• Other Side
    I always saw you a positive stand up dude and I guess I missed what you are talking about? No worries brother. We all have our moments and it takes a real man to acknowledge it. You're good in my book!
  • John Cocktostone
    I'm a few years sober. Ditch the booze. Everything in my life got better once I did.
  • Baron23
    I feel I have been disrespecting you all and the forumAlexis

    Well, I sure didn't feel that way and what the hell....I was on huge doses of Prednisone for almost two weeks and nothing that came out of my mouth/keyboard was in perspective.

    We go through stuff.

    No worries from me.

    to take pure acid almost daily for months, while going way overboard on Kava as well, often too much cannabis edibles as well.Alexis

    Well, yeah...might want to back that off a bit...just for your own sanity.

    Take care, Alexis.....you sure didn't disrespect or offend me.
  • BobCat
    I ditto @Baron23 & @other side You're a good dude, and it seems like you have it pretty hard, and you handle it with grace. :victory: :100:
  • Bud
    streamage in ~40 mins @ 2:30
  • Alexis
    @BobCat @Other Side @Baron23 @John Cocktostone

    Huge thanks guys. You are all super cool like so many people here which is the reason I joined up and love mingling and sharing among you. Your words of support always mean a lot.

    Im just referring to etiquette and manners really. I set high standards. I just felt pretty humiliated in my own eyes looking back on my overly sloppy posts. Maybe I phrased it all wrong, but I can't be so messily medicated like that trying to make legible, meaningful posts like that.

    End of stream was cool tonight guys hope you all have an excellent weekend. :up:
  • Bud
    Streaming at 1:00pm ET, about nothing:

  • Alexis
    Haha @Bud you kill me bro! :rofl: I awoke at 9.30 pm after a VERY VERY rare quality 7-hour sleep when I only started once for a pee.

    Is honestly the best little sleep I have had for years and I really needed it after getting severely unwell again just recently.

    Anyway, I was still disappointed when I saw my my email alert for the live stream thinking immediately- "that must have finished hours ago."

    So when I checked, I had to rub my eyes again lol after waking up first time round and to check that you WERE still live haha!

    And honestly it really helps to make my day or night just too to come and say hello and join in for a minute when I have missed the most part.

    So that was cool and pretty funny. @Bud you did look tired bro and it was a really strange feeling because I never ever feel slightly refreshed from sleep but I was feeling like you normally look on your morning streams when I'm dying a death lol! :lol:

    Anyway guys, I have pulled off a momentary miracle and recovered from what felt like near death to feeling better than I have felt for a long time in many regards.

    Honestly I'm actually feeling really well it certainly after some seriously intense health battles previous days and weeks, let alone previous months and years.

    I just need to build strength now and manage anxiety. This community is a massive help to me I might only pitch in here and there but you all mean a lot as individuals, so much genuine compassion and acceptance. Big thanks and love to all. :up: :heart:
  • Bud
    I'm too tired to stream, change my mind.
  • steph
    To tired to stream we wanna see that
  • jqcj5
    You can't sleep with all those airplanes flying over
  • John Cocktostone
    That do anything for ya?
  • steph
    If not full stream perhaps power hour
  • Bud
    ahhhh of course i laid down to rest my eyes and poof, 2 hour nap :roll:

    i have a phone call from 3:30 to 4 but i'll stream after that for like an hour :up:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: sounds like every time i have ever "rested my eyes"
  • TERRY1973
    Really nice one!!!
  • Bud
    Goodtimes fellas!!
  • Bud
    IMG_20200103_104009_01 (619K)
  • warren0728
    sorry i had to leave early ... i'll go back and watch what i missed (which was most of it)
  • Ctipp22
    I don’t get notified anymore so I always miss em
  • Bud

    Sorry about that broski i had to start a new email list, please signup again for alerts here: https://forum.vapelife.com/page/live-streams

    :100: :100:
  • LabPong
    because who needs burn offs or cleaning............. :chin:

    ie....suck it up buttercup :strong:

    EDIT.....oh yea....homie you got lit on that last hit..... :sparkle:
  • WOLF444
    Can anyone direct me to the livestream video that features the Tiny Might?
  • Karec
    Bud just got the TM yesterday, he will stream today and give his thoughts about it and do a comparison with the Tetra P80, looking forward to this one! :starstruck:
  • Microvaper
    Awesome. Can't wait to see this! Defo gonna be watching this after I finish work!
  • ScentNomad
    Check out his „Power Hour“ right on this page, halfway through he receives and unboxes the TM, two first impression sessions included.

    He announced to get a bit more thorough today, as Karec mentioned.
  • LabPong
    Mine would of been delivered yesterday, but they had my address all messed up. Should be ripping rig hits with it tonight! :cool:
  • Karec
    Just realised that Bud already made a welcoming video for the TM :lol: his 1st experiences with it.
    He seems positive about the TM but I will wait for more like he said, comparing it to the Tetra is going to be an interesting video.
    Looks like the year regarding to Dry Herb Vapes starts well.
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