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    @EconMan @Dr green thumb posted a video of this guy a while back, i figure his applications might be useful for my feral animal problem as well :chin:
  • Stants
    My 1st peice of glass arrived today, apart from the odd acrylic bong in my teens I've never had one :monkey:

    I blame you lot:lol:
  • EconMan
    My 1st peice of glass arrived todayStants

    That requires a pic! :nerd:
  • EconMan
    posted a video of this guy a while back, i figure his applications might be useful for my feral animal problem as well :chin:Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Why would anyone want to repel a cat? :nerd: :rofl:
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    lol you should watch one of that guys other videos about cats. I know cats are little fuckers but man the video evidence laid is compelling, i would leave the country.
  • Stants

    Don't get too excited was only a cheap £40.00 baby rig, 39m4kuajjzyzdt01.jpg

    The 14mm adapter arrived cracked, but again much love to vapefiend as theres a replacement due today, and I get to keep the other one so had a little try out last night
  • EconMan
    Don't get too excited was only a cheap £40.00 baby rigStants

    I'm a big fan of cheap baby rigs. :starstruck:
    For dabbing, many people go too big. To fully use "El Dose" (below in pic on left) requires some healthy "lungfish" type lungs. El Dose is smoother, with its twelve recycler tubes. But to use Mogami (the Toro knockoff to the right), only requires the tiniest of diaphragms. Indeed, when I dab out a newbie I suspect will struggle with a high-suction rig, I give Mogami to them (yes, I name my rigs -- in this case an under-rated Japanese hybrid light cruiser from WW2).

    Anyway, Mogami ROCKS traditional dabs. Don't let it's tiny cheap status fool you -- it hits! It is a mood thing -- sometimes I prefer Mogami.


    As an FYI, El Dose was about $70 on E-bay (found it recently on dhgate for about $40) and Mogami was bought at DHgate for about $27. Both of my often-used prime dab rigs cost me less than $100 collectively including tax and shipping.

    A favorite soapbox -- one need not spend suitcases of cash to obtain a good functional dab rig.

    Now that said, someday soon I hope I'm going to do some conspicuous consumption (rip Thorstein Veblen) and throw down for a high end american glass "craftsman/artisan" piece. I've decided I'm going to drop my usual "cost v benefit" approach, and go pure hedonism -- if it calls me it gets bought.

    I found one I loved a few weeks ago and chose to pass. Changed my mind a few days later and went back to the shop and it was gone. Owner called the local artist, and he never makes the same item again, nor tries to. :sad:
    It was a :starstruck: drumset :starstruck: I about creamed myself the first time I saw it. Forget dabbing out of it, I just wanted the glass work as much as the rig. lol The Bass drum was the main water reservoir, the tom tom the upper water chamber, the snare drum is where the banger joint goes, and it even had real gold painted glass "paiste" logo cymbals. The intake was a tube with a joint that fit into the throne (seat)! AND it has two glass stick "quivers" for swabs and stuff.
    It was simply an orgasmic delight..... one of those things you buy not because you need it but want it. Wished I would have taken a pic.
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