• acstorfer
    The most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching. The wonderful wonderful sales will soon be upon us. What does the little kid (weed vaporist) in you want for this beautiful holiday?

    I have to admit 2018 has been extremely kind to me. I feel blessed with what I have. All I really want are a couple accessories for my Omnivap. I have one of those 3D printed dugouts one might see on Etsy. Unfortunately no one had any wood dugouts for an XL when I got my Omnivap. The 3D plastic one will do, but it’s kinda garbage. The clasp sticks opening and closing, and the magnet that seals the latch closed shattered, but there is still enough magnet to work. So yeah, I’m hoping to see a nice dynastash on sale. I also want a nice single flame torch as well, but that’s really an anytime kinda thing to buy myself.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I would love to grab a Flower Pot but I'm not sure it's gonna become a reality until after 4/20. My piggy bank ain't even close to full enough.
  • 52
    Stealth OmniVap XL.
  • DonnaMo
    I would love to get a grasshopper and the Ditanium! Too bad the wallet is so thin right now. A 420 sale sure would be nice!
  • zancru
    Hoping that my VAS decreases, actually.
    A Firewood 5.
    A quartz enail setup.
    An XL DynaStash will be nice too.
    How can I forget about an Induction Heater??
    I’ll go broke for sure ;) jajajajajaja
  • iamdiosa
    For me, I admit I splurged early for the Ditanium. Other than that, I don't know what would be my next purchase (well, okay, I am on the list for the G43, but that's some time off).
    I would love to find a wood piece that I really like. I love the looks of them but... (I did not get along with the Tubo Evic, so I'm more than a little leery of wood, since I'm just not really that into box mods)
  • zancru

    Milaana will sweep your socks off.
    My OG 2016 Pre-Order Maple Milaana, is one of the tastiest convection portables, I’ve ever tried.
    Other woods or wood stems could add an aftertaste.
    Stay vaped.
  • iamdiosa
    Are they even available anymore? I don't see them available anywhere. It seems like it would do the job. I need a friend that has one that will let me try it. :)
  • Lucic and Chong
    I'm finally at a point that I never thought I'd hit with my VAS, I'm very content with my collection and don't have the urge to add anything. Sure there's a few I'd like to add if I had an excess of cash, but there's nothing that I really feel like I need, or even have a strong want for.

    I'll probably just hit up the 4/20 farmers market style weed sales.
  • John Cocktostone
    Time, check
    Money, check

    No clue what to buy. Everything is boring these days.
  • Trix
    Wanting a flowerpot or Ed’s woodscents.
    Induction heater would be nice but I’m still waiting for Dynavap’s. Hmmmm what else?
  • Kinick23
    Dynavap and IH this 4/20
  • Pakalolo2
    Flux Deluxe IH in a custom Cherry enclosure and maybe a Splinter or Splinter Z? Jury is still out.
  • twhc291
    If the price is right and my bank account likes me I'd love to finally get my hands on the MV-1 finally
  • EconMan

    Nothing has caught my eye yet... Sold most of my vapes.
    Now my top four are (in order of usage)

    1. FireFly2
    2. G43
    3. Dyna Omni Xl
    4. Sticky Brick Jr

    Now concentrates are a different story. Someone will make a water attachment that sits on top of a cart I can suck on...... but until then, I'm pretty happy on vapes. Nothing else I need. No other problem to solve.

    Now that being said, I am spending on quartz and glass. Indeed, if there is an interesting new banger of some sort, I'm all over it. Recent expenditure -- Terp-Slurper -- costly to buy and costly to use :joke:
  • kek
    Think i'll just pick up a wood stem for my Omni to vape with my bubbler without fat mouthpiece :nerd:
  • MothChewMoth
    So now that I've got a Ghost on the way I just traded for (and am really excited to try), really all I think I'm "missing" is a DynaVap product. Perhaps I shall keep my eyes peeled...
  • acstorfer
    Last year Dynavap did a lot of great flash deals last year. If you saw something you liked you could put it in your shopping cart so you don’t have to order at the first flash sale you see. They did 40% off a few times last holiday season.
  • Baron23
    I really don't have anything on my wish list. I still rotate my main desktops, FP SH, G43, and EVO with the Volcano stepping in once in a while.

    For portables, I'm pretty much down to using my Mighty or VC on DDave glass wand and a bubbler.

    To peak my interest....like Bud...I want to see something different and not just a repacking of the same tech. I may be waiting quite a while.

    If I didn't already have three bangers (well, the D-nail Halo isn't a banger per se) I would look seriously at the New Vape D Cup. Nice design but I would def get the CCA710 Obsidian insert with it...NV sells those now.

  • fatbiker
    I may pick up some glass bowls from a NewVape for my VRod but that’s about it. Oh, maybe a TI bucket coil for my Sequoia along with a spare quarts bucket or two.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    I have an 2019 DynaVap M coming this week and I'm thinking about the Splinter.

    420 came early though yesterday. I should not go in the Head Shop!!

    This things a beast!!!!
    DSC01163 (116K)
  • John Cocktostone
    you play wow? Have I asked you this before?
  • AnVom
    Let us know how that reclaim catch works
  • highasakite
    Can you explain what's going on there? I don't know how the lime green thingy works.

    Is that a silencer for your torch? :rofl:
  • zancru

    It’s a reclaim catcher ;)
    Neat idea indeed.
  • elykpeace
    FL meds are SO expensive. I want to eventually get a flower pot but I can't afford to right now. Maybe I'll sell off a couple vapes to aquire one. @vapecritic any flower pots laying around I can take off your hands?! :joke:
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @highasakite you need a fire fighters suit for that torch!! :fire: :scream:

    The green thing is a reclaim catcher. Comes off and becomes a jar. More than VAS, I suffer from GAS!

  • kek
    sorry guy, i don't understand what are you saying?
  • John Cocktostone
    video game thing. Kek is a video game term on World of Warcraft
  • kek
    ok! No i don't play wow :cool:
  • Papic914
    As of right now I have my eye on a sticky brick jr. They have 20% off and said they would b doing flash sales on models, guessing it will bmore than 20% that’s what I’m waiting for. Unless something else catches my attention.
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