• Tyedyesamuraiguy
    That pesky canadian goverment exploiting vices. First they start selling booze in the grocery stores.... Then they legalize pot! And now golf courses and what not can serve before 9am.

    I just wanted some food! But i did enjoy the hard cider! :monkey:
    Im not even a drinker.... :naughty:
  • lazylathe
    My boy constantly makes me smile! Without him, life would be very dull!
    Found this puppy pic of him today and thought I would share my boy, Samson.

  • UbarDog
    i wanna talk to samson

    Quantum physics, String theory, thermal dynamics and CHEW TOY, BONES!!!

    I hope :D
  • lazylathe

    We are picking up an 8 week old girl in a few weeks time!
    She will melt your hearts...

    And this is a recent pic of him all grown up! My magnificent companion!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    thats a nice dog man! I miss having one around, i love my cats but they can be real fuckers ya know.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @lazylathe what a beautiful boy!! I had a Boarder Collie/Healer mix that passed away a few years ago. Such amazing dogs.

    Just put my PI/Hacker friend on an important mission. Cant wait for the details :naughty:
  • BestBuds
    I am smiling today because I have decided to exchange my career for a better life. I suffer from chronic pain and it's getting to the point where I can't work full-time any more. I went from electrician (stoped because of pain) to retail banker. Now I can't handle that now either. I have random thoughts of suicide and being better off not alive because of the constant fight against pain. Don't worry I'm under doctors care. I have a therapist and so on. Anyway I have been kicking out my resume to a few places the past 6 months or so. Going on interviews here and there. And I found a part time position that will allow me time to rehab my body and try to get my wellbeing (mental, physical, spiritual) on the right track.
    It's not going to be easy but once I allowed myself to accept the decision I felt a weight that I didn't know was there it's been so long, lift off my shoulders. It's a fist step to a long journey. :victory:
  • Gonzo
    Best wishes in your journey.
  • Dr green thumb

    It is very hard to let go of the "old" you but accepting you are different now makes it much easier. You are not alone.
  • Hazel
    What made me smile today? The birthday card I picked up for Bud’s grandma LOL

    I also picked up a nice thoughtful card as well of course. At 91 (in a few days), the card mayyyyyy not be everyone’s cup of tea. But then again, as I’ve mentioned before, she’s technically more active and youthful than Bud and I combined so I said F it! I’m getting the card lol

    #EnergizerBunnyBattGrandma :joke:

  • Hazel
    Ahhh I just saw this!! :roll: :cry: What an awesome pic of you two!!! Love the shot and the "I'm showing my face" lol. You guys know I know what that's like. Do I wear a wig? Do I wear glasses today? Do I be real Hazel hair and face? lol :monkey: Decisions, decisions. But in the end, isn't it great to just be like F it, this is me errrebody! lol :cool:

    "Look mah! No hands!" :cheer: :wink:
  • Stoneager
    Easy smiles: my son is getting married today; bowl packed in my new, as of yesterday "One" for the 2 hour drive home from the wedding... Oh, btw, my wife will be driving. With her driving I'll need a strong indica to settle me down.
    The "One" for me is an experimental inexpensive on-the-go small vape. Did 3 burn offs last night leaving no residual smell or taste. Experimented with a couple of different grinds but got adequately high to not recall which worked best for me... Oh well, more testing is needed.
  • Stoneager
    Well, on the way to my son's wedding, my wife's front tooth veneer popped off. That put her into that self-conscious funk of feeling embarrassed and ugly knowing we were going to meet our new in-laws. I tried to talk her down and into a decent mood. Kinda succeeded but just a tad.
    I ended up driving home, due to the unforseen circumstances, so she vaped the bowl I was looking forward to as the passenger. Not exactly how I had envisioned the return home but hey, love covers all; she got baked and all became well.
  • EconMan
    A wake and bake dab :100:
  • Hapo
    ...lately it's been the E Nano...

    ...Brother Vinnie really likes the one I sent him too...

    ...this made me smile some...fuk combustion...
  • Jory
    Quite a lot of things sctually.
    My 87y/o grandmother that I'm currently fly taking care of.
    My little boy, Bones, my Maltese puppy.
    My New vape D-cup with obsidian dish and auger RDK-300 setup.
    Looking into my safe and seeing 30grams of various strains and types of concentrates. (My months supply) ;)
    Playing guitar and repairing and restoring vintage guitars and tube amps
    An article I read that a college in Illinois is offering a masters degree program in medical marijuana. ...got me thinking about getting another masters! Hahaha.
  • Jory
    Seeing that actually makes me thankful to be old!!! Hahahaha!!!!!!
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I couldnt sleep so i came outside to smoke a joint. Im tired as fuck so im zoney mc stones, i suddenly became aware of the birds chirping, their inflections told me everything would be okay, i need to meditate more.
  • UbarDog
    Friday High Day!!!!!
    Nothing to do today
    So for the 1st time ever
    Its a Stem Milk morning !!!!!

    My glass charlie stem was turning "black" looking. Layers of golden honey- Forced to brown though multiply layers. I should have cleaned it then but no, i left it one more week till the darkened brown turned to black in the dim light of my crummy flat.
  • treecityrnd
    Oops, I thought that said "run screaming in fear today", not "made you smile today". Mental note: learn to read.
  • onejuicyfruit
    I am blessed to hear so many types of birds singing morning and evening. Their songs and chirps have become a meditation of sorts when I sit and listen.
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