• zancru
    This is the new oil take, from New Vape.
    DCup, an oil only head, that takes 30mm inserts, of most kinds.
    Stay vaped.
  • fatbiker
    Looks pretty intense.
  • bum karacho
    everything they build is so nice.... :starstruck: :love: :starstruck:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Forgive my ignorance, but what's the benefit of getting this, or the weed eater compared to the vrod, or showerhead, that does both flower, and trates... I know with portables that they rarely do both well, but I thought that was what was so great about the vrod it does BOTH. I have unfortunately not yet tried any of the flowerpots, but I'm thinking it will be my next vape. So, thanks for any info that will help lead me down the right path.
  • zancru

    You're correct, I mostly have all NV FPs versions, and they are mostly the same.
    Imho, it looks like it will satisfy that segment of people, like me, that like to have all their products, because they are so nice and functional, and indestructible imo.
    This is a "oil" only dedicated head, for the new and constantly moving and growing dabbing market.
    All NV products are worthy the extra $$$$$$$
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    so would you say the v rod is the way to go for first NV purchase?
  • welshman

    If you dab or would like to dab in the future I would say yes. The weedeater and now this are the only ones I haven’t bought yet but I’m not sure whether either offer me enough over the vrod to tempt me atm
  • zancru

    SI se~or, correcto.
    Don't forget to use @VapeCritic discount code for it ;) search it on the discounts thread ;)
    If you have glass, just go for the VROD bundle, no glass.

    IMHO & E.....
    2 holed Carb Cap.
    NV SiC dish is good enough.
    2 of the biggest terp balls, no more needed imo, I have many because I'm greedy jajajajajaja
    I really like the stand that comes with the bundle, it's worthy in the bundle.
    2 double weave Ti screens.
    one of each posts if you feel inclined to spend extra jajajajajja not needed.(I have a 10F,14 & 18 M)
    I have 3 bowls, all the Ti ones, imo & e they stay cleaner than the glass ones, last longer etc etc, I own both 14 and 18 M glass bowls too, the 14M came crooked at the bowl lip, can't be used for flower, only used for oil ;)
    get the NV PID, save $$$$$, Auber is ok, but they are basically the same.
    I really like the head handle, makes the usage way easier than without, looks great too, I haven't seen a nicer DIY yet.
    Their loading tool is very cool and practical too, I like it.
    Stay vaped.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Thanks for the input. I'm still always off from pulling the trigger. I gotta save up some $$$. But it's definitely next in line.
  • zancru

    did you read my post at the DCup thread at FC????
    What are your thoughts???
  • Baron23
    I love the design of the DCup and we all have our preferences in devices.

    Rather than a VROD and twaxing, I use a Shower Head for flower and right now mostly a Liger Ti banger for dabs. I can see the DCup being the dab side of a FP duo.

    I made a bit of a post on the FC thread on this with some questions....I will be very interested to see how user comments and acceptance roll out and what, if any, incremental changes NV will make to it as they do constant product improvement.

    Very cool, Edwyn. Very cool.
  • Hazel
    Why the hell would you name it a D cup though?!. :rofl:
  • Law7764
    He probably has a love for vaporizers and boobies
  • Gonzo
    It's genius!! Every man will want one, but not know why!! .....and then not know what to do with it once he gets it.
  • Hazel
    lol he prob just her me say we were doing Double D’s from the G43. #follower just kidding lol

    A male with a D Cup.. :rofl: interesting. So I can say this?

    “Hey Friend, let’s hang out with Jose Wattsits tonight. He’s got a D cup!” :rofl:

    Sounds ... sexy lol
  • okla68m
    "Man with a D-Cup" ?.......sounds like a Masectomy is in order !
  • Cannabliss420
    Just ordered dcup. They have sezzle now. Pay in four payments, no interest. 10% code is SOC10. I know 420 sale is coming for 20% but I couldn't wait,plus companies sell out of stuff during those sales.
  • 52
    Thread has been quite for a few months. Must not be many of these out there as people love to either brag or bitch about any purchase, lol. Seriously, we need some videos of it being used, only one I can find is the video from NV.
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  • EconMan
    I've not really been into FPs much. At least yet. Have used them, but nothing about it jazzed me. But I've never dabbed from one.

    This looks like something I might use and like.
  • 52
    My cup of D
  • zancru
    I reassembled the D-Cup, after soaking it, for more than a full day in ISO.
    It was caked.
    Everything was dirty.
    I set up the PID at 999F.
    I can’t really remember, for how long it was set at that temperature, but at least for a couple hours.
    Finally, it came unstuck, carefully on top of a bamboo cutting board. Left a smoking ring.
    You can tell, by the dust left behind, how caked and dirty, was inside the D-Cup.
    Back of the SiC dish. All the caked reclaim, finally burned dry, and broke into charcoal.
    Shiny kit, before assembly.
    And finally a happy D-Cup, at 555F.
    Flavor and Dracarys are back!!!!
    Stay vaped and tuned.
  • Baron23
    I’m glad you were able to finally get it out :up:
  • 52
    Question, can I dab the oil from my carts? I Don’t like the taste or high temperature I feel in my mouth and throat from carts. The carts I have are full spectrum co2 oil and terps, supposedly without any other cutting agent. Was thinking about trying some in the Dcup and water rig.
  • spider
    Hey just a quick question, I noticed they have 3 options on the terp balls, three different sizes, which one would be the best for a person who uses smaller dabs? How would one know which size yo get? Is it based on the size of dabs you do? Just curious✌
  • zancru
    Lunch & Vake!!!
    White Tahoe Cookies
    vaked by, WeedEater uncapped, 666F.
    Primer plato,
    Black Dog Kush “salsa”
    hervido por, D-Cup capped, 555F.
    La Pipa de Vidrio,
    Clear Matrix, de Möbius
    Dracarys Clouds
    Vake & Fly!!! ✈️
    Stay vaped!!!


  • spider
    Awwee, sweet, just figured out what the difference is with the terp quartz balls,,6mm are for d-cup because of the large dish, 5mm are for v-rod, 4mm are for personal, d-cup can take any size, as far as the rig I'm leaning towards, well its probably the stereo matrix✌⚡
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