• EconMan
    That is SUPPOSEDLY is What caused the Downfall of one of our local Funiture store owners, a Twin, one of the Mathis Brothere Furniture store ownersokla68m

    Not well, but I know some of that family of freaks. Those stores went out of business so many times... lol..... My understanding is old man Matthis died and the kids fought over the carcass ?
  • Ctipp22
    I always knew they were crude trains
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    My GF and I are spending the evening, with our good friend Molly :smirk: :nerd: :joke: . Its been a while since we've seen her, and we wanted to make sure we get along as well as we remember, before bringing her with us to meet Les Claypool and Sean Lennon on Thursday. They just released a picture of the poster for the show....
    .... You can be sure I will be finding a wall where this pachyderm can face south
  • onejuicyfruit
    Man this story is hilarious! So what's up with the eggs in the aquarium lately. You have another funny to tell?
  • onejuicyfruit
    Oh man, where did you find this feel good picture! LMAO & loving it
  • onejuicyfruit
    I've been trying to catch up this morning. When I read and looked at your pic, I sat here thinking and looking back at it again for a while. Then I thought wow, I'm either way too medicated this early or too uneducated to get this. Finally I looked at your user name again and decided it was the former. Love that poster and hope all went well.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    we have a planted tank and the algea was starting to over run a little bit so we bought some liquid co2. It is exactly heavily planted, i should have taken a marijuana approach to the tank and started with much less then the bottle suggested. You never really know for sure but i have a good hunch thats why a couple fish died and the eggs never hatched or whatever they do. I quartered the dose and everything seems to be well again.

    Since ya asked :joke: in a desprate attempt to keep my inner child alive. Nerf guns are cat toys in my house. A couple years ago i bought my first one as an adult. It shoots balls instead of darts and has a clip that holds a good number of them. When i got home i shot it thankfully not at my cats because this is when i learned that this thing shoots close to 100 fps, good for playing fetch but im scared to aim this thing at my kitties. Its pretty loud too so it doesnt get used often.
    Ive got some other ones but they are a little loud too. I was in toys r us the other day with the family, so we made our way to the dad toys. The overwatch guns were inticing lol i ended up grabbing a little 5 dollar one. Its perfect not too loud, shoots good but not overly powerful. The funny part is to my male cat oji its a joyful too for fetch. Eris however has quite the killer instinct and for her its an instrument of fear. It instantly pulls her out of predator mode. Tyedyesamurai defender of guineas. Aka papa new guinea
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Thanks had a blast last night. Super stoked for the show tomorrow. Sorry I confused your medicated self. :rofl:
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