• Bruce
    Favorite Herb - Strawberry OG

    Micro Doser - Dyna Vap and The Omni Vap for Butaine and The Arizer Argo

    Concentrates - I don't do concentrates but I have heard the Vaped One (Bud) praise Kandy's Pen and The Lynx Hypnos Zero. (I think they should shorten the name a bit)

    Pocketable - Pax 3 (For my vape style- nothing in the ballpark)

    Midsize - The Tera

    At home units - G43 - The Extreme Q -

    Cool Vape to Have Around - Cloudious 9 - Portable - bubbler, lights up like a fish tank.

    Just throw this in the biggest A-holes of the year,
    1. Source Orb - To go after a reviewer and expose personal info is not a company I respect.

    2. Haze - They closed up shop after releasing the Square and its almost criminal that there is a warranty that it comes with and of course is part of the price we would pay. How about a Haze square with no warranty,,, that's the price that should be offered, but I wouldn't buy a vape that is without a company that is not up and running.

    3. Bud because I heard a rumor that he combusted once by accident....
  • AsUwish
    @Bruce Lol. That was great. I'll play...

    Herb: Holy Grail Kush

    Microdoser: Splinter Z

    Concentrates: Lynx Hynos, Ditanium

    Pocketable: Fury 2

    Midsize/Portable: Mighty, Sticky Brick Runt, G43

    Desktop: Ditanium (Hardest overall hitter!)

    The reach awards: Ditanium, Splinter Z, G43

    Dissapointments of the year: I really really like the Boundless people but the Tera was a terrible mess. Wish they just scrapped the whole project and start over.

    Looking forward to: Mighty/Crafty 2, Firefly 3, Something completely different and truly portable.
  • SourMalk
    Dissapointments of the year: I really really like the Boundless people but the Tera was a terrible mess. Wish they just scrapped the whole project and start over.AsUwish

    I strongly disagree, I think the tera is an amazing vape, very powerful and very potent.

    Just wondering what makes you say that? Maybe it was just a poor experience because I found that my tera could hit just as hard as my Ghost MV1 (if not harder).

    It is the only convection vape I've used that had no risk of combustion, and a straightforward interface.

    **Edit: my experiences are only with the V3 Tera btw**
  • AsUwish
    It was sour grapes for me. I went through two units that had horrible off gassing (V1 and V2). I understand they have since made changes to it but the whole experience had been the worst I had of any vape I had used.
  • LabPong
    ditto with AsU......

    One of the worst Chinese fart machine I have ever tried....
  • standingsideways
    Favorite strain: Strawberry Cough / Pineapple Haze

    Micro Dose: DaVinci Micro

    Concentrate: I'm UK so not really, I use CBD OG Kush flavour VG when driving or can't vape herb.

    Portable: Solo 2

    Mid size: Milaana

    Desktop: G43

    Great to have on hand: SBL Junior

    Disappointment: Why everyone I know seems to think combusting is still better than vaping :groan:
  • SourMalk

    Totally understandable, I've heard nightmare stories of the V1 and V2.

    Anyways I might as well put my input:

    Favourite Herb: Super Lemon Haze (Just amazing flavour and potency)

    Microdoser: Dynavap M (although I'm not huge on microdosing I love the Dyna)

    Concentrates: Sai TopFlo Ti Bucket

    Pocketable: Dynavap M (hard to beat in this category)

    Midsize: Tera (Huge vapour and great battery, just not great in the pocket)

    At Home Units: I only vape on the go so the closest I have to a "desktop" is my stickybrick which only gets used before bed.
  • Bruce
    there is version 3 of the Tera, I got that one. It's an absolute beast. The test is time, but its all metal. The best pure convection I have experienced. There is no mess. The Version They got rid of the O ring. It is the kinda of like the Pax 3 now, its hard to ruin it, its made very nicely. Praise be it, I tell it as I see it, The Tera is better than any midrange vape. built well. If you miss the heating chamber it can't get inside at all. 2 Replaceable 18650. All metal, it fell on me the metal battery plate slid and taking a hit. not even a scuff mark. Check it out. I hope people get it and enjoy it.

    My mid range had the Solo 1 or 2, Amazing Vapes. The glass makes it takes so good. So Cooled down.

    I have to say the Tera is because it the most consistant, hard hitting convection. Most convection vapes have a down side and not much in the consistancy,

    Its a tank. Go to a store and ask to see one. Hold it in your hand, and then watch the you tube reviews. Remember not version 1 and 2. It has to be 3. The versions 1 and two had issues with some materials holding the heating chamber. There is no substance anymore just a mesh bendable metal sheet that holds the oven.

    The Tera is a Tera for the Middle Weight Champs.

    Buh Bye BiYatch's
  • MothChewMoth
    My current personal rankings based on usage

    - new enail : this thing is amazing! Thanks 710 coils and Baron for your recommendations.
    - new keychain cart pen : adjustable wattage, folds like a key fob and has a keyring attached. Super incognito!
    - Evo : I have so many attachments for this now it's funny, still no hydratube though. I have a feeling that's what I should have done in the first place. Instead, I normally enjoy this with my rig through a whip.
    - Sticky Brick. Got a new desktop vector torch. I didn't know the true potential of the brick! It's gone back to being my portable favorite aside from the carts.
    - I'm fairly certain I'm trading in my Mighty for a Ghost. It's not that I don't like it, it's that it's gathering dust and doesn't really suit my uses. I've wanted to do this for a while, so I figure it's the best way to go.
  • iamdiosa
    Hehehe - I'm wanting to sell my Ghost for a similar reason, just doesn't meet my needs and is gathering dust. I wish the Ghost either had bigger crucibles, or I cared less about having to do multiple crucibles. Wanna Trade?

    So I'll play along.

    Herb: Ghost Train Haze (or Cannatonic for afternoons)

    Microdoser: Ghost

    Concentrates: EZSai (Ditanium arrives Monday so this may change)

    Pocketable: XMax Starry/Fog (tossup - just depends what I'm wanting)

    Midsize/Portable: Solo 2

    Desktop: CFX (Ditanium may claim this spot)

    Disappointment of the year: I really really disliked my Davinci IQ. I wanted to love it, but I shouldn't need an oven mitt to use it. Yes, it really did get that hot, and that can't be good for the batteries.
  • 52
    Favorite Herb - SkunkBerry(at the moment because of foot pain)

    Micro Doser - Dynavap

    Concentrates - HVT-SAI

    Pocketable - Dynavap, IQ, cart

    Midsize - MV-1, RBT

    At home units - G43, RBT PAM
  • bum karacho
    flower: Vanilla Kush,Grand Daddy Purple,GG'#4

    Micro Doser: Vapocane

    Cocentrates: Oil Rig with Ceramic

    Pocketable: Crafty,M2018

    At home units: G43,SB Hydromaxxxxx, VapeXhale,
  • bum karacho
    RBT PAMStartedat52

    thats real EXOTIC !
  • 52

    Lol, :lol:
  • Dr green thumb
    Favorite herbs, grand daddy purple indica, sativa double Durban kush

    Micro dose- what's that?

    Concentrates - portable carts , home glass rig and quartz banger with cup insert.

    Pocketable - Milaana 2

    Home - g43, hydrobrick max,
  • Baron23
    oh, I’m so glad you are liking it. 710coils (Shane) is a great fella and sells very good products for a very fair price.

    If using clean BHO or CO2 extracted trates, I go first to my quartz banger/coil I got from Shane.

    And, though they aren’t cheap, but if you get a HT for your EVO, you will wonder how you ever got along without one.

    I like the turbine myself.

  • Hazel
    Aright aright.. here goes (as if you wanna hear my picks lol) ...

    On the go: Paper Vapes & Ghost

    Desktop/Hybrid: G43 & Volcano (og version)

    Microdosing/Quick Pack Vapes: Micqro & Pax

    Before Bed: Dynavap Omni XL

    Batt Carts: Ccell, PCKT & Vmod

    Pens: Most Kandypens hit smooth for me

    Other: Crafty & Lotus

    Concentrates: Fav way to consume is honeysuckle.

    Vape thoughts: Anything hit through glass with adapter usually tastes and hits better and easier for me. Haven’t don’t much of that lately though other then w/ G.

    Used to use Pax & Crafty way more but Pax smells like doodoo when I hit it and makes my throat burn these days. Crafty has too much air lately.. feelings like a lot of air is going into my stomach and not enough vape into my lungs, and it ends up being annoying and tummy ends up feeling off.

    Micqro is cool but battery dies sooopa fast and I hate the butthole battery latch and the loading chamber latch. They always fuck up.

    Vapes coming out I’m excited about? Paper Vape 2019 Special Edition (designed by moi) - The PP43 ... see vision below. :lol:

  • BestBuds
    On the go: FireWood 5 or Milaana 2 with short XL8R mouthpiece

    Desktop/Hybrid: G43 & enano

    Microdosing/Quick Pack Vapes: Milaana 2, Splinter, Splinter Z with Lamart wood stem and a S&B dosing capsule

    Before Bed: Arizer Extreme Q or Elev8r

    Batt Carts: Ccell Palm (not into carts, only for public needs.)

    Other: G43 is like a Elev8r without the torch imo. I love it, but it doesn't get every day use because it eats my batteries super fast and the cord it a little too short. But it's one of my favorites to use when I get some extra tasty herb.

    Concentrates: Elev8r with healthstone or a honeystraw.

    Most used vape: RBT Milaana 2
    Least used vape: Ghost MV1
  • MothChewMoth
    @Hazel I think all that's missing for me now is a DynaVap product. I still haven't bought one and keep not winning the giveaways! It looks like you'll just need to rig the next one in my favor :lol: :rofl:
  • EconMan
    On the go: Paper Vapes & Ghost

    Desktop/Hybrid: G43 & Volcano (og version)
    Microdosing/Quick Pack Vapes: Micqro & Pax
    Before Bed: Dynavap Omni XL
    Batt Carts: Ccell, PCKT & Vmod
    Pens: Most KandyPens hit smooth for me
    Other: Crafty & Lotus
    Concentrates: Fav way to consume is honeysuckle.

    LMFAO :rofl:

  • acstorfer
    Herb - Sour Jack (Sour Diesel and Jack Herer hybrid)


    Micro Doser - Omnivap XL ti

    Concentrates - I don't do concentrates, but my favorite battery is a freebie I got from a local dispensary.


    Pocketable - With the exception of dog walks this isn’t an issue. When I do vape while walking my dog I prefer my Ghost MV1 because of the quick draw and back into my pocket. I use to use cartridges, but I really don’t like concentrates. Technically my Omnivap fits best in pocket, just not too practical for quick hits though.

    Midsize - The Mighty

    At home units - The Mighty with water pipe


    Cool Vape to Have Around - My Ghost is definitely my coolest vaporizer.
  • Hazel
    I can't even read all the stuff for the Woman one but I can tell you from the glance at man vs woman, you're onto something. LOL :ok: Even being OCD and ADD the and ...well.. ME... aka talky mctalkenstein... the woman pic hurts my brain and makes me want to run the other direction. lol :lol: :monkey: Damn... says a lot about me if i'm dissing me lol

    Yogi!!!!!!!!!! He's got a G too???? :100: :scream: #winning
  • acstorfer
    Yogi!!!!!!!!!! He's got a G too???? :100: :scream: #winningHazel

    Not just Yogi. It’s Yogi the D.A.R.E. Bear. I had him since I was a DARE instructor over 20 years ago.

    What’s a G?
  • EconMan
    I was a DARE instructor over 20 years agoacstorfer

    OMG! LMFAO :lol:

    About 3 years into my professor career, I was a tenure-seeking whore and so accepted a "Chancellor's Task Force on Drug Abuse" appointment. There was something ironic about me doing that job -- creating propaganda to insult the intelligence of smart young people -- given my publications and research and that some day I will write the book, "I Did It Stoned," :nerd:
  • Hazel
    G is short for G43 lol it’s our unofficial nickname for it. But... I’m an ass b/c my comment makes no sense now. I looked too quickly at your picture and thought your bong/rig/glass piece was connected to the G43. Or oh was mixed in with stuff there and yogi was hitting it lol

    I do this all the time. :roll: I look at something too quickly or read something too quickly, and misread or skip over key words/elements. Then when I reply or comment (to whomever, wherever in real life or on internet) I end up missing what’s really being said or going on. And to make matters even lamer, like an even bigger ass (and not the god kind lol), I don’t even realize I make no sense until someone responds to me like you right now. :monkey:

    Sooo Yogi don’t have a G43 aka G.
    Yogi the DARE Bear don’t either.
    BUT you do have a badass glass piece and Yogi the DARE bear which is pretty close.

    Now if you get a G43 and snap a pic of You & Yogi the DARE bear hitting it (double decker style)... that will be fantabulous lol
  • acstorfer
    I have an entire catalog of Yogi and all the things he’s not supposed to use.

    Here’s a couple shots with McGruff the Crime Dog with him.


  • Hazel
    love it!!! So cool seeing our old DARE friends doing what they shouldn’t ! Peer pressure got the best of them, didn’t it? :roll: :snicker: jk

    My parents had this picture!! Memories!! :strong:

  • Bruce
    I like the pink logo. Would you mind if I had it screened on me for a tattoo, right smack in the middle of my forehead?

    I haven't seen the Vaped Crusader, I heard he has been trying all of them G43's your sending out. Hey gotta make sure they work. and of course, after is the munchies. The first 7-11 to deliver... A case of Funions, Dipsy Doodles, Twizzlers, Rolaids, Preparation H, A pipeline of Fruit Punch,

    Peace, Love & Vape

    v^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^^ V
  • Hazel
    :100: dooo ittttt! Will you also add my infamous signature that’s on the baggies of pick tools and stix to your right ass cheek?? :joke:

  • Bruce
    I prefer the left one :}
  • Hazel
    bingooooo! We have a deal lol :ok: :party:
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