• Flipz
    Wanted to share I guess you'd say a random video & information of how concentrates look in the SOURCE Gr2 Ti coil-less atomizer on lowest battery setting 2.7v. It's of the first time ever used so no clue if this particular coil-less atomizer needs low heat or high. Starting on low because seeing how the orb 3 lowest voltage was 3.2v - thinking there's a reason for it to have been bumped down. :-O

    Interesting info: The website says this about the new battery "The SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit vape pen comes with a specially designed 510 sub-ohm variable voltage battery, that optimizes your experience with eight different temperature settings from 3.2v to 4.8v. Go ahead, choose your ideal temperature and intensity."


    My battery reads that it goes from 2.7v to 4.2v so pretty sure it's a typo on the source site. Also the battery knob is labeled every other line with the voltage. The voltages shown are 2.7v, 3.2v, 3.7v and 4.2v LOL. For the heck of it I tried using my infrared thermometer gun but think the reflective surface wasn't giving anything near a accurate reading. The highest I was able to "clock" the coil-less TI atomizer on 4.2v was 133F but almost certain the inside gets much hotter than what I was able to read.


    They also describe the atomizer as "SOURCE Gr2 Ti coil-less atomizer (Removable Bucket)" and in their website picture does show it's suppose to have a screw looking piece on top which mine does not. Note that I don't even see any threads for a piece to even screw anything onto... I have no idea what is going on with this vape pen currently.

    The picture Source shows:

    What mine looks like:

    My first impression only going by what I got personally, is almost feels like a "pre-production unit" or "unfinished", not sure what to call it. It's hard right now as so much conflicting information is everywhere from what I see/read and what I got but anyways onto my pointless video. (Y)

    Ahhh crap, that's like $50 worth of wax goin bye-bye. haha - Did notice since the whole atomizer stays pretty damn hot after, the wax stays in like a liquid form for along time. Meaning I don't think I'd use that atomizer on the road because if you even start turning tilting the pen, the wax flows like water. Did manage to get a small hit on 2.7v and did get better as I turned the temp up so now I think this atomizer can produce vapor on lower heat but is most efficient on a higher setting. Vapor was smooth and had a nice clean taste to it, just how I like it. Haven't used any of the other few atomizers that it came with yet.

    Be easy!
    IMG_1508 (5M)
  • SOURCEvapes
    We definitely recommend cranking it up to 4.2v. And thank you for pointing out the typo, we'll be sure to correct it immediately (it's from our SOURCE orb 3, since those go up to 4.8v).

    The new SOURCE nail design is an improvement over our earlier model, with a "male" ring cap (inside the atomizer), rather than a "female" cap (outside the atomizer). You can still untwist it by latching onto one of the two slits on the inside, and twisting it counter-clockwise. It's heats up much quicker than our earlier model, and is also much more stable.

    For SOURCE nail atomizers, like SOURCE terra before it, we recommend a few seconds of heat up (around 3) before inhaling, using the highest setting. That will give you a really nice low temp dab.

    Or you can ramp it up with a box mod like our SOURCE volt line and with 20w you're getting huge clouds.
  • PatManIam
    cool vid bro (Y) !!
  • Steven Mendoza
    How's the quartz bucket?
  • Flipz
    Only used the one in pictures above so far. I don't think I have a quartz bucket/dish atomizer. There's quartz rods, a ceramic dish and titanium bucket. Got a pic of the one your talking about?
  • Flipz
    Ahhh, that comes with the highest price kit I believe. The one I got only came with a ceramic dish bucket and 5 other atomizers. I'd think it would work basically the same just with a cleaner taste on the quartz - I always found anything quartz to have more cleaner taste to it.

    Anyway, it works the same as the orb 3 dish and other ceramic dish atomizers I tried. Just what I noticed from using the vape.
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