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    Looks like the email notifications are working again
  • WillaDog
    Hey @Bud maybe a silly question, but wondering why you never mention the kind of flower you're vaping?
  • BobCat
    He does. GG4 and another strain I can't recall in the last video..

    If you want to tag someone, use the @ button above the text box. The "@" from your keyboard will not work. :victory:
  • TERRY1973
    Did tha sign up
  • WillaDog
    Thanks, @BobCat! I just never noticed @Bud mentioning this (or other reviewers, for that matter). Appreciate the "@" tip, sir.
  • LabPong
    Watched the last stream at midnight.......wow I guess you can summarize it up as.....

  • BobCat
    No problems. Welcome to the forum!
  • WillaDog
    Cheers and thanks, BC.
  • Alexis
    hello Baron, thanks for your reply and total openness and for clwrifying that, and I read your sunbsequent post below where you summed up a nice insight into your prognosis,,targets and hopes this time around- for somebody like myself who has no experience or understanding of this so I really appreciate you sharing that so concisely and honestly.

    I really care bro and you are in my thoughts. Really hoping you get substantial if not total relief, and best outcomes. I really think it's good for us to share this you know, in the name of pure honesty on the table at all times, where there is interest and it's a big thing to us.

    So really hoping all goes well. A few random stoned (and very nicely kava'd haha) thoughts came up, one of which is actually connected to that I think of now....

    You spoke of your very valid and and actually important yet unappreciated aspect and additional benefit of medical cannabis.

    When it comes to other substances especially of a psychoactive nature and also medicinal, even if pharmaceutical in nature I do actually believe in man-made medicines having some benefits nowadays due to the the abnormally toxic conditions our bodies have gotten into.

    Ideally in the pristine world these man-made toxic chemical medicines would have little place if any, where the full range of plant medicines was fully available to all and studied extensively.

    I like to think that anyway. But the point is how where there are no negative interactions the medical cannabis user can receive significantly more substantial and noticeable and also medicinal effects and benefits I believe from combining other psychoactive herbs and medicines with regular cannabis intake.

    This is one of the reasons and driving Factors in my enjoyment of experimenting with various psychoactive compounds and herbs over the course of this year ear to supplement my cannabis usage and enrich my enjoyment of of general intoxication

  • Alexis
    I have honestly felt that I can use less of each psychoactive substance and received an even greater level of noticeable benefits with less dependence on each reducing any side effects and also keeping tolerance more in Czech.

    I also strongly believe that the medical cannabis support protect system how offaly from any side effects and disruptions of any pharmaceutical medicines. So this is a really important observation for more people to be aware and appreciative of I feel.

    Very high here coincidentally on weight and kava which I am enjoying so much as a compliment and I have significantly modified my relationship with cannabis for the better since experimenting with these alternative psychoactive herbs I am much less dependence on my cannabis usage now and going longer without but more in reference to vaporizing specifically.

    I still use my cannabis edibles daily Justice support but they also complements these additional herbs particularly well without overwhelming or detracting from the effects and supplemental vapour as the evening goes on is particularly effective and enjoyable where I really appreciate the effects of that particular strain to be really high and I don't need much at all.

    The other point you made was how the gabapentin I think it was at least helps you to get a better night sleep when you have had in a while and sometimes this can be worth it's weight in gold because any type of genuine physical healing is impossible without sufficient quality and amount of sleep.

    I have experienced this myself constantly from chronic sleep deprivation, I have had a particularly bad bad left foot injury since 2017 which has struggled to heal properly due to insufficient food and sleep in late and I notice a matter for relation between my sleep quality and the level of soreness and weakness in my foot the following day.

    Anyway just a few random thoughts by just came to say thanks for sharing always interested and genuinely care wishing you the best outcome for this mini procedure I hope she get significant relief and admire your positive spirits always stay up bro will be thinking of you!

    Just about to get my breakfast now it's daylights and I have a really nice new little mini couch in my bedroom which we picked up very recently due to go shopping with my mum later for a nice rug looking forward to that. :smile: :up:
  • Bud
    Streamies in 1 hour-ish?
  • Baron23
    Cool. Set it up.
  • LabPong
    T.I.F.P. :point:
  • Bruce
    We love you Bud. Even the G43 has glass balls.
  • Alexis
    Was up WELL late liday guys and then preoccupied 4 hours but I'm just watching the stream back now.

    I got an iPod Touch a couple of months ago off Amazon for a good deal I just haven't got round to setting it up yet partly because my mum's laptop was dying and she was due a new one.

    Once I do though that will make catching more of the strains much easier because I can tune in and listen on the go while I'm doing bits around the house.

    So good to have the alerts back there again thanks bud we already appreciate you sorting that.

    Im sure looking dorward to vetting my messed up routine back on track to be more settled and merry (aka high!) For the earlier streams, which have a nice fresh buzz aboutt them.
  • Hapo
    ...I have glass like that...I paid $60 in a store...
  • LabPong
    ...I have glass like that...I paid $60 in a store...Hapo

    what glass?
  • Hapo
    ...sorry...similar to the one in Bud's G43 video...

    ...mine has a straight stem but the diffuser is the same...I have been trying to find another like it...

  • Hapo
    ...where's my G43...!?!...:joke:
  • steph
    Morning Bud and then More Bud
  • Alexis
    Good morning Bud, late avo/early eve here in UK.

    Almost 4.20 in fact! I'm already so nicely high though.

    God, was so poorly yesterday I just couldn't participate in the Stream at all barely until the end but he much wine and spirit and and physical shape around today.

    Wow, "What a diffetence a dsy makes, 24 little.." So true at times.

    @Baron23 hey buddy. I joined the stream when I could. I always read all your little interjections just to see what you are up to bro, but especially this time in relation to your little procedure and outcome.

    So glad to hear ear that you got some substantial relief, if I git things right in my my typically hazy state of consciousness of late, ESPECIALLY at night.

    Anyway I hope the benefits and pain reduction you received last amd life is all round more comfortable.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for potential stream alerts. Haha I'm a fish out of water really and I can't contribute much of use but I really just like joining in with the crowd and mingling among the positive vibes.

    It helps a ton with my anxiety disorder, just being able to touch base with you all.
  • Bud
    :100: :100: :100:
  • Bud
    Streaming Now:

    Replying to messages
    Paying bills
    Smoking pot

  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Holly F@#K!! There are 10+ hours of streamage to catch up on!!!
  • Alexis
    Hey everyone. Really hoping you are mostly if not all doing very well today.

    I just want to make an announcement in the form of a sincere apology to all of you good folks who participate and post here. I have been in an utter mess recently of exorbitant OVER medication. Just way over the top and out of hand.

    And my golly has it been revealing itself in my posting, especially in my late night hallucinogenic states.

    Im ashamed and cringe when I look back on my posts in greater sobriety.

    I feel I have been disrespecting you all and the forum, to be posting in such a mess. I think I must surely have been the most medicated, wasted member here lately, all in all.

    But Im addressing it now, I simply have to. Wrong coping skills to take pure acid almost daily for months, while going way overboard on Kava as well, often too much cannabis edibles as well.

    Not to mention the Etizolam. Vaping is the only thing in check and within reason and good measure.

    So I am sorry guys, I really want and need to show you all and this forum and others as well a much greater level of respect and take more care when posting at all times.

    Im really embarassed! Time to fix up. Im still gonna be well cained most surely. Def time for a break from acid though at the least. No harm done but so messy.

    Looking forward to the next stream when Im good and ready to join in the merriment and warm communality (I do like that word) at the right time in a fit state.

    Wishing everybody fantastic evenings all round. Just some Durban edibles so far today plus 1mg Etizolam, which is basically an anxiety self-medication because my severe anxiety has literally been killing me but Im fixing that now. I am looking forward to a nice vapor session after current infection treatments are complete, (in process now).

    Absolutely NO Lsd though. Maybe a little kava later we'll see. Its powerful stuff but so damned lovely it's hard to resist. It's like much healthier clear-headed alcohol with more of a psychoactive and psychedelic kick to it. Really fantastic for socialising as well because it leaves you very clear headed in your thoughts and emotions unlike alcohol.
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