• Detroitvapes420
    I just the The Ghost Mv1 today abiut 2pm it's now 11pm and it still has a reb led in the battery pack. I do not have the rapid charger. Its plugged in with my Samsung s8 plus plug and a great cord. Will this light go off when it's fully charged? If so man how long?
  • EasyToSlip
    you really need the fast charger
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    9+ hours is not unheard of without the fast charger.
  • Summer
    Yes, the light will go out.
  • Summer
    My initial charge took 8 hrs on 1 vape & 12 on another.
  • SpicyV
    Currently sitting around waiting for mine to charge for the first time. I have it on a USB fast charger, so hopefully that will speed it up a bit. I wanna try it out so badly!
  • danielblakes
    it's a real shame ghost decided to go the route they did with the battery - don't get me wrong i love my ghost, top 3 all time..

    but even if they truly did something crazy unique with their "special battery balancing magic chip and protection" whatever it is they are doing in the pack it's still just 2 18650 batteries stuck inside there. they could have made the individual batteries removable instead of the pack and there would be no battery issues at all...and no sales for their $60 spare battery pack or fast charger.
    any portable without standard, removable batteries in my book should get a -1 off the top (maybe with an exception for ultra-portables that do it for space).

    just my opinionnnn
  • billytwillig
    The biggest gripe with Ghost is the $60 battery and $60 fast charger. The fact that they expect us to spend that much on a simple charge which ABSOLUTELY should come with it...
  • okla68m
    I believe in the Beginning, they DID offer "specials" including Charger & Spare Battery !
    At a base price of $295, in comparison to other Top-Tier vapes is CHEAP, IMO! I paid $225 for mine, including a Charger & Spare Battery(i.e. Bud), brand New in Box. Which seemed typical during that 1st 6+ months of marketing Sales.
    Personally, I can see No Reason that Ghost should Lower their prices....they are offering an UNMATCHED PRODUCT for a Very Competitive Price in this day of Everybody pitching a "NEW CONCEPT" vaporizer......IMO, NO ONE HAS MATCHED IT !
  • okla68m
    Don't get me Wrong, there are SEVERAL FANTASTIC VAPES besides the MV1.....They All fill a Niche....a Specific Niche, IMO !
    Ex.....the G43 is a BEAST if you want to get BLASTED ! (my experience to date, haven't learned how to "microdose" and I Don't Microdose, lol.
    I can work on a Crucible in the morning and Still Function, NOT SO THE G ! If I do a Wake & Bake with it, I'M DONE. .........! Whereas seems I can Adjust the Level of Effect Much Easier with the MV1.
    I also have a Airvape X, once you start with it, being a "session" vape, you're gonna get Blit zed also. Seems the E-Nano is another that a person can Adjust their level of Medication easier due to being able to vape a PINCH at a time, but, that ties you to a Wall socket.
  • okla68m
    IMO, if a person just wants to get Shitfaced Fk'd Up, the MV1 is Not my 1st choice, sure, it Will do it, but, it sorta seems Vulgar, lol !
    Sorta like drinking Champagne while eating Vienna Sausages !
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