM company" and "high quality medical grade" can't be used in the same sentence, the only companies doing white label vapes are in China and it's with the sub-$150 units that are generally unfavorable with experienced vaporists.
  • zancru
    Trying to protect @VapeCritic from the biggest swarm of shillers and copycats ever.
    You’re too good man.
    Yes, you can be douchy in a very good way, but I’ve seen people taking advantage, for their own biz, by using your platform to increase they “likes” and their own commercial shillings and rip-offs.
    Sorry if I overstep you, my apologies.
    Your answer was more “politically douchy correct” ;) jajajaja
    Point taken.
    Zancru’s is not going to be seen anymore in this useless thread jajajaja
    Later nice people.
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    :point: :point:

    He said it!!! Not me!!! :smirk: :razz: :lol: @VapeCritic

    Love ya zanzibar <3 Dis one between you two
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    Are you fucking kidding me??
    Don’t be an asshole jajajaja
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    its a cant always get what you want kind of thing. Rebranding is pointless. He might have to make some compromises. Maybe someone can benifit from that.
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