• kiddvudu2
    I just power-read some of the first, middle, and end of that FC thread. Crazy, scary shit. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon! :joke:

    Definitely concerning though. I'm very curious to know more. Thankfully, I've never experienced anything like this. I'm not a big fan of throwing up! It rarely happens to me, I hope it stays that way. Having said that, I'm about 15 years in of daily use for recreation only. Hopefully, someday soon, we will identify a way to determine whether an "attack" might be coming on soon enough to prevent it. And hopefully also someday soon, we will know enough about this to potentially be able to avoid it all together.
  • Alexis
    I can't say I have heard of that approach, but I never really followed with full interest. It is a bleak thing, I feel a lot for those who suffer it, especially dependant medical users.

    It"s definitely one specific area and condition that badly needs studying into, for patients and victims sake. But at least awateness of the condition is increasing and becoming more mainstream and at least it's not one of these disputed conditions and it is is apparently acknowledged as being legitimate and real by the mainstream.

    Just a shame these things can take decades for any real science or answers to to be provided unfortunately but hopefully not the case from now with this particular condition and we will see some investigation and hopefully some better clues regarding its causes and potential treatment or improved management strategies.

    I have a difficult time accepting the idea that it is developed as a result of prolonged heavy cannabis usage. I mean my own usage is very moderate compared to many members here and many medical uses especially, so I get well cained on pot bruvs trust me. Mostly edibles at present, but I have my replacement SSV heaters today to fix and try a new vape.

    Antihistamines for CHS? Who knows. It may be unchartered but you never know.

    I wouldn't want people who use a fairly large amount of cannabis regularly to be afraid of developing the condition I can't help but feel and may be related to/caused by the amount you actually use and more of a predisposition.

    Just my intuition and a hunch on that being honest but I bet if you you collected a load of data the statistics would not support the idea that using more cannabis generally increases your likelihood of developing CHS. Saying that, I think it has been indicated that heavier use MAY contribute.

    But then possibly those individuals were more disposed to developing it and possibly might have anyway except the heavier usage really brings on the more intense attacks and flare-ups.

    Just thinking on it. No mention of pollen I'm aware of.
  • Alexis

    Yeah I just commented on this above before I saw your post. I think it has been associated with heavy use. But I feel we are a long way from saying- heavy use causes it. More likely exacerbates. But I/we really don't know.

    I'm like yourself BestBuds. My own usage has always been moderate enough. But I'm still loaded up on cannabinoids, lots of edibles, and usually a reasonable bit of vapor. 365 practically.

    But deep down I really don't feel like I am at risk of developing this the same with cancer but you should never say anything like that of course you just don't know what's around the corner.

    I'm certainly not living in anxiety and fear of developing over condition myself, much empathy towards those who have it though.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Other than this quote this article seems to have a lot of misinformation.

    Does smoking marijuana vs vaping THC oil make a difference? Experts weigh in

    “My hope would be that the portable vaporizers, the machines that actually do use the whole plant and heat it up but don't light it on fire… I feel like that is the way we should go,” Earleywine says.

    “If socially it could become more acceptable and kind of hip to have a vaporizer we would be much better off from a public health perspective," he says.
  • Dankpup
    it gets weird when they are talking about dry herb vaping and concentrates like it’s in the same realm. When I think of humans and our relationship to smoke, we have been heating for warmth and cooking getting second hand or direct smoke for 40,000 years, how much have our bodies adopted to smoke vs taking huge lung shots of vapor from a cartridge? They estimate lactose tolerance took 20,000 to develop.
  • bulllee
    I love AZ ! Here in the great southwest we like our weed :cool: 82 tons in 2019.
    https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/marijuana/medical-marijuana-arizona-cannabis-82-tons-consumed-2019-11433153 I know I had a hand in this :rofl: .
  • bulllee
    Aluminum cans zap thc
    Are you likely to consume infused soda or drinks ? :chin:
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