• ssaucyc515
    hahaha tell me how I taste :lol: never tried :lol:
  • Hazel
    Señor Negro hahaha tell me how I taste :lol: never triedssaucyc515

    :rofl: think Michael Jackson lol :vomit:
  • EconMan

    If you give a mouse a cookie.... :)

    Love those eyes. :starstruck:
  • ssaucyc515
    that makes more sense in a way :lol:
  • Señor Negro
    My brainjuice is quite dry today (remember yesterday's stream ended a "bit" late for me :sweat: ) so I don't get the joke.
    Mind explaining to an ignorant spaniard ? :gasp:

    By the way, in case it was not obvious I didn't get the queen thing either :fear:
  • Hazel
    lol wellllll we weren’t calling him jamona lol I was just saying jamonnnnna lol and I wrote it on @ssaucyc515 pick tool order the first time he ordered one and showed up on the forum! :wink:
  • Señor Negro
    Ohhhhh! Now I get it. I was so lost because we use "jamona" as an adjetive just for women :sweat:
    There's no "jamono" to refer men's legs :sweat:
  • ssaucyc515
    hahahahaha am I pretty ? @Hazel
  • PuffItUp
    Yesterday was a great stream, I'm glad I was able to stop in :D
  • Vapedude
    ^^^^this stream, then the one in your garage a few weeks ago(or was it months? :grin: ) , and I THINK the one when you got wasted and almost zoned/passed out in the end :lol: are my top 3 fav streams of all time.

    You kept it real, I like keeping it real. :up:
  • kebcatmorgan
    no notification again? WTF?

    How do you guys know the stream is on?
  • meeemeee
    I wanna see the one in the garage. Is it on here?
  • meeemeee
    Can ya just text me when you stream? Haha :joke:
  • Cuckfumbustion
    So this is the new angle? I like the potentials with that much viewing space. :party: Just thinkin' out loud here. You could perhaps later have an advanced setup with a Camera A at the main desk and B at the newer wide angle. Or a box in a box when Hazel is at the other desk.

    One area the project area and the other for the chill space for the stream as well as offline. Like when you sat get frustrated at the project area go to the chill space and mention what 'grinds your buds'.

    Next stream I catch I'll/we can ramble about best places to live for the fun of it. And places for outdoor enthusiasts to vape cause Spring is happening in my part of the hemisphere.

    Bud and Hazel. How about a red county in NYS that is about the same commute time into the city but perhaps West as well? Would that be some sort of compromise and have a lower cost of living for a property owner? How about the Catskill Region? Plenty of Rod and Gun clubs and hunting. Perhaps you could open up one yourself?
  • ssaucyc515
    if hazel agrees to move to the Catskills I'll eat my grasshopper piece by piece @Hazel MAYBE I'm wrong but she's a new yawker. I can't move to bumblefuck... I don't think she'd like it either :lol: maybe for a vaycayy :cool:
  • Dr green thumb

    I cannot remember if soundboard has this
  • Hazel
    excuse the fuck me? I’ve been up there once many many many moons ago and it was for 1 thanksgiving lol I like where I’m at. That place is peaceful but totes far and bumblefuck for me. You know me sawce!

    I’m down with a small commute and peace and quiet though. No leaf blower zone ! :lol:
  • Cuckfumbustion
    ↪Cuckfumbustion I’m down with a small commute and peace and quiet though. No leaf blower zone ! :lol:Hazel

    How about where you can't see your neighbor's smoke come from their chimney?

    I've only checked out the rural region near New Paltz. Minnewaska State Forest driving from Central New York. Near the State forest it is a very rural Borscht belt farm country. Imagine Hasidic men and women resembling Amish and Mennonites walking along rural windy roads, Colonial era and Victorian era farm houses. 3 road intersections that developed into little towns. It felt like 50 -150 years ago. This area is 2hr from Manhattan according to google Maps. Sure there are other sweet spots that are a little more modern with the proximity to the things you are willing to leave the house for.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    Hazel MAYBE I'm wrong but she's a new yawker.ssaucyc515
    Cuckfumbustion I’m down with a small commute and peace and quiet though. No leaf blower zone ! :lol:Hazel
    I don't know the Long Island area. But there is houses with yards with trees and parks. Farmer's markets.etc . Not the concrete blocks that we think of. More Like Amityville Horror. Amirite?
    Don't know the whole region west of the big Apple. But, I enjoyed Minewaska State Forest Which according to google Maps is less than 2 hrs from Manhattan. Drove from central New York to get there. New Paltz being the nearest town that is on flat land. Also the Borscht belt begins there. Rural Hasidic farmer men and women that resemble the Amish and Mennonites walking along bendy twisty hill country roads. Rustic and colonial era houses. Town centers that were merely 3 way intersections. Old neon and hand painted signs. Like stepping back 50 to 150 years in time.
    Harrimon State Park is 1 hr to Manhattan. You would just be commuting east instead of west by my reasoning. I'm into hiking and biking and need to live close to such things. Cost of living is lower in a lot of rural regions. So find that sweet spot. Do you think you would feel isolated living where the population density is less? .Less 24 hour businesses and gas stations?
    Leaf Blower zone? You could move where you don't even see your neighbor's smoke come from their chimney. how bout that?

  • 52
    My wife grew up on Lake Ronkonkoma Long Island for 27 years and I grew up on the west side of the Hudson(NJ :scream:) till I was in my early 20’s. We didn’t meet each other till we were both living in Colorado 15 years ago.
  • charismaddict
    you too busy for a power hour this afternoon? @VapeCritic
  • VapeCritic
    I don't think i have any fans left :sweat:
  • Señor Negro
    If you make a birthday party stream (past your 6 PM so here will be 4/17) I will be your número uno fan forever :starstruck:

    Oh wait! That means I am not atm?? :roll:
  • Ctipp22
    Don't judge by trolls lol.
  • charismaddict
    "Build it and they will come" ~Field of Dreams

    Except in this case, just start the stream and then we will join k thanks :wink:
  • zancru

    I’m here man!!!!!
    We’re different, but together, in the same craziness, till the end.
    Stay up and vaped :cool:
  • Baron23
    I don't think i have any fans left :sweat:VapeCritic
    :sweat: :rofl:
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